Bahamian passport
Bahamian passport front cover
Issued by Bahamas
First issued6 December 2016 (current version)
EligibilityBahamian citizenship
Expiration10 years (16 and over) 5 years (Under 16)
CostB$ 50.00 Adult Passport B$ 25.00 Children’s Passport

The Bahamian passport is issued to citizens of the Bahamas for international travel.

As of March 2019, Bahamian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 154 countries and territories, ranking the Bahamian passport 26th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley visa restrictions index.[1]

Passport message

Passports contain a message, to other countries stating that the bearer of the passport is a citizen of the country, and to provide him or her safe passage. The message reads:

"These are to request and require in the name of the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford him or her every assistance and protection of which he or she may stand in need."


A regular passport is navy blue, with the Coat of arms of The Bahamas emblazoned on the front cover. The words "COMMONWEALTH OF THE BAHAMAS" and "PASSPORT" along with the international e-passport symbol are below. The passport contains 50 pages for entry/exit stamps and visas. Additionally, the biodata page is made of polycarbonate.

Data page

The information ends with the Machine Readable Zone beginning in PABHS.

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