Breweries in Montana produce a wide range of beers in different styles that are marketed locally, regionally, and nationally. Brewing companies vary widely in the volume and variety of beer produced, from small nanobreweries and microbreweries to massive multinational conglomerate macrobreweries.

In 2019, excluding the two largest breweries, the remaining 90 breweries produced an average of 1,650 barrels per year.[1] The state has an abundance of small local breweries. In addition to craft beer, Montana has several small batch distilleries, wineries, and ciderhouses. They also produce mead, kombucha, and seltzers.

In 2012 Montana's 38 brewing establishments (including breweries, brewpubs, importers, and company-owned packagers and wholesalers) employed 220 people directly, and more than 4,700 others in related jobs such as wholesaling and retailing.[2] In August 2016, there were 68 breweries in operation in the state of Montana.[3] In November 2023, the Montana Brewers Association reported 97 breweries with 4 more known to be in planning.[4]

Including people directly employed in brewing, as well as those who supply Montana's breweries with everything from ingredients to machinery, the total business and personal tax revenue generated by Montana's breweries and related industries was more than $98 million as of 2012.[2] Consumer purchases of Montana's brewery products generated more than $21 million extra in tax revenue.[5] In 2012, according to the Brewers Association, Montana ranked 3rd in the number of craft breweries per capita, with 36.[6] In 2023, the state remained 3rd.[4]

For context, at the end of 2013 there were 2,822 breweries in the United States, including 2,768 craft breweries subdivided into 1,237 brewpubs, 1,412 microbreweries and 119 regional craft breweries.[7] In that same year, according to the Beer Institute, the brewing industry employed around 43,000 Americans in brewing and distribution and had a combined economic impact of more than $246 billion.[8]

Legal information


According to the Montana Code Annotated 2009, section 16-1-106:[9]

(5) (a) "Beer" means:

(i) a malt beverage containing not more than 8.75% of alcohol by volume; or
(ii) an alcoholic beverage containing not more than 14% alcohol by volume:
(A) that is made by the alcoholic fermentation of an infusion or decoction, or a combination of both, in potable brewing water, of malted cereal grain; and
(B) in which the sugars used for fermentation of the alcoholic beverage are at least 75% derived from malted cereal grain measured as a percentage of the total dry weight of the fermentable ingredients.

(b) The term does not include a caffeinated or stimulant-enhanced malt beverage.

and section 16-3-213, Brewers or beer importers not to retail beer—small brewery exceptions:[10]

(2) (a) For the purposes of this section, a "small brewery" is a brewery that has an annual nationwide production of not less than 100 barrels or more than 10,000 barrels. (b) A small brewery may, at one location for each brewery license, provide samples of beer that were brewed and fermented on the premises in a sample room located on the licensed premises. The samples may be provided with or without charge between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. No more than 48 ounces of malt beverage may be sold or given to each individual customer during a business day.

The roots of Montana's liquor licensing system date back to 1933, when Prohibition ended and taverns sprung up throughout the state. In 1947, the state enacted a quota system, allowing one tavern for every 1,500 residents of a city. However, the taverns in existence at the time were grandfathered in, and what the state considers to be an excess of liquor licenses now exists in Montana cities.[11]


Montana ranks 2nd nationally in craft breweries per capita.[12]


406 Brewing Company

406 Brewing Company
Opened2011 (2011)
Owned byMatt Muth

406 Brewing Company is a microbrewery and tasting room in Bozeman. It was opened by Matt Muth, a home brewer since college, in 2011, as the second brewery within Bozeman's city limits. Due to its recent opening, its production is limited, with no brews made regularly. It plans on offering food service in the near future.[18][19]

Beer[20] Type abv% Season
English Pale English Pale Ale
JAMBER Ale Amber Ale
May Fest Amber Ale 5.5
Porter Porter
Session Pale American Pale Ale 4.6

Angry Hank's Microbrewery

Angry Hank's Microbrewery
Opened2006 (2006)
Owned byTim Mohr

Angry Hank's Brewing is located in a former service station in a part of Downtown Billings known locally as the Brewery District. It was opened in 2006 by Tim Mohr, who had worked as a brewer at Red Lodge Ales for five years.[21] The Angry Hank from which the brewery gets its name is not part of the organization, but instead a Miller Genuine Draft-drinking friend of the family who always seemed angry. The idea for the name came when someone, in an attempt to console Hank said to him, "Don't be angry Hank," just as Mohr and his family were having troubles deciding on a name for the then-proposed establishment.[22]

Angry Hank's does not bottle its beer, and sells about 90% of its beer on site. Popularity of the relatively new brewery, credited in part by Mohr to nearby downtown hotel tourists and the taproom's hours coinciding with happy hour, has led to a stretched supply. Given such, the owner is considering expanding in the near future.[22]

Beer Type abv% Season
Bah Humbock Dunkler Bock 6.8 Winter
Blonde Ale Golden Ale/Blond Ale 4
Dirty Girl Dunkel Weizen Dunkelweizen 5.5 Summer
Dog Slobber Brown Ale Brown Ale 5
English Pale Ale English Pale Ale 5 Spring
Espresso Porter Porter 5.3
Fried Dynamite Stout Sweet Stout 5.8 Autumn
Frost Killer Scottish Ale Scottish Ale 5.5 Autumn
Grizz Whizz Wheat Ale 4 Summer
Head Trauma India Pale Ale India Pale Ale (IPA) 6
Mood Swing Brown Ale 5 Summer
Münchner Helles Premium Lager 4.5 Autumn
Octoberfest Oktoberfest/Märzen 5 Autumn
Pastey White Boy Prohibition Style Ale Cream Ale 4 Summer
Smoked Porter Porter Special
Street Fight Imperial Red Ale Amber Ale 6.5


