As of 2 March 2022 Bosnia and Herzegovina has 21 commercial banks[1] officially registered within the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[2]

Commercial Banks

Column Explanation
Bank Bank's name in a simplified form
Capital Major owner nationality
Headquarters Location of bank's headquarters in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Website Official website
The following is a list of banks operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Bank Capital Headquarters Shareholders Website
1 Addiko Bank a.d. Austria Banja Luka Addiko Bank
2 Addiko Bank d.d. Austria Sarajevo Addiko Bank
3 ASA Banka Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo
4 Bosna Bank International Saudi Arabia Sarajevo Islamic Development Bank
5 Intesa Sanpaolo Banka Italy Sarajevo Intesa Sanpaolo
6 Komercijalno-investiciona banka Bosnia and Herzegovina Velika Kladuša
7 MF Banka Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka
8 Naša Banka Bosnia and Herzegovina Bijeljina
9 NLB Banka a.d. Slovenia Banja Luka NLB Group
10 NLB Banka d.d. Slovenia Sarajevo NLB Group
11 Nova Banka Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka
12 Poštanska štedionica Serbia Banja Luka Poštanska štedionica
13 Privredna banka Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo
14 ProCredit Bank Germany Sarajevo ProCredit Bank
15 Raiffeisen Bank Austria Sarajevo Raiffeisen Bank
16 Razvojna banka Federacije BiH Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo
17 Sparkasse Bank Austria Sarajevo Erste Group
18 UniCredit Bank a.d. Italy Banja Luka UniCredit
19 UniCredit Bank d.d. Italy Mostar UniCredit
20 Union Banka Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo
21 ZiraatBank BH Turkey Sarajevo Ziraat Bank

Other banks

Central banks

Defunct banks

These are banks that either lost their licence due to the accumulated debts and insolvency, or went into bankruptcy:[3]

Merged banks


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