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This list of banks in Finland below was assembled using publicly available information from the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority[1] and the Finnish Bankers' Association.[2] In 2014, according to the calculations of the National Bank, Finland had 5641 branches of cooperative banks.

Government banks

Commercial banks

Full name Call name SWIFT code BIC Capital Website
Aktia Pankki Oyj Aktia HELSFIHH 2181702-8 Finland
Ålandsbanken Abp Ålandsbanken AABAFI22 0145019-3 Åland
Bonum Pankki Oyj POP Pankki POPFFI22 2192977-5 Finland
Säästöpankkien Keskuspankki Suomi Oyj Säästöpankki ITELFIHH 2238752-5 Finland
Fellow Pankki Oyj Fellow Bank EVSEFIHH 0533755-0 Finland
Nordea Bank Oyj Nordea NDEAFIHH 2858394-9 Finland
OP Yrityspankki Oyj OP Bank OPSEFIH1 2858394-9 Finland
S-Pankki Oyj S-Pankki SBANFIHH 2557308-3 Finland
Suomen Asuntohypopankki Oy Hypo SHMSFIH1 0362481-2 Finland

Foreign banks

Savings banks

The Finnish Savings Banks Group consists of 40 savings banks, each of which operates in its own region and is an independent legal entity. They share a common inheritance and common operating practices. The primary strategy for the banks in the group is to serve clients on a regional basis and thus not compete. The market share of the Finnish Savings Banks is about 8,5% as measured by deposits.[3]

Co-operative banks

OP-Pohjola Group

The OP-Pohjola Group is a central corporation of co-operative banks. The member cooperative banks of the OP-Pohjola Group are independent, local deposit banks that are engaged in retail banking. There are 229 member cooperative banks, each operating in a local region.[4]

Local Cooperative Bank Group

The Finnish Local Cooperative Bank Group consists of 42 independent co-operative banks, each operating in its own region. The group was established in 1997 to enable the member banks to continue operating independently as the other co-operative bank group in Finland was seen as too centrally administered.[5]

Defunct banks



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