Central Leading Group for Inspection Work
FormationNovember 2009
TypeCoordination organ
  • Beijing
Zhao Leji
Deputy Leaders
Yang Xiaodu
Lou Jinguo
Chief of General Office
Wang Hongjin
Parent organization
Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party
Central Commission for Discipline Inspection
SubsidiariesGeneral Office of the Central Leading Group for Inspection Work
Various Inspection Teams

The Central Leading Group for Inspection Work (Chinese: 中央巡视工作领导小组; pinyin: Zhōngyāng Xúnshì Gōngzuò Lǐngdǎo Xiǎozǔ) is a coordination body set up under the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party for the purpose of managing party disciplinary inspections nationwide.

Inspection work began in the early 1990s and was a collaboration between the Organization Department and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the party's anti-graft body. The decision to formally establish the leading group was announced in November 2009 by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.[1]

The group gained special prominence since 2013 under the leadership of Wang Qishan as a result of the wide-reaching anti-corruption campaign following the 18th Party Congress. The Leading Group and its General Office is tasked with dispatching "inspection teams" (xunshizu, 巡视组) to the provinces, central government organs such as ministries, and state-owned enterprises.[1]

Under Wang Qishan, inspection teams have been sent out in several 'rounds', with each round numbering about a dozen inspection teams who 'embed' themselves as part of a regional or central organization for weeks to conduct inspection work on party disciplinary enforcement. Several prominent cases, such as that of Hubei Vice-Governor Guo Youming, Inner Mongolia politician Wang Suyi, Guangzhou Party Secretary Wan Qingliang, and a whole host of officials from Shanxi province, were initiated by the central inspection teams.


19th Central Committee

18th Central Committee


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