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World Landsailing Organisation
Membership24 national associations (as of 2018)
Founded2014 (2014)
HeadquartersLa Panne, Belgium
PresidentGermany Hans-Werner Eickstaedt[1]
SecretaryAntoine de la Fourchadiere
Official website

The World Landsailing Organisation or Fédération Internationale de Sand et Landyachting (FISLY), is an international organisation which governs national associations of land sailing worldwide.

The federation was founded[2] in April 1962 by representatives from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Great Britain.

In October 2018, FISLY became an observer member of[3][4] the Global Association of International Sports Federations.[5]

As well as promotion and setting the rules of the sport, FISLY has also organised the World Championships since 1975[6] and the European Championships since 1963.

Member Associations

Article 6 of the Constitution of FISLY[2] gives three different types of members:

In 2018, the federation consisted of 16 nations:[7]

Full members Associate members Affiliate members
  •  Belgium : Belgische Federatie der Land Yacht Clubs
  •  Germany : Strand Segler Club St. Peter-Ording
  •  Denmark : Romo Strandsejler Club
  •  France : Fédération française de char à voile
  •  United States : North American Land Sailing Association
  •  Argentina : Federacion Argentina carrovelismo
  •   Switzerland
  •  Chile : Carrovelismo en Chile
  •  Spain :Asociación Española de Carrovelismo
  •  Great Britain : British Federation of Sand & Land Yacht Clubs
  •  Ireland : Irish Power Kite and Sandyacht Association
  •  Netherlands : Nederlandse Strandzeilfederatie
  • Class 2 Association
  • Internationala Class 3 Association
  • Class 8 Kite Buggy Association
  • International Miniyacht (5.60) Class Association
  • Class Standart Association
  • Para Kart Association
  •  Brazil : Federação Brasileira de Carro ay Vela
  •  China : China Landsailing Organisation
  •  Djibouti : Djibouti Land Yachting Club, Centre du Char à Voile de Djibouti
  •  Greece : Fisly Representatives
  •  Italy : Carroavela Italy
  •  Lithuania : Lithuanian Ice and Land sailing association
  •  Portugal : Carro à Vela Portugal
  • Historic Sand Yachts International


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