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Jebel Al-Mebrah
Jabal Yibir (Arabic: جَبَل يِبِر)
Jabal Al-Mebrah or Jabal Yibir, as seen from Ras Al-Khaimah City, sitting to the right, and behind, the nearby mountain
Highest point
Elevation1,727 m (5,666 ft)
Coordinates25°38′54″N 56°07′45″E / 25.64833°N 56.12917°E / 25.64833; 56.12917Coordinates: 25°38′54″N 56°07′45″E / 25.64833°N 56.12917°E / 25.64833; 56.12917
Native nameجَبَل ٱلْمبْرَح  (Arabic)
Jebel Al-Mebrah
Jebel Al-Mebrah
Location of Jebel Al-Mebrah in the United Arab Emirates
Jebel Al-Mebrah
Jebel Al-Mebrah
Jebel Al-Mebrah (Middle East)
Jebel Al-Mebrah
Jebel Al-Mebrah
Jebel Al-Mebrah (Asia)
LocationRas Al Khaimah, the UAE

Jabal Al-Mebraḥ (Arabic: جَبَل ٱلْمبْرَح), also known as Jabal Yibir (Arabic: جَبَل يِبِر),[1] is a 1,727 m (5,666 ft)[2] tall mountain in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Located in the Western Hajar Mountains, it has a prominence of around 300 m (980 ft) from its parent peak, Jebel Qihwi, which is on the other side of the border in Musandam Governorate, Oman. The highest point in the UAE is Jebel Jais near Ras al-Khaimah at about 1,910 m (6,270 ft), however, its summit is also in Musandam Governorate in Oman, meaning that whereas Jabal Jais has the highest point in the UAE, the highest peak in the UAE is that of Jabal Al Mebrah.[1]

A military station is located on the summit making the peak out of access, however, an asphalt road has been built up from wadi Tawian, with many villages along the sides and tracks continuing further into the mountains. Initially this allowed public access to within 400 m (1,300 ft) of the military station, around 100 m (330 ft) below. Since 2016 however, a military check point at the bottom of the mountain has prevented access to the public by road altogether.

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