This list is based on information from Financial and Capital Market commission.[1] Latvia's four largest banks are Swedbank, SEB Group, Citadele Banka and Luminor.[2] In 2023, Swedish Swedbank and SEB Group held more than half of Latvia's banking market.[3][4]

The largest banks and financial institutions in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are largely the same and mostly dominated by Swedish companies.[5][6][7]

Central bank

Commercial banks

English name Call name Licence date Majority Owner Capital Website
Akciju sabiedrība "Citadele banka" Citadele 30 June 2010 Ripplewood Advisors LLC Latvia
Akciju sabiedrība "LPB Bank" LPB 5 September 2008 Signet Bank AS Latvia
Akciju sabiedrība "Reģionālā investīciju banka" RIB 14 September 2001 SKY Investment Holding Latvia
Akciju sabiedrība "Rietumu Banka" Rietumu 5 September 2008 Esterkin Family Investments Latvia
AS BlueOrange Bank BlueOrange 12 June 2001 BBG AS Latvia
AS Expobank Expobank 16 December 1991 Expobank LLC Russia
AS "Industra Bank" Industra 6 May 1994 J.A. Investment Holding Latvia
AS "PrivatBank" PrivatBank 31 July 1992 JSC CB PrivatBank Ukraine
AS "SEB banka" SEB 29 September 1993 SEB AB Sweden
Baltic International Bank SE BIB 3 May 1993 Belokon family Latvia
Luminor Bank AS Luminor 2 January 2019 Luminor Bank Estonia
Signet Bank AS Signet 26 May 1992 Signet Acquisition III LLC Latvia
"Swedbank" AS Swedbank 7 September 1998 Swedbank AB Sweden

Foreign commercial bank Latvian branches


Banks in Liquidation



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