Lists of fictional astronauts
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Far future
Actor William Lundigan as Col. Edward McCauley, Men into Space (TV series)

The following is a list of fictional astronauts on moonbases and performing other feats of lunar exploration not yet achieved.


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
United States:
Edward[a] McCauley, Col.
Joseph Hale, Maj. (Communications Officer)
Renza Hale
Billy Williams, Maj. (Navigational Officer)
Patrick Donon, Maj.
Mason Trett, Maj.
Russ Russell, Dr. (Scientist)
George Gould, Col.
Jeffrey Tuttle, Capt.
Kenneth Moresby, Capt.
Rick Gordon, Lt.
Frank Werner, Lt.
Hal Roberts, Capt.
Hargaves, Lt.
Tom Farrow, Capt. (Radioman)
Robbins, Capt.
Peter Riber, Dr.
Dan Freer, Capt. (Spacecraft commander)
Charles Cooper, Dr. (Biologist)
Neil Templeton, Lt. (Navigator)
Dobbs, Lt.
Pat Warren, Lt.
Johnny Baker, Lt.
Hardy Stockman, Maj.
Markey, Maj.
Oliver Farrar, Prof. (Astronomer)
Jim Nichols (Astronomer)[b]
Warnecke, Maj. (Dr.) (Physician)
Teal, Lt.
Adams, Col.
Bob Kelly, Lt.
Prescott, Dr. (Scientist)
David Orrin, Dr. (Scientist)
Denny, Lt.
Rowland Kennedy, Dr. (Scientist)
Doug Bowers, Capt.
John Arnold, Maj.
Jimmy Manx (Reporter)
Paul Carlson (Reporter)
Gorman, Lt.
Harold Carter, Dr. (Scientist)
Perry Holcomb, Dr. (Scientist)
Van Fleet, Capt.
Narry, Dr. (Mineralogist)
Bromfield, Dr. (Scientist)
Rice, Dr. (Scientist)
Orr, Dr. (Scientist)
Stubblefield, Maj.
Jim Blythe, Maj.
Bernard Bush, Dr. (Scientist)
George Coldwell, Dr. (Scientist)
Guthrie Durlock, Dr. (Scientist)
Walker, Lt.
Kyle Rennish, Capt. (Photographer)
Rudy Manton, Lt.
McIntyre, Maj.
Charles Randolph, Maj.
John Leonard, Lt.
Ingram, Maj.
Tom Jackson, Maj. (Spacecraft commander)
Henry, Capt.
Parker, Dr. (Geologist)
Richard Jackson, Capt.
Rumbough, Capt.
Marlowe, Capt.
Webb, Capt. (Radio Operator)
Don Miller, Capt.
Tim O'Leary, Maj.
Frank Bartlett, Col.
Tucker, Sgt.
Vic Enright, Maj.

Tolchek, Col. (Moon base commander)
Gulyt, Maj.
Kralenko, Maj. (NK-1 commander)
Alexandrov, Col.
Men into Space (a.k.a. Space Challenge) (1959–60), TV United States Air Force:
Various missions

Moon base
c. 1970–1980
Future astronauts on Moon missions and Moon base crews.[1][2]
Ed McCauley, 1st Lt.
Randy (alternate)

Ed McCauley, Maj. (Pilot)
Furness, Maj. (Observer)

Space Platform:
Ed McCauley, Maj. (Commander)
Randy Hall, Capt.
Sammy Breen, 2nd Lt.

