Diplomatic missions of the People's Republic of China

This is a list of diplomatic missions of the People's Republic of China. The People's Republic of China has the largest number of active diplomatic posts in the world,[1] including 265 bilateral posts (embassies and consulates) in 171 countries as well as 8 permanent missions to international organizations and two other posts (as of 2021[2]).

For over fifty years, the PRC has been competing with the Republic of China for diplomatic recognition in the international community. Until the 1970s, most countries in the world recognized the Republic of China instead of the People's Republic of China. As of 2018, a small number of states have full diplomatic relations with the ROC (see Republic of China diplomatic missions); the ROC maintains unofficial relations with most states.

Much like the US, the PRC does not have honorary consulates in other countries.[3] In 2015, China opened its largest diplomatic mission in Pakistan.[4]

Current missions


Host country Host city Mission
 Algeria Algiers Embassy
 Angola Luanda Embassy
 Benin Cotonou Embassy
 Botswana Gaborone Embassy
 Burkina Faso Ouagadougou Embassy
 Burundi Bujumbura Embassy
 Cameroon Yaoundé Embassy
 Cape Verde Praia Embassy
 Central African Republic Bangui Embassy
 Chad N'Djamena Embassy
 Comoros Moroni Embassy
 Congo-Brazzaville Brazzaville Embassy
 Congo-Kinshasa Kinshasa Embassy
 Djibouti Djibouti Embassy
 Egypt Cairo Embassy
Alexandria Consulate General
 Equatorial Guinea Malabo Embassy
Bata Consulate General
 Eritrea Asmara Embassy
 Ethiopia Addis Ababa Embassy
 Gabon Libreville Embassy
 Gambia Banjul Embassy
 Ghana Accra Embassy
 Guinea Conakry Embassy
 Guinea Bissau Bissau Embassy
 Ivory Coast Abidjan Embassy
 Kenya Nairobi Embassy
 Lesotho Maseru Embassy
 Liberia Monrovia Embassy
 Libya Tripoli Embassy
 Madagascar Antananarivo Embassy
 Malawi Lilongwe Embassy
 Mali Bamako Embassy
 Mauritania Nouakchott Embassy
 Mauritius Port Louis Embassy
 Mozambique Maputo Embassy
 Morocco Rabat Embassy
 Namibia Windhoek Embassy
 Niger Niamey Embassy
 Nigeria Abuja Embassy
Lagos Consulate General
 Rwanda Kigali Embassy
 São Tomé and Príncipe São Tomé Embassy
 Senegal Dakar Embassy
 Seychelles Victoria Embassy
 Sierra Leone Freetown Embassy
 Somalia Mogadishu Embassy
 South Africa Pretoria Embassy
Cape Town Consulate General
Durban Consulate General
Johannesburg Consulate General
 South Sudan Juba Embassy
 Sudan Khartoum Embassy
 Tanzania Dar es Salaam Embassy
Dodoma Liaison office
Zanzibar City Consulate General
 Togo Lomé Embassy
 Tunisia Tunis Embassy
 Uganda Kampala Embassy
 Zambia Lusaka Embassy
 Zimbabwe Harare Embassy


Host country Host city Mission
 Antigua and Barbuda St. John's Embassy
 Argentina Buenos Aires Embassy
 Bahamas Nassau Embassy
 Barbados Bridgetown Embassy
 Bolivia La Paz Embassy
Santa Cruz de la Sierra Consulate General
 Brazil Brasília Embassy
Recife Consulate General
Rio de Janeiro Consulate General
São Paulo Consulate General
 Canada Ottawa Embassy
Calgary Consulate General
Montreal Consulate General
Toronto Consulate General
Vancouver Consulate General
 Chile Santiago Embassy
Iquique Consulate General
 Colombia Bogotá Embassy
 Costa Rica San José Embassy
 Cuba Havana Embassy
 Dominica Roseau Embassy
 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Embassy
 Ecuador Quito Embassy
Guayaquil Consulate General
 El Salvador San Salvador Embassy
 Grenada St. George's Embassy
 Guyana Georgetown Embassy
 Honduras Tegucigalpa Embassy
 Jamaica Kingston Embassy
 Mexico Mexico City Embassy
Tijuana Consulate General
 Nicaragua Managua Embassy
 Panama Panama City Embassy
 Peru Lima Embassy
 Suriname Paramaribo Embassy
 Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain Embassy
 United States Washington, D.C. Embassy
Chicago Consulate General
Los Angeles Consulate General
New York City Consulate General
San Francisco Consulate General
 Uruguay Montevideo Embassy
 Venezuela Caracas Embassy


