Papua New Guinean passport
The front cover of a Papua New Guinean passport
Issued by Papua New Guinea
EligibilityPapua New Guinean citizenship
Expiration5 years after date of issue

The Papua New Guinean passport is issued to citizens of Papua New Guinea for international travel.

The passport is issued by the Passport Branch of the Papua New Guinea Immigration & Citizenship Service Authority.[2]

According to the Henley Visa Index 2024 Report, Papua New Guinea citizens can travel to 85 countries visa free. Papuan citizens are ranked 64th in terms of freedom of travel in the world.[3]

Physical appearance

Papua New Guinea passport cover in blue. The country's coat of arms is in the middle of the cover. Under the coat of arms are the name of the country (Papua New Guinea) and the name of the document (PASSPORT). The passport is 48 pages long and is written in English.[4]

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