Grimaldi Base:
Ed McCauley, Col. (Base Commander)
Unnamed communications officer
2 other crewmembers

Venus ship:
Ed McCauley, Col. (Commander)
Randy Hall, Maj. (Second-in-Command)
Bramwell, Dr. (civilian scientist)

First Martian Expedition:
Ed McCauley, Col. (Commander)
Randy Hall, Maj. (Second-in-Command)
Joe Fallon (impersonating Andrew Fallon) (Mechanic)
Hathaway (Meteorologist)
Men into Space (1960), novel Space Service (United States):
Aerobee (suborbital rocket)
X-21 (spaceplane)
Space Platform
Grimaldi Base (moonbase)
Venus ship
First Martian Expedition
c. 1960–1980[c]
Tie-in novel based on TV series of same name but featuring original stories. McCauley makes first crewed spaceflight aboard Aerobee and first orbital spaceplane flight in X-21. First Martian Expedition lands on Eros to refuel en route to Mars.[3]
Rog Everett
Willie Sanger
"Contact" (1960), short short story Observatory No. 1 Future
Moon-based observers unknowingly witness end of life on Mars.[4]
Unnamed commander
Unnamed astronauts
"Report on the Nature of the Lunar Surface" (1960), short short story Project Diana:
Moonbase One
Near Future
First astronauts on the Moon discover contamination of lunar surface by earlier uncrewed spacecraft.[5]
John Anderson, Capt. (Commander) (US)
Luis Vargas, Dr. (First Pilot/Communications) (Brazil)
Sigrid Bromark, Dr. (Physician/Physicist) (Sweden)
Selim Hamid, Dr. (Space Medicine) (Turkey)
Erik Heinrich, Dr. (born Hanisch Bernauer) (Rocket designer) (Germany)
Hideko Murata, Dr. (Astrophotographer/Pharmacist) (Japan)
Asmara Makonnen, Dr. (Chief Navigator/Astronomer) (Nigeria)
Etienne Martel, Dr. (Engineer/Technician) (France)
Robert "Rod" Murdock, Dr. (Mathematician) (US)
Feodor Orloff, Dr. (Geologist/Mapmaker) (USSR)
Sir William Rochester, Dr. (Geophysicist) (UK)
David Ruskin, Dr. (Aeronautic Engineer/Recorder) (Israel)
12 to the Moon (1960), film International Space Order:
Lunar Eagle #1
Space taxi
c. 1960s/1970s
First crewed Moon mission is international project. Anderson made three previous orbital flights.[6][7][8]
Perry Rhodan, Maj.
Reginald Bell, Capt.
Clark G. Fletcher, Capt.
Eric Manoli, Lt.
Mike Bull (names from the US-English translation)
Perry Rhodan series (1961–present), novellas, comics, audiobooks, film Enterprise Stardust 1971
The astronauts are members of the United States Space Force (USSF) and their mission is the first landing on the Moon – where they find a marooned alien space ship and its crew.[9]
Wheel Five:
Meloni, Capt. (Commander)
Vinson, Lt.
Reed Kieran (Astrophysicist)
Unnamed personnel

Charles Wandek, Lt.
Unnamed astrophysicist (France)
Unnamed magnetic field expert
Unnamed pump technician
"The Stars, My Brothers" (1962), novella United Nations Reconnaissance Corps (UNRC):
Space Laboratory Number 5 ("Wheel Five")
May 1981
Kieran, killed in crash of ferry with lunar-orbit space station, is left frozen in space for future revival.[10]
Three unnamed astronauts (US, UK, USSR)

Joseph Cavor
Katherine Callender
Arnold Bedford
First Men in the Moon (1964), film UN 1 (spacecraft)

Cavorite sphere

Flashback to 1899
UN crew on Moon discover evidence of 19th-century British lunar expedition. Aged survivor Bedford tells what occurred.[11][12]
Luna Station:
Sir Ian Macdonald (Director)
Gloria Brittain, Dr. (Psychiatrist)
Jeff Carter
Crombie, Maj.
Bob Howard
Ottoway, Prof.
Avril Simpson (Dietician)
Felix Larsen, Prof. (Psychologist/Special agent)
Other personnel

