Namibian passport
Biometric Namibian Passport 2018.jpg
Contemporary ordinary Namibian biometric passport (since January 2018)
Issued by Namibia
First issued1990 (first version)
January 2018 (biometric version)
EligibilityNamibian citizenship
Expiration10 years after issuance[1]

Namibian passports are issued to citizens of Namibia to travel internationally.

Namibian passports are green, with the national coat of arms emblazoned on the front cover. "REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA" is inscribed above the coat of arms and "PASSPORT" is inscribed below. The "Biometric" logo also appears above "PASSPORT". All information in the passport is printed in English with the photo page also translated into French.

visa-free & visa-on-arrival countries for holders of the Namibian passport
visa-free & visa-on-arrival countries for holders of the Namibian passport


The first Namibian passports were introduced in 1990, shortly after the country gained its independence from South Africa. In January 2018, a new biometric passport type was introduced; existing non-biometric passports issued until said date continue to be valid until expired.

Namibian Passport Power

As of the 2022 passport index, the Namibian passport is 62nd in global power rank, sharing this place with Azerbaijan and having left behind the passport of the Philippines. In 2022 the mobility score of Namibian citizens has reached its highest - 80. Holders of Namibian passports can visit 40 countries without a visa and 37 countries with a visa on arrival. [3]

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Renewal Abroad

Namibian passports can be renewed abroad. Renewal is available only if the current passport has less than 1 year validity left. Full list of documents and fees depends on each local embassy or consulate. The processing time of renewal a Namibian passport abroad is usually 1-3 months.

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