Districts of Northern Cyprus
Turkish: Kuzey Kıbrıs'ın ilçeleri
Northern Cyprus adm div named.svg
CategoryUnitary state
LocationTurkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Number6 Districts
Populations23,098 (İskele)
97,293 (Lefkoşa)
AreasNo data stated
  • Sub-District

Northern Cyprus is divided into six districts, which are further divided into 12 sub-districts.[1][2] Each district is governed by a Governor. On 27 December 2016, the Assembly of the Republic unanimously decided that the Lefke sub-district would be separated from the Güzelyurt District, establishing the Lefke District as the sixth district of Northern Cyprus.[3]

District Sub-districts Capital Population (2011) Land area Population density Governor District map
Gazimağusa Famagusta 69.838 997 70,05 Beran Bertuğ
Northern Cyprus Gazimagusa district.svg
Girne Kyrenia 73.577 690 106,63 Mehmet Envergil
Northern Cyprus Girne district.svg
Güzelyurt Morphou 20.045 219 91,53 Menteş Gündüz
Northern Cyprus Guzelyurt district.svg
İskele Trikomo 23.356 774 30,18 Bünyamin Merhametsiz
Northern Cyprus Iskele district.svg
Lefke Lefka 11.071 Sadi Güneş
Northern Cyprus Lefke district.svg
Lefkoşa North Nicosia 98.739 513 192,47 Kemal Deniz Dana
Northern Cyprus Lefkosa district.svg

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