Beer Category Medal Year Bestower
Münchner Helles Münchner-Style Helles Gold 2011 Great American Beer Festival

Bayern Brewing

Bayern Brewing
Opened1987 (1987)
Annual production volume10,000 US barrels
Owned byJürgen Knöller

Main article: Bayern Brewing

Bayern Brewery was opened in 1987 as the "only German brewery in the Rockies," and today is the oldest operating brewery in Montana. Brewers Thorsten Geuera and Jürgen Knöller are both from Germany and use all German equipment and recipes.[23] Knöller was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany (Bayern in German, hence the company's name), where he was apprenticed. He graduated as a Masterbrewer from Doemans' Masterschool for Brewing and Soft Drink Technology in Munich in 1987, after which he became the brewmaster for Bayern Brewing.[24]

All beer at Bayern is brewed according to Reinheitsgebot, otherwise known as the German Beer Purity Law or the Bavarian Purity Law. The law, originating in the city of Ingolstadt in the duchy of Bavaria, Germany in 1516,[25] concerns the standards for the sale and composition of beer. In the original text, the only ingredients that could be used in the production of beer were water, barley, and hops. The law also set the price of beer at 1-2 Pfennig per Maß.

At almost 10,000 barrels of brew a year, Bayern is the second largest brewery in Montana after Big Sky Brewing. Knöller has had facilities at three different locations, but the most recent move in 2002 was structured so that it could be expanded to produce up to 100,000 barrels per year if needed.[23]

Beer Type abv% Season
Amber American Dark Lager 5.3
Dancing Trout Ale (formerly Trout Slayer) German Kristallweizen 5.6
Dark Wheat Dunkelweizen 5.6 Winter
Doppelbock Doppelbock 8.4 Winter
Dortmunder Uber Gans Dortmunder/Helles
Dragons Breath Dark Heff Ale Dunkelweizen 5.6 Special
Dump Truck Heller Bock 6 Summer
Face Plant Doppel weizen 7.5 Winter
Killarney American Dark Lager 5.7 Spring
Maibock Maibock 6.5 Spring
Oktoberfest Oktoberfest/Märzen 6 Autumn
Pilsener Pilsener 5
Schwarzbier Schwarzbier 4.8
St. Wilbur Weizen German Hefeweizen 5.6 Summer
Traditional Dark Dunkel 5.3


Beer Category Medal/Award Year Bestower
Dark Doppelbock German-Style Strong Doppelbock Gold 1999 North American Beer Awards
Doppelbock German-Style Strong Doppelbock Silver 2001 North American Beer Awards
Dragon's Breath Dark Heff South German-Style Dunkel Weizen/Weissbier Silver 2010 US Open Beer Championship
Judges Award 2010 US Open Beer Championship
Dump Truck German-Style Heller Bock/Maibock Bronze 2010 US Open Beer Championship
Maibock German-Style Heller Bock/Maibock Silver 2003 North American Beer Awards
Silver 2000 North American Beer Awards
Schwarzbier German-Style Schwarzbier Silver 1999 North American Beer Awards

Beaver Creek Brewery

Beaver Creek Brewery
OpenedAugust 8, 2008 (2008-08-08)
Owned byJim Devine
Sandy Stinnett
Russell Houck

Located at the edge of Eastern Montana, Beaver Creek Brewery describes itself as "an oasis in a desert of no microbreweries". As of 2008, the brewery was brewing at its capacity of about 200 barrels a year, and, despite its low production, has a distribution area spanning hundreds of miles because of the low population density of the region.[26]

The brewery was set up in Wibaux's historic old business district with equipment salvaged from the former Milestown Brewing Company in a former grocery store that had been closed since 1986.[27] As of 2012, Beaver Creek Brewery is the only brewery in the southeast region of Montana.

Beer Type abv% Season
Castor Mexican Amber Amber Ale 4.6
Choke Cherry Wheat Fruit Beer Spring
Paddlefish Stout Stout 6.3
Pale Ale American Pale Ale 6.6
Redheaded IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 7.3
Rough Rider Wheat Wheat Ale 4 Autumn
Rusty Beaver Wheat Wheat Ale 7.6
Sippin Pumpkin Ale Spice/Herb/Vegetable Autumn
Wibaux Gold Golden Ale/Blond Ale 5.5

Big Sky Brewing Co.

