Somaliland Passport
Baasaboorka Somaliland (Somali)
جواز سفر صوماليلاندي (Arabic)
The front cover of Somaliland passport
Data page of a first generation biometric passport
Issued by Somaliland Immigration[1]
First issued1996 (first version)
14 September 2014
(biometric version)
Eligibility Somalilander citizenship
Expiration5 years
Cost$110 for Somaliland National ID holders.

The Somaliland passport (Somali: Baasaboorka Somaliland, Arabic: جواز سفر صوماليلاندي) is the passport issued to citizens of the unrecognized country of Somaliland for international travel.[2][3][4] A passport was issued for the first time in 1996, and a biometric passport was in 2014, in line with new global standards and the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Passport descriptions

The color of the Somaliland passport is black, and it bears the symbol of the state's sovereignty. It also bears the following inscriptions in the Somali, Arabic and English languages:.


"Republic of Somaliland" (Somali: JAMHUURIYADDA SOMALILAND) (Arabic: الجمهورية صومالي لاند)

In the center: there is the Emblem of Somaliland

Below: «Passport» (Somali: BAASABOOR) (Arabic: جواز سفر)

Notably, the three-letter code used in Somaliland passports to represent the country and nationality is RSL, which is, understandably, absent from the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 list of country codes.

Acceptance for International Travel

Citizens with a Somaliland travel document can go to the following countries:


There are a number of types of Somaliland passports:

Regular Passport
Service Passport
Diplomatic Passport

Passport gallery

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