Cover page dated January 2009
EditorSilvia Grilli
CategoriesWomen's magazine
First issue1 October 1938; 85 years ago (1938-10-01)
CompanyArnoldo Mondadori Editore (1938–2022)
Reworld Media (2023–present)
Based inMilan

Grazia (pronounced [ˈɡrattsja]; Italian for 'Grace'; stylized in all caps) is a weekly women's magazine that originated in Italy with international editions printed in Albania, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Bulgaria,[1] China, Croatia, Colombia, France, Germany.[2] Greece, Indonesia, India, Jordan, Macedonia,[3] Mexico, the Netherlands,[4] Poland, Portugal, Pakistan, Qatar,[5] Serbia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

History and profile

First cover Grazia 1938 Mondadori

The Italian edition of Grazia was first published by Mondadori in November 1938.[6] Mondadori started the magazine to compete with Lei, a women's magazine published by the Rizzoli company.[7] Grazia was modelled on the American magazine Harper's Bazaar.[8] The start of Grazia was a return in Italy to traditionalist values such as cooking and child-rearing.[9]

During the fascist rule in the country the magazine followed the Fascist policies and propaganda.[9] Following World War II the magazine was renewed, but its conservative stance remained.[9] Its conservatism continued during the late 1960s in that although miniskirts were featured in the fashion pages, these garments were commented from a conservative perspective in its social commentaries.[10]

From its beginning in 1938 to September 1943, Bruno Munari served as the art director for the magazine and for another Mondadori title, Tempo.[11]

In Italy it is owned by Mondadori[6][12] which later became one of Silvio Berlusconi's companies.[13]

Grazia published an article in July 2015 that promoted the breeding of family pets to make money with a statement from the British Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) critical of Grazia.[14]

International editions

Grazia has international editions in several countries.[15] Its first international edition was published in Bulgaria in March 2004.[16] The British edition of the magazine began publication in February 2005[15] and is owned in the UK under licence by Bauer Consumer Media.[citation needed] The Greek version was launched in April 2005.[15] In November of the same year its edition in the United Arab Emirates was first issued.[15]

The magazine had an edition in Croatia from February 2006 and in Serbia from June 2006.[15] The Russian edition began publication in March 2007,[15] while the Netherlands followed in August 2007.[15] Grazia India was launched in May 2008.[15] Its Australian edition began publication in July 2008,[15] but folded in February 2013.[17][18] Grazia Australia reopened in 2015 under new management. In February 2009 the Chinese version of Grazia was started, being its twelfth international edition.[19] The French version of the magazine was first published in August 2009.[20]

The inaugural issue of Grazia Korea was launched on 20 February 2013. It features a photospread of actors Lee Byung-hun, Bae Soo-bin and Kim Do-hyun for the play based on the film Masquerade (2012).[21] Grazia Pakistan was launched in February 2017.[22] The launch party took place at the HSY Mansion in Krachi on 6 February 2017 with publisher and editor-in-chief of Grazia Pakistan, Zahraa Saifullah and the first issue cover girl Mawra Hocane.[23] Grazia Arabia is published in Qatar,[5] and it gives annual Grazia Style awards. In 2018 the awards went to the Italian ambassador in Qatar and Asma Al Thani who is a Qatari adventurer.[24]


Only one and a half years after the start of the German edition of Grazia, Mediengruppe Klambt brought the title 2011 into a joint venture in which Gruner + Jahr barely held the majority. in 2017, the women's magazine has been bought back completely. As of 1 January 2018, Mediengruppe Klambt is taking over the 50.1% share, which was previously held by Gruner + Jahr.[25]


Grazia had a circulation of 374,213 copies in 1984.[26] The Italian version of the magazine had a circulation of 240,000 copies from January to August 2003.[27] The 2007 circulation of the Italian edition was 218,083 copies.[28][29] In Italy, the circulation of the magazine rose to 382,000 copies in the first half of 2011.[30] During the same period the British edition of the magazine had a circulation of 219,741 copies.[31] The circulation in the UK for the second half of 2013 was 160,019 copies.[32]

The German version's published circulation in the third quarter 2017 was 96,632 copies - a drop of around 20 percent compared to the same period of 2016. Since 2016 Grazia has come under pressure at the kiosks with the magazine Olivia of Bauer Media Group.[25]

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