Main article: Big Sky Brewing Company

Big Sky Brewing Company
Opened1995 (1995)
Annual production volume38,000 US barrels
Owned byNeal Leathers, Bjorn Nabozney, and Brad Robinson

Big Sky Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Missoula, founded in 1995 by Neal Leathers, Bjorn Nabozney, and Brad Robinson.[28]

Beer Type abv % Season
406 Series Saison Belgian Farmhouse Ale Saison
Barley Wine Barley Wine
Belgian Brown Ale Belgian Ale 7.8 Special
Biere de Noel Abt/Quadrupel 8.75 Winter
Bobos Robust Porter Porter 6.2 Winter
Bohemian Rhapsody Czech-Style Pilzner Bohemian Pilsener
Bottleworks XI Anniversary Ale American Strong Ale 11 Special
Bourbon Barrel Aged IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.2 Special
Buckin’ Monk Tripel Abbey Tripel 10.5
Cowboy Coffee Porter
Crystal Ale Golden Ale/Blond Ale 4.7 Summer
Double IPA Imperial/Double IPA 7.8 Special
E.S.B. (Extra Special Bitter) Premium Bitter/ESB 5.2
Elephant Rock Imperial Saison Saison
Extra Pale Ale American Pale Ale 4.7 Special
Heavy Horse Scotch Ale Scotch Ale 6.7 Autumn
Imperial Ale Belgian Strong Ale 15.5 Special
Imperial Stout Imperial Stout
IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.2
Ivan the Terrible Imperial Stout 8.75 Special
Kriek Ale Fruit Beer 10 Special
MDX American Strong Ale 10 Special
Mexican Lager Pale Lager 4.6 Special
Montana Trout Slayer Ale Wheat Ale 4.7
Moose Drool Brown Ale 5.3
Olde Bluehair Barleywine Barley Wine 8.75
Barrel Aged Ivan the Terrible Imperial Stout Special
Powder Hound Winter Ale English Strong Ale 6.2 Winter
Scape Goat Pale Ale American Pale Ale 4.7
Slow Elk Oatmeal Stout Sweet Stout 4.9
Smoove Cherry Ale Fruit Beer 8.75 Special
Summer Honey Golden Ale/Blond Ale 4.7 Summer
Weekend at Bernie\'s Pilsner Bohemian Pilsener Special
Wit Belgian White (Witbier) 4.7


Beer Category Medal Year Bestower[29]
Barley Wine Barley Wine-Style Ale Bronze 2001 North American Beer Awards
Bière de Noël Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale Gold 2006 North American Beer Awards
Gold 2003 North American Beer Awards
Bourbon Barleywine Wood- and Barrel-aged Strong Beer Silver 2005 Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer
Ivan the Terrible Imperial Stout Imperial Stout Gold 2003 Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer
Moose Drool Brown Ale Brown Porter Silver 2006 Los Angeles County Fair Competition
Gold 2003 North American Beer Awards
Powder Hound Winter Ale Old Ale Bronze 2003 North American Beer Awards
Gold 2002 North American Beer Awards
Scape Goat Pale American-Style Pale Ale Gold 1999 North American Beer Awards
Summer Honey Seasonal Ale Specialty Honey Beer Gold 2006 Los Angeles County Fair Competition
Bronze 2006 North American Beer Awards
Silver 2003 North American Beer Awards
Bronze 2002 North American Beer Awards
Silver 2000 North American Beer Awards

Blackfoot River Brewing

Blackfoot River Brewing
Opened1998 (1998)
Annual production volume3,200 US barrels
Owned byBrian Smith, Brad Simshaw and Greg Wermers

Blackfoot River Brewing is a microbrewery in Helena, opened in 1998 by Brian Smith, Greg Wermers, and Brad Simshaw.

Beer Type abv % Season
2009 Brewer's Reserve Barley Wine Ale Barley Wine 10.8 Special
Belgian Tripel Abbey Tripel Autumn
Blue Collar Bitter Premium Bitter/ESB 5.8
Bourbon Barrel Tartanic Strong Scottish Ale Scottish Ale Seasonal
Cream Ale Cream Ale 4.6 Summer
Double Black Diamond Extreme Stout Dry Stout 6.9
Gold (Organic Pale Ale) American Pale Ale 5.2
Imperial Stout 2008 Imperial Stout Special
Lewis and Clark Dark Brown Ale 5.4
Lightfoot Pilsner Pilsener 5.2 Summer
MacKenzie River Driftboat Amber Ameber Ale 4.5
Maibock Heller Bock 7.2
Mardi Gras Red Amber Ale 5.7
Missouri River Steamboat Lager California Common 5.6
North Fork Organic Porter Porter 6.5
Octoberfest Oktoberfest/Märzen 5.6 Authumn
Pale Bock Heller Bock 7.2 Winter
Single Malt IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.9
Tartanic Strong Scottish Ale Scottish Ale 7.75 Winter
Woollybugger Wheat German Hefeweizen 6


Blacksmith Brewing Company

Blacksmith Brewing Company
Opened2008 (2008)
Annual production volumeUS barrels
Owned byEric Hayes

Blacksmith Brewing Company is a brewpub/brewery in Stevensville, opened in 2008 by Eric Hayes.

Beer Type abv % Season
Backwoods Barley Wine Barley Wine 12.3 Winter
Black Iron Malty IPA Black IPA 6 Summer
Black Out Oatmeal Stout Sweet Stout 8
Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter Porter 7 Special
Bourbon Barrel Backwoods Barley Wine Bareley Wine 12.3 Special
Brickhouse Blonde Golden Ale/Blond Ale 5
Cutthroat IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.2
Fall Line Winter Ale American Strong Ale 8.5 Winter
Hopper Hefeweizen German Hefeweizen 6 Summer
Imperial Red Ale American Strong Ale 7.2 Summer
Montana Amber Ale Amber Ale 5.4
P.D. Pale Ale American Pale Ale 6
Pulaski Porter Porter 7
Simcoe Pale Ale American Pale Ale 6.2 Special
Twisted Paddle Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.5
Vanilla Porter Porter Special


Bozeman Brewing Company

Bozeman Brewing Company
Opened2001 (2001)
Annual production volume5800 US barrels

Bozeman Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Bozeman, opened by Todd Scott in 2001.