Royal Commission:
Lord Severn
Connor (Accountant)
Meeson (Junior Minister)
Prentice (Biologist)
Watts, Gen.
Moon Base (1964), novel United Kingdom:
Luna Station
Royal Commission
Larsen, ostensibly a laser mechanic, travels by rocket to Moon base with investigatory Royal Commission. He is actually a British special agent looking into possible treason at base.[13]
Lee Stocker, Gen. (Commander)
Clint Anderson, Maj.
Diana Brice, Prof.
Phillip Mendl, Dr.
Ernie Travers, Lt.
The Outer Limits
Moonstone (1964), TV
Lunar Expedition One Near Future
Moonbase crew make contact with alien fugitives.[14][15]
Gompert (Commander)
"Yo" Johannsen
Donald Barnard Merriam, Lt.
The Wanderer (1964), novel U.S. Space Force
Moon Project:
Moonbase, U.S.
Three rocket ships ("Baba Yagas")
Near Future
Astronauts at moonbase in crater Plato when artificial planet emerges from hyperspace into Earth orbit.[16]
Lavinia Pickerell

Unnamed captain
Thurston Williston (Co-pilot/Navigator)
Two unnamed crewmembers

Lunar Base:
M. M. Manborough (Base Commander)
Finch, Maj.
Foster Esticott, Lt. (Selenodetic survey)
Guffey, Dr. (Microbiologist)
Rugby (Cafeteria/Supply room)
Unnamed Lunar Patrol Officer
Unnamed personnel
Miss Pickerell on the Moon (1965), novel Space Force (Moon Force):
Cargo Spaceship No. 00-41-233 (Cow)
Space Force Lunar Base (Moonport)
Rocketcraft No. 12-12-22
Mooncraft No. 1
Near Future
Miss Pickerell travels to Moon to find antibiotic for animal epidemic. Landing site in Descartes; lunar base in Mare Cognitum. Sequel to Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars (q.v.).[17]
Pete (no last name given)
Unnamed prospector
"Moon Duel" (1965), short story N/A Future
Prospectors attacked in Gioja crater by alien criminal marooned on Moon.[18]
Space Station X-7:
Frank Cromwell, Col. (Commanding Officer)
Andrews, Sgt. (no first name given)
Connie Engstrom, Lt. (Communications Officer)
Hoffman, Dr. (Physician)
Faith Montaine, Dr. (Biochemist)
Olsen (no first name given)
Unnamed personnel

Probe Ship Number 5:
Gordon Towers, Maj.
Don Webber, Capt.
Mutiny in Outer Space (a.k.a. Invasion From the Moon, Space Station X, Space Station X-14, Invasion to the Moon) (1965), film United States:
Space Station X-7
Probe Ship Number 5
March 1990
Astronauts returning from Moon aboard probe ship inadvertently contaminate space station with fungus from lunar ice caves.[19][20]
Link Day (Commander)
Mike Capoferri, Dr.
Terry Holmes, Dr. (Linguist)
Carlos (no last name given)
26 unnamed astronauts
"Wrong Way Street" (1965), short story United Nations:
UN Flight Four
While investigating alien base and spacecraft on Moon, scientist Capoferri accidentally travels back in time. Walnikov is mentioned as the first human on Mars.[21]
Sirius (USAF):
Acton (Last names not given)

Space Station One: 'Santa Fe' :
Felix Coulter, Dr. (Director)
Unnamed US astronauts

Little Bear:
Melvin K. Green (V-POTUS)
Hunter-Killer (1966), novel Sirius

Space Station One: Santa Fe

Little Bear
Alternate 1970s
After the Air Force sends two men to the Moon but fails to bring them back safely, the Navy decides to upstage them by sending the Vice-President into orbit using an uprated Polaris missile.[22]
Schmidlap (US) (Weathernaut)
Hoffman (US) (Weathernaut)
Peter Mattemore (US)
Eileen Forbes (US) (Astronomer)

