International Association of Ultrarunners
SportUltramarathon and Long distance running
PresidentNadeem Khan (Vice President) (CAN)
SecretaryHilary Walker (GBR)
Official website

The International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) is the world governing body of ultra running, race events longer than the marathon distance of 42.2 km. It regulates and sanctions the World Championships for various ultramarathon distances, and tracks world records in ultra distance races approved by IAU. IAU operates under the patronage of the World Athletics and follows World Athletics rules.


IAU events include:

Event Frequency First Year
World Events
IAU 50 km World Championships Annual 2015
IAU 100 km World Championships Annual 1987
IAU 24 Hour World Championship Annual 2001 (and 1990)
IAU Trail World Championships Annual 2007
Regional Events
IAU 50 km European Championships Annual 2015
IAU 100 km European Championships Annual 1992
IAU 24 Hour European Championships Annual 1992
IAU 100 km Asian Championships Biennial 2010
IAU 100 km Americas Championships Biennial 2017

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