Beer Type abv % Season
Bozone Select Amber Ale!!Amber Ale!!5.5!!Year 'round
Best Damn Ale Amber Ale 5.5
Blackmore Lager American Dark Lager 4.5 Summer
Bourbon Barleywine Barley Wine 10
Bozone Batch 100 Pale Ale American Pale Ale 6.5 Special
Bozone Hefe Weizen Wheat Ale 6
Bozone HopZone IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 7.2
Bozone Nitro Stout Stout
Bozone Select Amber Ale Amber Ale 5.5
Buzzkill Java Stout Stout Special
Debacle Pale Ale American Pale Ale 6 Spring
Funky Virtue Sour Ale/Wild Ale Special
Harvestfest Lager Oktoberfest/Märzen 5.6 Special
Hopsimelia (Imperial IPA) Imperial/Double IPA Spring
House Bill 400 Barley Wine 10 Special
Hylander Scottish Ale Scottish Ale 6.2 Summer
Maibock Heller Bock Spring
Mt Common California Common 5.2
Nutbrown Brown Ale Winter
Oktoberfest Oktoberfest/Märzen Autumn
Pale Project American Pale Ale 7
Pinhead Pils Pilsener 5
Plum St. Porter Porter 5.75
Pumpkin Spice/Herb/Vegetable 5
Spring IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) Spring
Terroir India Pale Ale (IPA) 7.1 Autumn
The Great One American Strong Ale 10.5 Winter
Watershed Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.4 Special
Wee Nip Barley Wine 11.6 Winter

Flagship Beer: Bozone Select

Carter's Brewing

Carter's Brewing
Opened2007 (2007)
Annual production volumeUS barrels
Owned byMicheal Uhrich

Carter's Brewing Company is a brewpub in Billings, opened in 2007 by Michael, Becky, and Carter Uhrich.

Beer Type abv % Season
3440 English Bitter Bitter Special
Biere de Printemps Bière de Garde
Billings Co-Hop Harvest Ale India Pale Ale (IPA) 6 Autumn
Black Magic Porter Porter 5
Blackened Cascadian Dark IPA Black IPA
Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Magic Porter Porter 5.2 Special
Boxcar Brown Ale Brown Ale 5.3 Special
Carter The Great Imperial Oatmeal Stout Imperial Stout
Carterfestbier Oktoberfest/Märzen 5.5 Autumn
Coldwater Kölsch Kölsch
Consequence Belgian Sour Brown Sour Ale/Wild Ale Special
Cru Ale Deville Sour Ale Sour Ale/Wild Ale Special
De-Railed IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.5
Downtown Dunkel Dunkel 4.8 Autumn
Golden Spike Pilsener Lager Pilsener 4.8 Autumn
Handcar Hefeweizen German Hefeweizen 4.8
Hop Delivery Vehicle American Pale Ale 6 Autumn
Indulge Belgian Style IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.4 Winter
Island Fever Coconut Porter Porter Special
Kriek du Carter Lambic - Fruit 7 Special
La Grisette Farmhouse Style Ale Saison 5.5 summer
Magic City Mild Ale Mild Ale 5
Midnight Express Oatmeal Stout Sweet Stout 5 Autumn
Mothers Milk Oak Aged IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.5 Special
Off The Wall Amber Ale Amber Ale Special
One Timer Holiday Porter Imperial/Strong Porter 7.5 Winter
One Timer Winter Ale American Strong Ale 8 Winter
Passion Belgian Pale Ale Belgian Ale 5 Autumn
Pickers Pride Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5
Proper English Pale Ale English Pale Ale
Rob Moore Abbey Ale Abbey Dubbel 7.2 Special
Roundhouse Red Ale Amber Ale 5.5 Spring
Saison De Carter Saison 6.5 Special
Single and Celibate Trappist-Style Single Ale Belgian Ale 5.5 Autumn
Station Master Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.4
Summer Kölsch Kölsch Summer
Switchyard Scottish Ale Scottish Ale Special
Trainwreck Imperial IPA Imperial/Double IPA 8.6 Autumn
White Lightning Ale Belgian White (Witbier) 4.5 Winter
Young Buck Strong Pale Ale American Strong Ale Special


Draught Works Brewery

Draught Works Brewery
OpenedOctober 6, 2011 (October 6, 2011)
Owned byPaul Marshall and Jeff Grant

Draught Works Brewery is a microbrewery and tasting room in Missoula. It was opened by Paul Marshall and Jeff Grant in 2011. Both studied brewing at the Siebel Institute of Technology and World Brewing Academy in Chicago. The brewery has six flagship beers.[34]

Beer Type abv% Season
Clothing Optional Pale Ale 5.2 All
Gwin Du Welsh Style Tribute Stout 5.3 All
Quill Pig Czech Style Pilsner 5.0 All
Scepter India Pale Ale 6.1 All
Shadow Caster Amber Ale 5.0 All
"That's What She Said" Cream Ale 5.2 All

Flathead Lake Brewing Company

Flathead Lake Brewing Company
LocationWoods Bay
Opened2004 (2004)
Annual production volumeUS barrels
Owned byGreg Johnston

Flathead Lake Brewing Company is a brewpub/brewery in Woods Bay, opened in 2004 by Greg Johnston and Terry Leonard.