Igor Valkleinokov (USSR)
Anna Soblova (USSR)
Way...Way Out (1966), film Unknown 1994
US sends a married couple to live on the Moon and operate a weather station close to a nearby Soviet lunar base. Couples have a space race to see who will have the first "Moon baby".[23][24]
Project Settlement:
Perkins, Cmdr.
Unnamed crew

Project Rescue:
Steve (no last name given)
Unnamed crew
Night Gallery
The Nature of the Enemy (1970), TV
U.S. Department of Space:
Project Settlement
Project Rescue
Near Future
Astronaut on rescue mission discovers giant mousetrap on the Moon.[25]
Clarence "Clancy" Ballou
Roger (no last names given for last two)
"Now I'm Watching Roger" (1972), short story Unknown Future
Interpersonal tensions among astronauts on moonbase.[26]
Siren II:
Stan Bailey[d]

Miroslava Space Detachment:[e]
Unnamed female cosmonauts
Two unnamed male cosmonauts
The Moonlovers: An Erotic Space Odyssey (1975), novel Unknown
Siren II

Soviet Lunar Colony
Near future[f]
NASA astronaut whose long-duration Earth orbital mission is suddenly endangered when a mysterious force pulls his spacecraft towards the Moon. The ending hints that the story may be a dream.[27][28]
Moonbase Sinus Medii
Ed Speedwell, Capt (Commander)
Ivan Flyenov, Capt (2nd in Command)
Jerry Owyee, Lt (3rd in Command)
Rocky Rhodes, Lt.
Harold Cummings, Dr.
Irene Stone, Dr.
Lois White, Dr.
Mike O'Riley
Unnamed astronauts

Moon Orbiting Space Station 1
Six unnamed astronauts

Moon Orbiting Space Station 2
Yuri Chisodva, Capt.
Five unnamed astronauts

Dick Peterson, Capt.
Unnamed astronauts

Ed Speedwell, Capt.
Jean Chelsea-Smith, Lt. (RAF)
Peter Chorosous
Class G-Zero (1976?), novel Moonbase
Sinus Medii

Space Station
Skylab V
Moon Orbiting Space Station 1
Moon Orbiting Space Station 2

Space Shuttles:
Orbiter 8
Orbiter 10

Nuclear Lunar Shuttles:
Near Future (Alternate 1990s?)
Astronauts of the International Space Agency (ISA) who find themselves dealing with a first contact situation.[29]
Unnamed astronaut Challenge of the Superfriends
The World's Deadliest Game (1978), TV
Spaceplane 16
Space station
Contemporary/Near Future
Wonder Woman, Hawkman and Black Vulcan assist spacewalking astronaut with repairs of space station in lunar orbit.
Douglas Cummings
Don Wayne

Franz Bethwig
Vengeance 10 (1980), novel Unknown

May 6, 2009, flashback to 1938–45
Two American astronauts stumble across the final remnants of Nazi Germany's Moon Program.[30]
Douglas Morgan
Lisa Morgan
Fred Simpson
Martin Kobol
William Demain
Catherine Demain
Larry LaStrande
Sylvia Dortman
Haley (First names not given for the last three)

Other unnamed astronauts
Test of Fire (1982), novel Unknown

Space Station

Space Shuttle
Near Future
Personnel at a moonbase in the crater Alphonsus which becomes the last outpost of civilization when the Earth is devastated by a massive solar flare and the nuclear strikes it triggers. Revision of When the Sky Burned (1972).[31]

Jersey Colony
Eli Steinmetz
Willie Shea
Kurt Perry, Dr.
Dawson (First name not given)
Gallagher (First name not given)
Cooper (First name not given)
Snyder (First name not given)
Russell (First name not given)
Two unnamed astronauts

