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72 countries
Anton Rabe (Paarl, South Africa)

The Tug of War International Federation (TWIF) is the international governing body for the sport of tug of war.

Member countries

Due to national organization and historical rivalry, certain countries are listed below as individuals, rather than as members of a larger political union. For example, the Home Countries compete as separate nations, and the Basque Country has its own team.

Country Member name Ref
Australia Australia Australian Tug of War Association [1]
Basque Country Basque Country [1]
Belgium Belgium Belgische Touwtrek Bond [1]
Brazil Brazil Brazil Tug of War Association [1]
Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam [1]
Cambodia Cambodia [1]
Cameroon Cameroon Tug of War Cameroonian Federation [1]
Canada Canada Canadian Tug of War Association [1]
Guernsey Channel Islands [1]
China China Chinese Tug of War Association [1]
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Tug of War Association [1]
Colombia Colombia [1]
Democratic Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Congo TUG OF WAR DRC COD [1]
Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Tug of War Association [1]
Denmark Denmark [1]
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Tug of War Association [1]
England England English Tug of War Association [2]
Estonia Estonia [1]
Finland Finland [1]
France France French Tug of War Association [1]
Gambia Gambia [1]
Georgia Georgia [1]
Germany Germany Deutscher Rasenkraftsport- und Tauzieh-Verband [de] [1]
Ghana Ghana Ghana Tug of War Association [1]
Greece Greece Hellenic Tug of War Federation [1]
Haiti Haiti [1]
Hong Kong Hong Kong [1]
Hungary Hungary Hungarian Tug of War Association [1]
India India Tug of War Federation of India [1]
Iran Iran Iran Tug of War Association [1]
Ireland Ireland Irish Tug of War Association [3]
Israel Israel Israel Tug of War Association [1]
Italy Italy Federazione Italiana Sport del Tiro alla Fune [4]
Japan Japan Japan Tug of War Federation [1]
Kenya Kenya Kenya Tug of War Association [1]
Korea Korea Korean Tug of War Association [1]
Laos Laos [1]
Latvia Latvia Latvian Tug of War Association [1]
Lithuania Lithuania [1]
Macau Macau Tug of War General Association Macao, China [1]
Malaysia Malaysia [1]
Malta Malta Malta tug of war Association [1]
Mauritius Mauritius [1]
Mongolia Mongolia [1]
Morocco Morocco [1]
Myanmar Myanmar [1]
Namibia Namibia Namibia Tug of War Association [1]
Nepal   Nepal Nepal Tug of War Association [1]
Netherlands Netherlands Nederlandse Touwtrek Bond [1]
Nigeria Nigeria Tug of War Association of Nigeria [1]
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Tug of War Association [1]
Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Tug of War Federation [1]
Philippines Philippines Philippines Tug of War Association [1]
Poland Poland [1]
Romania Romania [1]
Russia Russia [1]
Scotland Scotland Scottish Tug of War Association [5]
Serbia Serbia [1]
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone [1]
Singapore Singapore [1]
Slovakia Slovakia [1]
South Africa South Africa South African Tug of War Federation [6]
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka [1]
Sweden Sweden Svenska Dragkampforbundet [sv] [1]
Switzerland  Switzerland Schweizer Tauziehverband [1]
Thailand Thailand Tug of War Thailand Association [1]
Turkey Turkey [1]
Ukraine Ukraine [1]
USA USA US Amateur Tug of War Association, Inc [1]
Vietnam Vietnam [1]
Wales Wales Welsh Tug of War Association [1]
Zambia Zambia [1]
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Tug of War Association [1]

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