Beer Type abv % Season
369' Stout Stout 6.5 Winter
Dock Start Amber Ale Amber Ale 5.6
Bufflehead Brown Ale Brown Ale 6.2
The Centennial IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 7.3
Galaxy Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.3 Special
Holiday Ale Winter Warmer 7.7
The Imperial IPA Imperial/Double IPA 8.8
Painted Rock Porter Porter 5.6
Rising Sun Espresso Porter Porter 5.6
Swimmer's Itch Saison Saison 5.3 Summer
Treble Hook Tripel Belgian 9.4
Two Rivers Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.5
Wild Mile Wheat American-Style Hefeweizen 5.1


Glacier Brewing Company

Glacier Brewing Company
Opened2003 (2003)
Annual production volume1000 US barrels
Owned byJeff Carter

Glacier Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Polson, opened in 2003 by Dave Ayers. Purchased Dec 5th, 2019 by Ron May and then by Jeff Carter April 5th, 2023

Beer Type abv % Season
SnowPack Limoncello Seltzer 6.3 Year Round
SnowPack Raspberry Seltzer 6.3 Year Round
SnowPack Green Apple Seltzer 6.3 Special
Snowpack Ginger Seltzer 6.3 Year Round
Jack's Autumn Stout Pumpkin Spice Stout 5.5 Autumn
Rude Rooster RyePA 7 Special
Hi-Line Hefeweizen Hefeweizen 7 Special
Cow in a Coalmine Choc, Vanilla, Milk Stout 8.1 Year Round
Creeper Pigeon Milkshake IPA 7.8
10th Avenue Amber Amber 6 Year Round
Bald Beaver Barley Wine Barley Wine 10 Discontinued
Brewers Reserve - Biere De Mars Saison Discontinued
Brewers Reserve - Hop Garden Pilsner Bohemian Pilsener -
Brewers Reserve - Old Scottish Bastard Scottish Ale Discontinued
Brewers Reserve - Wet Willy's Ale Fruit Beer Discontinued
Centennial Scottish Ale Scottish Ale Discontinued
Down River Dunkelweizen Dunkelweizen 8 Special
Flathead Cherry Ale Fruit Beer 5.5 Summer
Golden Grizzly Ale Kölsch 5.5 Year Round
North Fork Amber Albier 5.5 Discontinued
One Barrel Batch - Aged Nitro Amber Amber Ale Discontinued
One Barrel Batch - Barrel Aged Oktoberfest Oktoberfest/Märzen Discontinued
One Barrel Batch - Barrel Bomber Stout Dry Stout 5.5 Discontinued
One Barrel Batch - Pete's Pennypincher Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.2 Discontinued
Port Polson Pilsner Pilsener 5.5 Discontinued
Glacier Select Oktoberfest/Märzen 6.7 Autumn
Slurry Bomber Stout Export Stout 5.5 Special
Snowy Owl Stout Stout Discontinued
Wild Wolf Wheat Wheat Ale Discontinued


Great Northern Brewing Company

Main article: Great Northern Brewing Company

Great Northern Brewing Company
Opened1994 (1994)
Annual production volume6500 US barrels

Great Northern Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Whitefish, opened in 1995 by Minott Wessinger.

Beer Type abv % Season
Wheatfish Wheat Lager American Style Wheat Lager 4.75 Flagship
Going To The Sun IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 5.7 Flagship
Wild Huckleberry Filtered Wheat Beer with Fruit 4.6 Flagship
Good Medicine Imperial Red Ale Imperial Red Ale 8.0 Flagship
Guy on a Buffalo Coffee Stout Coffee Stout 5.1 2014 Weathervane Series
Equinox Single Hopped Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.3 2014 Weathervane Series
Empire Builder Imperial Pilsner Imperial Pilsner 7.3 2014 Weathervane Series
TPA Tea Pale Ale 7.3 Spring Seasonal
Amber Waves of Grain American Lager 5.3 2014 Weathervane Series
Dark and Ominous Ginger, Vanilla and Oak Stout 7.7 2014 Weathervane Series
iSanto Dios! Mole Stout 8.7 2014 Weathervane Series
Frog Hop Fresh Hopped Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.0 Fall Seasonal
Glacier Chaser Oktoberfest/Märzen 5.6 September Release
SnowGhost Winter Lager American Dark Lager 5.9 Retired
Bucking Horse Pilsner Bohemian Pilsener 5.1 Retired
Fred's Black Lager Schwarzbier 4.9 Retired 2012
Highlander Scottish Ale Scottish Ale 4.6 Contract
Black Star Amber Export Pale Lager Retired 2002
Hellroaring Amber Amber Ale 5.1 Retired 2013
Black Star Black Lager Schwartzbier Retired 2002
Bucking Horse Pilsner Pilsener Retired 2012
Black Star Golden Lager Pale Lager 4.6 Retired 2013
Bear Naked Amber Vienna 7 Retired 2006
Big Fog ESB Premium Bitter/ESB 6 Retired 2012
Bourbon Barrel Aged #1 Pack String Porter Porter 5.2 One time release 2010
Bourbon Barrel Aged #2 Big Fog Premium Bitter/ESB 6.1 One-time release 2010
Experiment #1 American Pale Ale One-time release 2009
Pack String Porter Porter 5 Retired

[38][39] Flagship Beer: Black Star Double Hopped Golden Lager

Harvest Moon Brewing Company

Harvest Moon Brewing Company
Opened1996 (1996)
Annual production volume3000 US barrels
Owned byStan Guedesse

Harvest Moon Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Belt, opened in 1996 by Stan Guedesse.

