This is a list of the banks that are currently incorporated in Cyprus as of 15 December 2021.[1]

Central Bank of Cyprus Eurosystem
Banking quarter in Nicosia
Bank of Cyprus Administration
Nicosia skyline with Central Bank of Cyprus in the back

Central bank

Commercial banks

Full name Call name SWIFT code Majority owner Capital Website
Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd Alpha Bank ABKLCY2NXXX Alpha Bank S.A. Greece
Ancoria Bank Ltd Ancoria Bank ANCOCY2NXXX Sievert Larsson Cyprus
Astrobank Public Company Ltd Astrobank PIRBCY2NXXX Holding M. Sehnaoui S.A.L. Lebanon
Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd Bank of Cyprus[2] BCYPCY2N030 Lamesa Investments Ltd Cyprus
Cyprus Development Bank Public Company Ltd cdbbank CYDBCY2NXXX Path Holdings Ltd Cyprus
Eurobank Cyprus Ltd Eurobank ERBKCY2NXXX Eurobank Ergasias S.A. Greece
Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd Hellenic Bank HEBACY2NXXX Demetra Holdings PLC Cyprus
Housing Finance Corporation HFC HFICCY2NXXX Government of Cyprus Cyprus
National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) Ltd NBG ETHNCY2NXXX National Bank of Greece S.A. Greece
Societe Generale Bank-Cyprus Ltd SGBCy SOGECY2NXXX Société Générale S.A. France

Branches of foreign banks in Cyprus

Full name Call name SWIFT code Majority owner Capital Location
Arab Jordan Investment Bank (CY) AJIB-CY AJIBCY2IXXX Arab Jordan Investment Bank Jordan Limassol
Bank of Beirut Cyprus BoB BABECY2NXXX Bank of Beirut SAL Lebanon Limassol
Bankmed (Cyprus) Bankmed MEDLCY21XXX Bankmed SAL Lebanon Limassol
Banque BEMO - Cyprus BEMO EUMOCY2IXXX Banque BEMO SAL Lebanon Limassol
Banque SBA Cyprus SBA SBAACY2IXXX Banque Libano-Française SAL Lebanon Limassol
BBAC - Cyprus Branch BBAC BBACCY2NXXX BBAC SAL Lebanon Limassol
BLOM Bank Cyprus BLOM BLOMCY2IXXX BLOM Bank SAL Lebanon Limassol
Byblos Bank - Cyprus Branch Byblos Bank BYBACY2IXXX Byblos Bank SAL Lebanon Limassol
Central Cooperative Bank Branch Cyprus CCB BLOMCY2IXXX Central Cooperative Bank PLC Bulgaria Nicosia
Credit Libanais (Cyprus) Credit Libanais CLIBCY2LXXX Credit Libanais SAL Lebanon Limassol
Cyprus Branch of EFG Bank EFG ERBKCY2NXXX EFG Bank (Luxembourg) SA Luxembourg Limassol
First Investment Bank Cyprus Branch Fibank FINVCY2NXXX First Investment Bank Ltd Bulgaria Nicosia
Intercontinental Bank of Lebanon (Cyprus) IBL INLECY2LXXX IBL Bank SAL Lebanon Limassol
Jordan Ahli Bank (Cyprus) ahli JONBCY2IXXX Jordan Ahli Bank plc Jordan Limassol
Jordan Kuwait Bank, Cyprus Branch JKB JKBACY2LXXX Jordan Kuwait Bank plc Jordan Limassol
LGB Bank - Cyprus Branch LGB JONBCY2IXXX Lebanon and Gulf Bank SAL Lebanon Larnaca
NBG Cyprus (IBU) NBG - IBB ETHNCYNNXXX National Bank of Greece S.A. Greece Limassol

Defunct banks


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