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Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League
Táiwān Mínzhǔ Zìzhì Tóngméng
ChairpersonSu Hui
Executive Vice ChairpersonLi Yuefeng
Founded12 November 1947; 76 years ago (1947-11-12)
Preceded byTaiwanese Communist Party
Headquarters14 Zuojiazhuang W Street
Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
NewspaperTaimeng (The TDSL)
Xin Taiwan Congkan (New Taiwan Series; only in Hong Kong, before 1949)
Membership (2022)3,400
National People's Congress (14th)
14 / 2,977
NPC Standing Committee
4 / 175
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
20 / 544
(Seats for political parties)
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Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese臺灣民主自治同盟
Simplified Chinese台湾民主自治同盟
Tibetan name
Zhuang name
ZhuangDaizvanh Minzcuj Swci Dungzmungz
Mongolian name
Mongolian CyrillicДайвааны ардчилсан өөртөө засах холбоо
Mongolian scriptᠲᠠᠶᠢᠸᠠᠨ ᠤ
ᠥᠪᠡᠷᠲᠡᠭᠡᠨ ᠵᠠᠰᠠᠬᠤ
Uyghur name
Uyghurتەيۋەن دېموكراتىك ئاپتونوم ئىتتىپاقى
Manchu name
Manchu scriptᡨᠠᡳᠮᡝᠩ
Central committee of the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League

The Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League (TDSL), also known by its Chinese abbreviation Taimeng (simplified Chinese: 台盟; traditional Chinese: 臺盟), is one of the eight minor political parties in the People's Republic of China under the direction of the Chinese Communist Party.

With 14 seats in the National People's Congress and 4 seats in the NPC Standing Committee, the TDSL is the smallest legally recognized minor political party in the People's Republic of China. TDSL supports Chinese unification.[3] The party does not participate in the political system of Taiwan.


The party was founded in the then-British colony of Hong Kong in November 1947, by members of the Taiwanese Communist Party who survived the February 28 incident.[citation needed]


In June 2022, the party had organizations in 19 province-level administrative divisions throughout China.[4]

The TDSL publishes the newspaper Taimeng (The TDSL).[5] It historically published the Xin Taiwan Congkan (New Taiwan Series) before 1949 while it was based in Hong Kong.[6]


The TDSL is mostly composed of prominent people from Taiwan or people of Taiwanese heritage who now reside on the mainland. As of June 2022, it has 3,400 members.[4]


  1. Xie Xuehong (1949–1958)
  2. Cai Xiao (1979–1983)
  3. Su Ziheng [zh] (1983–1987)
  4. Lin Shengzhong [zh] (1987–1988)
  5. Cai Zimin [zh] (1988–1995)
  6. Zhang Kehui (1995–2005)
  7. Lin Wenyi (2005–2017)
  8. Su Hui (2017–present)[7]


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