li The Rajya Sabha (meaning the "Council of States") is the upper house of the Parliament of India. Uttarakhand state elects three members and they are indirectly elected by the members of Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly. Members are elected for six years and one-third of members are retired after every two years. The number of seats allocated to the party, are determined by the number of seats a party possesses during nomination and the party nominates a member to be voted on. Elections within the state legislatures are held using single transferable voting with proportional representation.[1]

Current members


  BJP (3)

No. Current
Party Date of
Date of
1 Kalpana Saini BJP 05-Jul-2022 04-Jul-2028
2 Anil Baluni BJP 03-Apr-2018 02-Apr-2024
3 Naresh Bansal BJP 26-Nov-2020 25-Nov-2026

List of all Rajya Sabha members from Uttarakhand

This is the list of all Rajya Sabha members from Uttarakhand in chronological order.
Keys:   BJP   INC
Source: Parliament of India (Rajya Sabha)[4]

Name Party Term Start Term End Term Notes
Kalpana Saini BJP 4-Jul-2022 3-Jul-2028 1
Naresh Bansal BJP 26-Nov-2020 25-Nov-2026 1
Anil Baluni BJP 3-Apr-2018 2-Apr-2024 1
Pradeep Tamta INC 5-Jul-2016 4-Jul-2022 1
Raj Babbar INC 14-Mar-2015 25-Nov-2020 1 bye-election due to death of Manorama Dobriyal Sharma
Manorama Dobriyal Sharma INC 26-Nov-2014 25-Nov-2020 1 expired on 18-Feb-2015
Mahendra Singh Mahra INC 3-Apr-2012 2-Apr-2018 1
Tarun Vijay BJP 5-Jul-2010 4-Jul-2016 1
Bhagat Singh Koshyari BJP 26-Nov-2008 25-Nov-2014 1 elected to Nainital–Udhamsingh Nagar LS on 16-May-2014
Satyavrat Chaturvedi INC 3-Apr-2006 2-Apr-2012 1
Satish Sharma INC 5-Jul-2004 4-Jul-2010 1
Harish Rawat INC 26-Nov-2002 25-Nov-2008 1
Sushma Swaraj BJP 3-Apr-2000 2-Apr-2006 1 Elected as the RS members from Uttar Pradesh.

Continued the term as the

Rajya Sabha members from Uttarakhand

9-Nov-2000 onwards .

Sangh Priya Gautam BJP 5-Jul-1998 4-Jul-2004 1
Manohar Kant Dhyani BJP 26-Nov-1996 25-Nov-2002 1

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