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General Office of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party
Zhōnggòng Zhōngyāng Bàngōngtīng
AbbreviationZhōngbàn (中办)
Formation1942; 82 years ago (1942)
TypeDepartment directly reporting to the Central Committee
Ministerial level agency
HeadquartersWest Building, Zhongnanhai, Beijing
Cai Qi
Deputy director
Meng Xiangfeng *
Parent organization
Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party
SubsidiariesCentral Security Bureau
Administrative Bureau of the Mao Mauseleum
*Maintains full minister-level rank
General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
Simplified Chinese中共中央办公厅
Traditional Chinese中共中央辦公廳
Literal meaningChinese-Communist Central Business Hall
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese中办
Traditional Chinese中辦
Literal meaningCentral Office

The General Office of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, often referred to as the Central Office (中办), is an office directly under the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party in charge of providing support for the Central Committee and its Politburo, including codifying intra-party regulations, conducting policy research and providing administrative support. The director of the General Office currently serves as the first-ranked secretary of the Secretariat of the Chinese Communist Party.


The office is responsible for drafting and circulating party directives and internal memos, as well as the classification of party information. It is in charge of arranging logistics for major meetings of the Central Committee and its Politburo. It is responsible for preparing meeting agendas, recording and filing meeting minutes, and distribution of communications to meeting stakeholders.

Although its business is often not overtly political, its Directors have historically had close connections with the CCP's top leaders, and usually join the Politburo or the Secretariat after their period leading the General Office.[citation needed] The Director of the General office has been informally referred to as the "Danei Zongguan" (大内总管), roughly translated as "the gatekeeper".[citation needed] While the Director of the General Office is sometimes referred to as an analogue to the party General Secretary's "Chief of Staff", the General Secretary also maintains a personal staff as part of the Office of the General Secretary, whose director may also, but not necessarily, conterminously hold the position of Director of the General Office.


The General Office's establishment date is uncertain, though it existed by 1942 as Li Fuchun was its chief at that time; previously, its functions were exercised by the Organization Department or technical secretariats.

List of directors

Director of the General Office of the Central Secretariat
  1. Li Fuchun (1942–1945)
  2. Yang Shangkun (1945–1948)
Director of the General Office of the Central Committee
  1. Yang Shangkun (1948–1965)
  2. Wang Dongxing (1965–1978)
  3. Yao Yilin (1978–1982)
  4. Hu Qili (1982–1983)
  5. Qiao Shi (1983–1984)
  6. Wang Zhaoguo (1984–1986)
  7. Wen Jiabao (1986–1993)
  8. Zeng Qinghong (1993–1999)
  9. Wang Gang (1999–2007)
  10. Ling Jihua (2007–2012)
  11. Li Zhanshu (2012–2017)
  12. Ding Xuexiang (2017–2023)
  13. Cai Qi (2023–)

Agencies directly under the General Office

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