Beer Type abv % Season
Beltian White Belgian White (Witbier) 4.75
Big Boned Stout Stout
Charlie Russell Red Premium Bitter/ESB
Coyote Ugly IPA India Pale Ale (IPA)
Electric City Pale Ale American Pale Ale
Great Falls Select Pilsener
Montana Amber Amber Ale
Mulligan Golden Ale/Blond Ale
Nut Brown Ale Brown Ale Autumn
Pigs Ass Porter Porter 5

[40] Flagship Beer: Beltian White

KettleHouse Brewing Company

Main article: KettleHouse Brewing Company

KettleHouse Brewing Company
Opened1991 (1991)
Annual production volume10,000 US barrels
Owned byTim O'Leary

KettleHouse Brewing Company is a brewery in Missoula that started in 1991 by Tim O'Leary as a "you-brew." It now consists of two separate small brewing facilities and taprooms in Missoula.

Beer Type abv % Season
Al Pilsner Pilsener 5 Summer
Barleywine Barley Wine 9
Brick and Mortar Imperial Porter Imperial/Stong Porter 11.5 Special
Cold Smoke Scotch Ale Scottish Ale 6.5
Crystal Pils Pilsener
Czech Style Pils Bohemian Pilsener Special
Disc Down Oatmeal Brown Ale Brown Ale
Discombobulator Doppelbock Doppelbock 8.5 Special
Double Haul IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.6
Eddy Out Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.5
ESB Premium Bitter/ESB Autumn
Festival of the Dead Very Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.5 Autumn
Fresh Bongwater Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5
Garden City Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5
German Alt Altbier 6.5 R
Ginseng Pale Ale Spice/Herb/Vegetable 5 Special
Ginseng SRB (Sports Recovery Beer) Spice/Herb/Vegetable
Hefe Pumple Spice/Herb/Vegetable 5 Autumn
Hellgate Honey Hefeweizen Wheat Ale 6
Hemptober Spliff Oktoberfest/Märzen 6.5 Autumn
High Gravity Bongwater Imperial Porter Imperial/Stong Porter 9.5 Winter
Hopnosis American Pale Ale American Pale Ale 6
Joe Bong Coffee Porter Porter Special
Lake Missoula Amber Amber Ale 5.5
Liberty C.A.P Pilsener 6
Maibock Heller Bock 7.5 Spring
Montana Blonde Golden Ale/Blond Ale 5
Myrtle Street IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.5 Special
Olde Bongwater Hemp Porter Porter 5.5
Raftsafari Red Amber Ale Special
Road Rash Imperial Red Ale American Strong Ale Special
Saison Saison Spring
Sapped Out Maple Stout Stout Special
Seeley Axe Specialty Grain Special
Slow Ride Stout Stout 6.5

[41] Flagship Beer: Cold Smoke Scotch Ale

Lone Peak Brewery

Lone Peak Brewery
LocationBig Sky
Opened2008 (2008)
Annual production volumeUS barrels

Lone Peak Brewery is a brewpub/brewery in Big Sky, opened in 2008 by Steve Nordahl.

Beer Type abv % Season
Bourbon Barrel Oatmeal Stout Sweet Stout Special
Bourbon Barrel Steep N Deep Winter Ale American Drink Ale Special
Buck Snort Porter Porter
Headplant Pale Ale American Pale Ale
Hellroaring ESB Premium Bitter/ESB
Hippy Highway Oatmeal Stout Stout
Hopfest ’08 Brown Ale Autumn
Imperial IPA Imperial/Double IPA 9 Winter
IPA India Pale Ale (IPA)
Nordic Blonde Ale Golden Ale/Blond Ale
Steep N Deep Winter Ale American Strong Ale Winter
Swiftwater Pils Classic German Pilsener 5
Wits End Belgian White Ale Belgian White (Witbier) Summer


Montana Brewing Company

Montana Brewing Company
Opened1994 (1994)
Annual production volume900 US barrels
Owned bySean Graves

Montana Brewing Company is a brewpub/brewery in Billings, opened in 1994 by CSKT INC.

Beer Type abv % Season
Ape Hanger Ale American Strong Ale 6.3 Special
Beartooth Espresso Porter Porter 5.5 Winter
Belgian Strong Pale Ale Belgian Strong Ale 7.9 Special
Bighorn Bourbon Stout Stout
Billings IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) Special
Blind Boar Amber Amber Ale
Custers Last Stout Stout 5.5 Special
Cutthroat Rye Specialty Grain
Dark Side Stout Summer
Drunkin Pumpkin Ale Spice/Herb/Vegetable 4.5 Autumn
Dry & Dark Hard Cider Cider
Fat Belly Amber Scottish Ale 4.6
Foglifter Breakfast Stout Sweet Stout Special
Harvest Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.5 Autumn
Holligan's Irish Red Ale Irish Ale Special
Huckleberry Wheat Fruit Beer
Legless Double English IPA English Pale Ale
Malley's Irish Dry Stout Dry Stout Special
McWoody Scotch Ale Scotch Ale
Mistle-Cone IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) Winter
Pomegranate Wheat Fruit Beer
Raspberry Wheat Fruit Beer Summer
Sandbagger Gold Golden Ale/Blond Ale 4.7
Scotch Ale Scotch Ale Winter
Sharptail Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.5
Stillwater Rye Saison Saison 5.7 Autumn
Two Moon Saison Saison 7.5 Special
Wee Heavy Scotch Ale Scotch Ale Special
White Eagle Baltic Porter Baltic Porter Special
Whitetail Wheat Wheat Ale
Wild Wild Wit Belgian White (Witbier)
Montana Jabroni India Pale Ale (IPA)


