Districts of Cyprus
Επαρχίες της Κύπρου (Greek)
Kıbrıs'ın ilçeleri (Turkish)
CategoryUnitary state
LocationRepublic of Cyprus
Number6 Districts
Populations Famagusta 54,282 - Nicosia 350,824
AreasKyrenia (643.9 km2) - Nicosia (2,710 km2)

Cyprus is divided into six districts (Greek: επαρχίες; Turkish: ilçe), whose capitals share the same name. The districts are subdivided into municipalities and communities. The districts of Cyprus are listed in the table below.

District Population
(2021 census)[1]
Nicosia (Λευκωσία; Lefkoşa) 350,824 2,710.0
Limassol (Λεμεσός; Limasol or Leymosun) 262,238 1,393.3
Larnaca (Λάρνακα; Larnaka) 155,753 1,120.1
Paphos (Πάφος; Baf or Gazibaf) 100,175 1,389.8
Famagusta (Αμμόχωστος; Gazimağusa) 54,282 1,985.3
Kyrenia (Κερύvεια; Girne) N/A 643.9

Note: Northern Cyprus-controlled lands are included in the area figures, but population was not enumerated there. The UN Buffer Zone is included in both population and area figures. Akrotiri and Dhekelia are not included in the area figures, but non-military Cypriot citizens residing there were enumerated.

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