TypeDaily newspaper (except Sundays)
PublisherMagdeburger Verlags- und Druckhaus GmbH
Editor-in-chiefAlois Kösters
HeadquartersMagdeburg, Germany
Circulation161,257 (as of 2018)
Volksstimme office building located near Magdeburg Hauptbahnhof
Volksstimme printing center located in Barleben near the Bundesautobahn 2

Volksstimme (meaning People's Voice in English) is a regional daily newspaper published in Magdeburg[1] for northern Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The paper is owned by Bauer. Its publisher is Magdeburger Verlags und Druckhaus.[2]

The circulation of Volksstimme was 343,000 copies during the third quarter of 1992.[1] Its circulation was 264,000 copies in 2001.[2] The paper had an average circulation of 191,878 copies during the second quarter of 2011.[3]

List of editors-in-chief

Editors-in-chief of the Volksstimme:

Duration Name
1947–1950 Robert Büchner
1950–1953 Arno Gropp
1953–1958 Karl Jakobi
1958–1969 Herbert Kopietz
1969–1990 Heinz Wiese
1990–1992 Karl-Heinz Schwarzkopf
1992–1994 Reinhold Stimpert
1994–1999 Heinzgeorg Oette
1999–2001 Paul-Josef Raue
2001–2010 Franz Kadell
2010–2011 Peter Wendt and Günther Tyllack (both provisional)
2011–present Alois Kösters


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