Host country Host city Mission
 Afghanistan Kabul Embassy
 Armenia Yerevan Embassy
 Azerbaijan Baku Embassy
 Bahrain Manama Embassy
 Bangladesh Dhaka Embassy
 Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Embassy
 Cambodia Phnom Penh Embassy
Siem Reap Consular Office
Sihanoukville Consular Office
 Georgia Tbilisi Embassy
 India New Delhi Embassy
Kolkata Consulate General
Mumbai Consulate General
 Indonesia Jakarta Embassy
Medan Consulate General
Surabaya Consulate General
Denpasar Consulate General
 Iran Tehran Embassy
Bandar Abbas Consulate General
 Iraq Baghdad Embassy
Erbil Consulate General
Basra Consulate General
 Israel Tel Aviv Embassy
 Japan Tokyo Embassy
Fukuoka Consulate General
Nagoya Consulate General
Nagasaki Consulate General
Niigata Consulate General
Osaka Consulate General
Sapporo Consulate General
 Jordan Amman Embassy
 Kazakhstan Astana Embassy
Almaty Consulate General
 Kuwait Kuwait City Embassy
 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Embassy
 Laos Vientiane Embassy
Luang Prabang Consulate General
 Lebanon Beirut Embassy
 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Embassy
George Town Consulate General
Kuching Consulate General
Kota Kinabalu Consulate General
 Maldives Malé Embassy
 Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Embassy
Zamyn-Üüd Consulate General
 Myanmar Yangon Embassy
Mandalay Consulate General
   Nepal Kathmandu Embassy
 North Korea Pyongyang Embassy
Chongjin Consulate General
 Oman Muscat Embassy
 Pakistan Islamabad Embassy
Karachi Consulate General
Lahore Consulate General
 Philippines Manila Embassy
Cebu City Consulate General
Laoag Consulate General
Davao Consulate General
 Qatar Doha Embassy
 Saudi Arabia Riyadh Embassy
Jeddah Consulate General
 Singapore Singapore Embassy
 South Korea Seoul Embassy
Busan Consulate General
Gwangju Consulate General
Jeju Consulate General
 Sri Lanka Colombo Embassy
 Syria Damascus Embassy
 Tajikistan Dushanbe Embassy
 Thailand Bangkok Embassy
Chiang Mai Consulate General
Phuket Consular Office
Songkhla Consulate General
Khon Kaen Consulate General
 Timor Leste Dili Embassy
 Turkey Ankara Embassy
Istanbul Consulate General
 Turkmenistan Ashgabat Embassy
 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Embassy
Dubai Consulate General
 Uzbekistan Tashkent Embassy
 Vietnam Hanoi Embassy
Da Nang Consulate General
Ho Chi Minh City Consulate General


Host country Host city Mission
 Albania Tirana Embassy
 Austria Vienna Embassy
 Belarus Minsk Embassy
 Belgium Brussels Embassy
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Embassy
 Bulgaria Sofia Embassy
 Czechia Prague Embassy
 Croatia Zagreb Embassy
 Cyprus Nicosia Embassy
 Denmark Copenhagen Embassy
 Estonia Tallinn Embassy
 Finland Helsinki Embassy
 France Paris Embassy
Marseille Consulate General
Strasbourg Consulate General
Lyon Consulate General
Papeete Consulate
Saint-Denis Consulate General
 Germany Berlin Embassy
Düsseldorf Consulate General
Frankfurt Consulate General
Hamburg Consulate General
Munich Consulate General
 Greece Athens Embassy
 Hungary Budapest Embassy
 Iceland Reykjavík Embassy
 Ireland Dublin Embassy
 Italy Rome Embassy
Florence Consulate General
Milan Consulate General
 Latvia Riga Embassy
 Lithuania Vilnius Chargé d'affaires
 Luxembourg Luxembourg Embassy
 Malta Attard Embassy
 Moldova Chișinău Embassy
 Montenegro Podgorica Embassy
 Netherlands The Hague Embassy
Willemstad, Curaçao Consulate General
 North Macedonia Skopje Embassy
 Norway Oslo Embassy
 Poland Warsaw Embassy
Gdańsk Consulate General
 Portugal Lisbon Embassy
 Romania Bucharest Embassy
 Russia Moscow Embassy
Irkutsk Consulate General
Kazan Consulate General
Khabarovsk Consulate General
Saint Petersburg Consulate General
Vladivostok Consulate General
Yekaterinburg Consulate General
 Serbia Belgrade Embassy
 Slovakia Bratislava Embassy
 Slovenia Ljubljana Embassy
 Spain Madrid Embassy
Barcelona Consulate General
 Sweden Stockholm Embassy
Gothenburg Consulate General
  Switzerland Bern Embassy
Zürich Consulate General
 Ukraine Kyiv Embassy
Odesa Consulate General
 United Kingdom London Embassy
Belfast Consulate General
Edinburgh Consulate General
Manchester Consulate General


Host country Host city Mission
 Australia Canberra Embassy
Adelaide Consulate General
Brisbane Consulate General
Melbourne Consulate General
Perth Consulate General
Sydney Consulate General
 Fiji Suva Embassy
 Kiribati Tarawa Embassy
 Micronesia Palikir Embassy
 Nauru Yaren Embassy
 New Zealand Wellington Embassy
Auckland Consulate General
Christchurch Consulate General
 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Embassy
 Samoa Apia Embassy
 Solomon Islands Honiara Embassy
 Tonga Nuku'alofa Embassy
 Vanuatu Port Vila Embassy

Non-resident embassies

Offices without formal diplomatic missions of China

Multilateral organizations

Organization Host city Host country Mission Chinese name
 African Union Addis Ababa Ethiopia Permanent Mission 驻非盟使团
 ASEAN Jakarta Indonesia Permanent Mission 驻东盟使团
 European Union Brussels Belgium Permanent Mission 驻欧盟使团
ICAO Montreal Canada Permanent Mission 常驻国际民航组织理事会代表处
OPCW The Hague Netherlands Permanent Mission 常驻禁止化学武器组织代表团
ESCAP Bangkok Thailand Permanent Mission 常驻联合国亚洲及太平洋经济和社会委员会代表处
ISA Kingston Jamaica Permanent Mission 常驻国际海底管理局代表处
 WTO Geneva Switzerland Permanent Mission 常驻世界贸易组织代表团
 United Nations New York City United States Permanent Mission 常驻联合国代表团
Geneva Switzerland Permanent Mission 常驻联合国日内瓦办事处和瑞士其他国际组织代表团
Vienna Austria Permanent Mission 常驻维也纳联合国和其他国际组织代表团
 UNESCO Paris France Permanent Mission 常驻联合国教科文组织代表团

Former embassies


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