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The Council of States of the Republic of Sudan

مجلس الولايات السوداني
FoundedAugust 2005
DisbandedMay 2019 (dissolved)
Length of term
5 years
Last election
19 May 2015[2][3]
Meeting place
Omdurman, Sudan
Republic of Sudan Council of States

The Council of States (مجلس الولايات السوداني, Maǧlis al-Wilāyāt) was the upper house of the parliament of Sudan from 2005 to 2019. It was established as part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which aimed to end the long-standing civil war between the Sudanese government and rebel groups in southern Sudan. The CPA provided for the creation of a bicameral National Legislature, consisting of the Council of States and the National Assembly.

The National Legislature, which includes the Council of States,[5][6] was dissolved on 11 April 2019 following the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir and his National Congress Party in a military coup.[7]

However, following the ousting of President Omar al-Bashir and his National Congress Party in a military coup on 11 April 2019, the National Legislature, including the Council of States, was dissolved. The coup was followed by months of protests and a power struggle between the military and civilian groups, which ultimately resulted in the formation of a transitional government in August 2019.

As part of the 2019 Sudanese transition to democracy, a Transitional Legislative Council is to be formed which will function as the legislature of Sudan until elections scheduled for 2022.[8]

In August 2020, a power-sharing agreement was reached between Sudan's military and civilian leaders, which paved the way for the formation of a transitional government with a joint military-civilian ruling council. The agreement also provided for the formation of a new legislative body, the Sovereign Council, which would serve as the country's interim legislative authority until elections could be held.

Presidents of the Council of States

Position Took office Left office Notes
Ali Yahya Abdalla 31 August 2005 2010 [9][10]
Maj-Gen. Adam Hamid Musa May 2010 2014 - ? [11][12]
Omer Suleiman Adam 1 June 2015 11 April 2019 [3][13]


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