Countries hosting a diplomatic missions of Mongolia

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Mongolia. Mongolia's foreign policy was traditionally aligned with the Soviet bloc, giving due deference to its other significant neighbour, the People's Republic of China. It now has warmer ties with the West (it opened its Washington, D.C. mission in 1989), but Mongolia's comparatively small stature and isolation means it still has a modest network of diplomatic missions.






Multilateral organisations


Closed missions


Host country Host city Mission Year closed Ref.
 Brazil Brasília Embassy Unknown [6]


Host country Host city Mission Year closed Ref.
 Afghanistan Kabul Embassy Unknown [7]
 China Hailar Consulate 2017 [8]
 Indonesia Jakarta Embassy 2018


Host country Host city Mission Year closed Ref.
 Romania Bucharest Embassy 1995 [9]
 SFR Yugoslavia Belgrade Embassy Unknown [10]

Embassies to Open

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