Administratively, Tajikistan is divided into:

A clickable map of Tajikistan exhibiting its four provinces.Sughd ProvinceDistricts of Republican SubordinationKhatlon ProvinceGorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province
A clickable map of Tajikistan exhibiting its four provinces.
No. Name Russian Tajik ISO Capital Area (km2) Pop (2000) Pop (2010)[1] Pop (2019)[2]
1 Sughd Region Согдийская область
Sogdijskaya oblast'
Вилояти Суғд
Viloyati Sughd
TJ-SU Khujand 25,400 1,871,979 2,233,550 2,658,400
2 Districts under Republic Subordination Районы республиканского подчинения
Rajoni respublikanskovo podchineniya
Ноҳияҳои тобеи ҷумҳурӣ
Nohiyahoi tobei jumhurī
TJ-RA Dushanbe 28,600 1,337,479 1,722,908 2,120,000
3 Khatlon Region Хатлонская область
Khatlonskaya oblast'
Вилояти Хатлон
Viloyati Khatlon
TJ-KT Bokhtar 24,800 2,150,136 2,677,251 3,274,900
4 Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region1 Горно-Бадахшанская автономная область
Gorno-Badakhshanskaya avtonomnaya oblast'
Вилояти Мухтори Кӯҳистони Бадахшон
Viloyati Mukhtori Kūhistoni Badakhshon
TJ-GB Khorugh 64,200 206,004 205,949 226,900
Dushanbe Душанбе
TJ-DU Dushanbe 124.6 561,895 724,844 846,400

1 The direct translation from Tajik is Kuhistoni Badakhshon Autonoumous Region, but the name translated from Russian is more commonly used in English.

Each region is divided into districts (nohiya or rayon), which are further subdivided into jamoats (full name jamoati dehot), and then villages/settlements (deha). Tajikistan has a total of 58 (not including 4 districts of the capital city Dushanbe) districts.

Type Native name Level Number[3]
Districts ноҳия
2 47
Cities шаҳр
2 18
Jamoats 3 368
Towns шаҳрак
3 65

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