Northern Cypriot passport
The front cover of a Northern Cypriot passport with the coat of arms of Northern Cyprus.
Issued by North Cyprus
EligibilityNorthern Cyprus citizenship
Expiration5 years
CostStandard (32 pages): 495 (15) [1]
Countries and territories with visa-free entries or visas on arrival for holders of regular Turkish Cypriot passports.
  Northern Cyprus
  Visa free
  Pre-arrival visa required
  Countries in which the passport is not valid

More details: Visa requirements for Northern Cypriot citizens

Northern Cypriot passports are issued to citizens of the self-declared state of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) for the purpose of international travel.

The passport is valid in only a few countries in the world due to the limited international recognition of Northern Cyprus. A Northern Cypriot passport is valid in Anguilla,[2] Pakistan, Tanzania,[3] Turkey, Australia, the United Kingdom[4] and the United States.[5][6] Turkish Cypriots are also issued with Turkish passports.[7][8]

Until 1994, entry to the United Kingdom was easier on an "unrecognised" TRNC passport than on a Turkish passport. Many Kurds—some of whom were aligned with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)—and other political dissidents subsequently paid high prices to obtain TRNC passports, which they then used to enter the UK visa-free and claim political asylum.[7]

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