House of Councillors

참의원 (參議院)

Chamuiwon (RR), Ch'amŭiwŏn (MR)

The House of Councillors (Korean hangul: 참의원, hanja: 參議院) was the upper house of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea during its Second Republic. The House of Councillors was established by the Constitution of the Second Republic of Korea, which established a bicameral legislature. Officially, a House of Councillors was provided for by the Constitution of the First Republic, but the House of Representatives acted as the only house in a unicameral legislature since the House of Councillors was not actually established.

President of the House of Councillors of South Korea

Name Entered office Left office
Paek Nak-chun August 8, 1960 May 16, 1961

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