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International Table Soccer Federation
Founded16 August 2002; 21 years ago (2002-08-16)
TypeList of international sports federations
Legal statusSports governing body of Table Football
France Farid Lounas

The International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) is a non-profit organization based in France that promotes table soccer. The ITSF endorses soccer tables that meet requirements for international competition.

The five official tables are currently furnished by Bonzini, Garlando, Roberto Sport, Tornado (table football), and Leonhart, with the ITSF recognising a number of other tables (Warrior Table Soccer, Fireball, Rosengart, Jupiter, Metegol) - as being suitable for national competition.


There are two membership categories that ITSF operates - Regular and Associate. The categories differ in the list of required standards, like membership fees, up-to-date registers of national clubs and venues, the number of ITSF-sanctioned tournaments, the general understanding of table football as a sport etc.[1]

While Regular Members are mature federations, Associate Members should be able to demonstrate the potential to develop table football to the level of a Regular Member.

Nations Members Regions

61 Nations in 1 July 2023:[2]

  1. Asia-Oceania (12): Afghanistan/China/India/Iran/Japan/Kuwait/Laos/Nepal/Saudi Arabia/South Korea/United Arab Emirates/Vietnam
  2. Africa (11): Algeria/Cameroon/Congo (Kinshasa)/Ghana/Ivory Coast/Mali/Nigeria/Somalia/Togo/Tunisia/Zimbabwe
  3. Europe (27): Armenia/Austria/Belgium/Bulgaria/Croatia/Czech Republic/Denmark/Finland/France/Germany/Hungary/Israel/Italy/Lithuania/Luxembourg/Malta/Netherlands/Poland/Portugal/Russia/Romania/Serbia/Slovakia/Spain/Switzerland/Turkey/United Kingdom
  4. North America (2): Canada/United States
  5. Latin America (9): Argentina/Bolivia/Brazil/Chile/Colombia/Costa Rica/Guatemala/Mexico/Peru

Current Regular Members

Country National Federation Established ITSF-affiliated
 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Foosball Association 01.11.2006 01.08.2007
 Iran Islamic Republic Iran Association 12.04.2019 12.04.2019
 Japan Japan Table Soccer Federation 01.01.1999 01.08.2007
 Kuwait Kuwait Table Soccer Association 01.01.2010 01.01.2010
 Armenia Armenian Table Soccer Federation 16.07.2019 16.07.2019
 Austria TischFussballBund Osterreich 22.07.2002 01.08.2006
 Belgium Belgium Table Soccer Federation 01.01.1998 01.08.2007
 Bulgaria Bulgarian Table Soccer Union 01.01.2005 01.01.2005
 Czech Republic Czech Foosball Organization 01.01.1998 01.10.2006
 Denmark Dansk Bordfodbold Forbund 01.01.1997 01.01.2007
 France Fédération Française de Football de Table 01.01.1991 01.08.2007
 Germany Deutscher Tischfussballbund 01.01.1969 01.08.2007
 Italy Lega Italiana Calcio Ballila 01.02.2017 10.02.2017
Federazione Paralimpica Italiana Calcio Balilla
 Luxembourg Fédération de Kickersport Luxembourg 01.01.1964 01.08.2007
 Netherlands Nederlandse Tafelvoetbal Bond 01.01.1960 01.08.2007
 Portugal Federação Portuguesa de Matraquilhos 07.02.2007 15.07.2009
 Serbia Serbian Table Soccer Federation 01.01.2015 01.01.2015
 Slovakia Foosballova Unia Slovenska 01.01.2003 01.08.2007
 Slovenia Slovenian Table Soccer Association 01.01.2007 01.08.2007
 Spain Federacion Española de Futbolin 07.01.2007 01.08.2007
  Switzerland Swiss Tablesoccer Federation 01.01.2007 01.08.2007
 United Kingdom British Foosball Association 01.01.1998 01.08.2007
 Canada Table Soccer Association of Canada 01.01.2006 01.08.2007
 Costa Rica Asociación Desamparadeña de Futbol de Mesa 29.03.2016 29.03.2016
 Peru Asociación de Fútbol de Mesa del Perú 01.07.2012 01.07.2012

The Associate members include: Australia, Bangladesh, China, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Benin, Cameroon, Congo, South Africa, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico, United States, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia.


Main article: ITSF World Table Football Championship

The ITSF does not organize most of the events that come under its banner. ITSF organizes the Multi-Table World Championships and World Cup, which takes place bi-annually. Entry to the championships is earned by winning (or placing very highly in) one of the official table type World Championships; by accruing enough ranking points over a number of smaller events that meet ITSF's strict criteria for events; or by becoming a national champion of a member country.

ITSF ranking tournaments are restricted in number to each member country, and ranking status is awarded based around standard of entry expected, number of players entering and prize money to be awarded.

USA World Table Football Championship

1st in 1974 Denver  United States and 47th in 2022 Lexington, Kentucky  United States.

ITSF World Table Football Championship

  1. 2005  Italy
  2. 2006  Italy -  Germany
  3. 2007  Italy
  4. 2008  Italy
  5. 2009  France
  6. 2010  France
  7. 2011  France
  8. 2012  France
  9. 2013  France
  10. 2014  France
  11. 2015  France
  12. 2017  Germany
  13. 2019  Spain
  14. 2021  France (Was held in 2022)
  15. 2023 TBD

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