Muddy Creek Brewing Company

Muddy Creek Brewing Company
Opened2015 (2015)
Closed2020 (2020)
Owned byGregg Wigen, Christopher Sherman, Todd McAdams

Muddy Creek Brewing Company was a microbrewery located in Butte, opened February 27, 2015 by Gregg Wigen, Chris Sherman, and Todd McAdams. The brewery burned down January 23, 2020.[44]

Beer Type abv % Season
An Ri Red Red Ale - Irish 5.6 Spring
Big Johnson ESB (Fresh hops from the Johnson's backyard) 8.25 Fall
Black Ice Fruit Beer (Blackberry) 6.7 Spring / Summer
Blasted IPA American IPA 5.2
Blue Sky Blonde Ale Fruit Beer (Blueberry) 5.0
Butte Original American IPA 6.5
Clementine American Pale Wheat Ale 5.0
Crazy Beautiful American Pale Ale 5.2
Dirty Blonde Ale Blonde Ale 4.1
Fallen Rock American Pale Ale 5.2
Good Time American Pale Wheat Ale 4.8
Highlands Hefeweizen Hefeweizen 5.2
Jack Smashed Pumpkin Ale Oktoberfest / Spiced Beer 6.7 Fall
Karma Belgian Pale Ale 6.7
Mandarin Tango Fruit Beer (Orange) 5.0
Muddy Creek Chocolate Stout Oatmeal Stout 6.5
No Paddle Amber Ale Amber Ale 5.2
Ry Dog Red IPA India Pale Ale 6.4
Seeing Other People ESB 5.0
Shweet Wheat Hefeweizen 5.6
Skinny Cow IPA American IPA 7.0
Storm the Door Vanilla Porter Porter 6.9
Sunburn Habanero IPA American IPA / Spiced Beer 7.0
Winter Elf Stout American Stout 5.7 Winter

Background and Grand Opening [45]


(as of April 2017)

Beer Category Medal Year Bestower News
Blue Sky Blueberry Blonde Ale Best Beer of Festival Gold 2017 Tap Into Montana [46]
Various Beers Best Brewery Gold 2016 Butte-toberfest
Black Ice Fruit Beer Bronze 2016 Great Falls Bear & Gear Brewfest [47]
Crazy Beautiful Pale Ale Bronze 2016 Great Falls Bear & Gear Brewfest [47]
Sunburn Habanero I.P.A. Spiced Beer Bronze 2016 Great Falls Bear & Gear Brewfest [47]
Storm The Door Vanilla Porter Best Beer of Festival Silver 2016 Tap Into Montana
Various Beers Best Brewery Silver 2016 Tap Into Montana
Jack Smashed Pumpkin Ale Best of Festival Gold 2015 Montana Brewers Association [48][49]

Philipsburg Brewing Company

Philipsburg Brewing Company, LLC
Annual production volumeUS barrels

Philipsburg Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in Philipsburg, opened in August 2012.[50]

Beer Type ABV% Season
Algonquin "Gonk" Amber 5.8 Year round
Badfinger Imperial Stout 10 Year round
Bourbon Barrel Badfinger Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 11.5 Special
Czech One-Two Czech Pilsner 5.6 Year round
Corners Porter Coffee Porter 6.6 Year round
Five Phantoms Pumpkin Barley Wine 8.4 Special
Flint Creek California Common 4.2
Haybag American Hefeweizen 5.7 Year round
HEYpricot Apricot American Hefeweizen 5.7 Special
Hoptower #1 Single Hop IPA 6.4
Hoptower #2 Single Hop IPA 6.4
Hot Spot Blood Orange IPA 7.5 Fire season
Incarcerator Doppelbock 8.2
Otter Water Session Pale Ale 4.5 Year round
Razzu! Raspberry Wheat 5.2 Year round
Rope Swing Saison 5.7 Year round
Tramway Rye Pale Ale 6.4 Year round

Quarry Brewing

Quarry Brewing
OpenedAugust 29, 2007 (2007-08-29)
Annual production volumeUS barrels
Owned byChuck and Lyza Schnabel

Quarry Brewery is a microbrewery in Butte, opened in 2007 by Chuck Schnabel.

