Currently, there are 25 banks in Azerbaijan, one of which is the state (The Central Bank of Azerbaijan) and 24 are private commercial banks.

Central bank

Commercial banks

English name Call name Licence date Majority Owner Capital Website
“Accessbank” CJSC Accessbank 25 October 2002 ADB Azerbaijan
“AFB Bank” CJSC AFB Bank 28 November 2008 Azerbaijan
“International Bank of Azerbaijan” OJSC ABB 30 December 1992 Azerbaijan Investment Holding Azerbaijan
“Azerbaijan Industry Bank” OJSC ASB 28 September 1996 Anadolu Investment Azerbaijan
“Azer-Turk Bank” OJSC ATB 29 June 1995 State Service on Property Issues Azerbaijan
“Bank Eurasia” OJSC BankAvrasiya 28 November 2007 Azerbaijan
“Bank of Baku” OJSC Bank of Baku 18 February 2005 NAB Holding Azerbaijan
Bank "BTB” OJSC Bank BTB 19 March 2010 Azerbaijan
“Bank Respublika” OJSC Bank Respublika 15 December 1992 Guliyev family Azerbaijan
“Nakhchivanbank” OJSC Naxçıvanbank 4 August 2008 Azerbaijan
"Premium Bank” OJSC Premium Bank 6 January 1994 Hamzayeva Zaria Kamil Azerbaijan
“Bank VTB (Azerbaijan)” OJSC VTB 22 October 1993 VTB Group Russia
“Expressbank” OJSC Expressbank 30 December 1992 Azenco Azerbaijan
"Xalq Bank" OJSC Xalq Bank 27 December 2004 İdeal Business Ko Azerbaijan
“Kapital Bank” OJSC Kapital Bank 8 February 2000 PASHA Holding Azerbaijan
“Muğanbank” OJSC Muğanbank 25 November 1992 Azerbaijan
“Yelo” OJSC yelobank 25 February 1994 Topaz Investment Azerbaijan
“Pasha Bank” OJSC Pasha Bank 28 November 2007 PASHA Holding Azerbaijan
“Rabitabank” OJSC Rabitəbank 30 June 1993 Zakir Nuriyev Azerbaijan
"TuranBank" OJSC TuranBank 30 December 1992 Azerbaijan
“Unibank” OJSC Unibank 10 December 1992 Eldar Garibov Azerbaijan
“Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan” CJSC YapıKredi Bank 11 January 2000 Yapı ve Kredi A.Ş. Turkey
“Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan” OJSC Ziraat Bank 30 December 2014 T.C. Ziraat Bankası A.Ş. Turkey
Foreign bank branch
"Bank Melli Iran" (Baku Branch) BMI Baku 29 January 1993 Bank Melli Iran Iran
"National Bank of Pakistan" (Baku Branch) NBP Baku 30 June 2005 National Bank of Pakistan Pakistan

Defunct banks


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