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Jampack Winter 2001 cover
Developer(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Publisher(s)Ingram Entertainment
Platform(s)PlayStation, PlayStation 2

Jampack was a demo series from Sony under its PlayStation Underground brand.[a] It was used to advertise and preview upcoming and released PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games through demos and featurettes.[1] It often included imported game demos, behind-the-scenes videos on developers and games, as well as cheat codes and saved games. Jampack often served as a preview for the PlayStation Underground online magazine.[2]

The series previewed many popular games from the PS2's lifespan, ranging from SSX Tricky and Final Fantasy X to Need for Speed Underground and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.

Many of the later PS2 Jampack volumes were issued with the option of a counterpart that removed or replaced any demos for mature-rated and some teen-rated games, essentially serving as a clean version of the compilations.


  1. ^ The "Underground" name was not used on the first two Jampack discs, which were simply titled Jampack Vol. 1 and Jampack Vol. 2.


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