Beer Type abv % Season
Basalt IBA Black IPA Summer
Bauxite Brown Brown Ale
Galena Gold Golden Ale/Blond Ale
Headframe Hefeweizen German Hefeweizen 4.2
Hematite Hop Burst Style Beer American Pale Ale Summer
Ironstone IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) Special
Mica Maibock Heller Bock Spring
Opal Oktoberfest Oktoberfest/Märzen Autumn
Open Cab Copper Ale Irish Ale 4.83
Open Pit Porter Porter 4.83
Rose Quartz Frambois Lambic - fruit Special
Sandstone Stout Sweet Stout 5.8
Shale Pale Ale American Pale Ale 4.83
Slate IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.7
Smokey Quartz Rauchbier Smoked Autumn


Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company

Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company
LocationRed Lodge
Opened1998 (1998)
Annual production volume7500 US barrels
Owned bySam Hoffmann
Justin Moore

Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Red Lodge, opened in 1998 by Sam Hoffmann. Its head brewer and production manager is Justin Moore. Lead brewers are Rush Nicholson and Dylan Shanks. Sales team are Doug the Beerbarian Bailey, Andy Simpson, and Phil Bridges.

The brewery produced nearly 8,000 barrels in 2014, boasts the largest solar thermal array in the state, and distributes to central and eastern Montana, western North Dakota, and northern Wyoming.

Beer Type abv % Season
Beartooth Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5 Year round
Bent Nail IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.1 Year round - 12 oz bottles
Broken Nail Double IPA Imperial/Double IPA 8.5 Mid-Summer - 22 oz bombers
Czech Mate Pilsner Czech Style Pilsner 5.3 Year round - 12 oz bottles
Glacier Ale Altbier 5.3 Year round - 12 oz bottles
Harvest Ale American Pale Ale 5.5 Early Fall
Helio Hefeweizen American Wheat 5.4 Year round - 12 oz bottles
I Do Wit Belgian White (Witbier) Retired
Jacks 90 Scottish Ale Scottish Ale 6.2 Year round - 12 oz bottles
Kings Cupboard Chocolate Stout Sweet Stout 5 Early Winter
Liver Eatin Ale/Fur Trapper Dunkelweizen 5.4 Spring
Günther Drei Hop IPA American Strong Pale Ale 7 Retired
Monster Maibock Heller Bock 7 Retired
Octoberfest Oktoberfest/Märzen 5.1 Early Fall - 22 oz bombers
Rock Dodge Porter Robust Porter 5.75 Year round
Reserve Ale Kölsch 5 Late Spring
Busted Barrel Series Barrel Aged 5-7 Special
Easy Sippah Session IPA American Pale Ale 4.37 Special
Ullrfest Lager German Munich Lager 5 Winter
Dos Goatees Doppelbock Doppelbock 8 Late Winter - 22 oz bombers
Summer Daze Doppelweiss Doppelweiss 7.5 Late Spring - 22 oz bombers
Widow Maker Heller Bock 6.5 Winter


Tamarack Brewing

Tamarack Brewing
Opened1998 (1998)
Annual production volumeUS barrels
Owned byCraig Koontz

Tamarack Brewing Company is a brewpub/brewery in Lakeside, opened in 2007.

Beer Type abv % Season
Dock Days Hefeweizen German Hefeweizen 5
Dr. Tom's Pils Pilsener Autumn
DRye Reign Roggen Specialty Grain 5.3 Special
Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Ale Spice/Herb/Vegetable 5.4 Autumn
Grizzly Bear Coffee Stout Stout 6 Special
Hat Trick Hop IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.8
Head Wall Double IPA Imperial/Double IPA 9.1
Tamarack ESP English Pale Ale 4.8 Special
Mahogany Brown Ale Brown Ale 5.2
Old Stache Whiskey Barrel Porter Imperial/Double Porter 8.9
Rye Sally Rye PA Specialty Grain 6 Special
Saints Inn Scotch Ale Scotch Ale 6.66
Save the Trails Black Kolsch Amber Ale 4.6 Special
Switchback Stout Sweet Stout 6
Tree Top Bock Heller Bock Autumn
Vanilla Bourbon Stout Sweet Stout 7.5 Special
Wakeboard Wit Belgian White (Witbier) 4.2 Spring
Yard Sale Ale Amber Ale 5.6

[53] Flagship Beer: Yard Sale Ale

Wildwood Brewing

Wildwood Brewing
Annual production volumeUS barrels
Owned byJim and Pannha Lueders

Wildwood Brewing Company is a brewery opened by Jim Lueders in Stevensville in 2012.

Beer Type abv % Season Location
White Bark Wheat Ale Wheat Ale 5.6 All A classic Bavarian wheat beer
Discerning Pilsner Bohemian style Lager 5.0 All A classic Czech Republic Pilsner
Mystical Stout An Irish style dry stout 5.4 All Cork City, Ireland
Bodacious Bock Traditional German Spring Bock 7.5 All Germany
Ambitious Pale Lager A classic Munich style lager 5.0 All Munich, Germany



Though Montana had a robust early brewery history, many notable companies were severely weakened by Prohibition and others finished off by the expansion of national breweries.





Montana Brewers Association (MBA)

The Montana Brewers Association was founded in 2008.[59]
Its previous name was the Montana State Brewers Association, established in 1997.

Its purpose is the promotion of the production and sales of the freshest and highest quality Montana-made beers through education, public awareness and support for local breweries' products, profession, and histories, while documenting their economic impact and legal responsibilities throughout the state.[60]

A Drink in Every Hand

A Drink in Every Hand uses personal experience, knowledge, and relationships with breweries, wineries, cideries, distilleries, and other locations across Montana to serve up the most current information.[61] This website provides a map plus lists of craft alcohol creators.

See also


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