Bolivian passport
The front cover of a contemporary Bolivian biometric Passport issued since 2019
Issued byBolivia
First issuedFebruary 2019 (biometric passport)
EligibilityBolivian citizenship
Data page of the current version of a Bolivian Passport displaying the name Plurinational State of Bolivia. Previous passports featured the name "República de Bolivia" (Republic of Bolivia).

The Bolivian passport is the official travel document issued to citizens of Bolivia by the Bolivian Government through its specially appointed office, Dirección General de Migración (General Office of Migration). The document can also be extended abroad via consulate representatives.

The current passport has undergone several modifications following international regulations as well as other regarding naming and adherence to international organisations, like the Andean Community of Nations. In an official press release the General Office on Migration details 18 safety measures including the costs and other details of the new passport which now complies with international regulations for mechanical and biometric readings. [1]

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