Jack Sherman, Cmdr.
Unnamed astronauts

Dave Jurgens, Cmdr.
Carl Burkhart, Co-Pilot
Unnamed Mission Specialists


Selenos 4
Three unnamed cosmonauts

Selenos 5
Three unnamed cosmonauts

Selenos 6
Three unnamed cosmonauts

Selenos 8
Two unnamed cosmonauts
(Soviet Army)
Grigory Leuchenko, Maj.
Dmitry Petrov, Lt.
Ivan Ostrovski, Sgt.
Mikhail Yuschuk, Cpl.
Unnamed corporal
Cyclops (1986), novel Cosmos Luna
Selenos 4–6 & 8

Jersey Colony

Space Station

Space Shuttle
Near Future
The actions of members of an illegal lunar colony cause a crisis between the United States and the Soviet Union. Mention is made in the novel of Salyuts 9 and 10.[32]
Wolfgang "Wolfli" Hitler (born Wolfgang Tshurkurka) "Reichs-Peace" (1986), short story Nazi Germany:
1980s (Alternate History)
Adolf Hitler's adopted Romany son is endangered by sunspot activity while away from Moon base.[33]

Molly Brown:
Kathy (Commander)
Peter (Ph.D.) (Science officer) (No last names given)
Space Station Friendship: A Visit with the Crew in 2007 (1988), novel Project Willow Stick:
Molly Brown (Orbital transfer vehicle [OTV])
2007 (Autumn)
NASA astronauts exploring Scott Crater. Kathy and Peter are husband and wife.[34]
Flynn Harding (Captain)
Giles Stewart, Lt. (Co-pilot)
Paxton Warner (Science officer)
Philip Jennings (Chief engineer)
Alex McInny (Operations officer)
Dreyfuss Steiner (Physician)

Blake Schadwell, Capt.
William T. Marks, Lt. Col.
Michael C. Gotier, Lt.[g]

Lewis Ramser [sp?] (Captain)
The Dark Side of the Moon (a.k.a. Spacecore, Something is Waiting) (1990), film SPACECORE 1 (maintenance ship)

Space Shuttle
Discovery 18

30 years after NASA ceases operations, crew on mission to repair nuclear weapons satellites finds derelict Space Shuttle, which disappeared after 1992 emergency splashdown in Bermuda Triangle, in lunar orbit.[35][36][37]
Silvia Rabal (Spain) (Pilot)
Marco Albertosi (Italy)

Landing module:
Marte Schierbeck (Denmark) (Module pilot)
Dieter Kaufmann (Germany)
Emile Lemarque (France)
Kevin O'Meara (Air Force) (Ireland)
Adriaan van der Heyde (Netherlands)

Giuseppe Serena (Italy) (Alternate)

Lunar Village:
Unnamed Commander (Astrophysicist)
Ed Druson, Col. (Head of Security)
Unnamed pod pilot
Unnamed personnel

Lunar shuttle:
Peter Pascoe (UK Commissioner, Eurofed Justice Department)
Andrew Dalziel (Detective Superintendent, ret.)
One Small Step (1990), novella Federated States of Europe
Federal Space Programme:
Landing module

United States:
Lunar Village
Lunar shuttle
May 2010[h]
At the moment he becomes the first European on the lunar surface, Lemarque is killed by short circuit in his urine collection device; Dalziel and Pascoe investigate. European landing on May 14, 2010.[38]
John Clay, Dr. (Project manager/Astronomer)
Edward (Computer engineer)
Zheng (China) (no last names given)

Yuegong Base:
Port Director (unnamed)
Unnamed administrative assistant
Unnamed doctor
Cantu (Moonhopper pilot)
Sylvester "Rod" Rodriguez (Mechanic)
Unnamed nurse
Unnamed personnel

L-5 Station:
Ramona (Senior technician)
"The Listening Glass" (1991), short story Lunar Far-Side Very Low Frequency Array (LFSVLFA)

Yuegong Base

L-5 Station
Project manager Clay falls from radio telescope antenna on lunar farside, seriously damaging telescope. Ramona, his wife, is working on space station at Earth-Moon Lagrange Point Five. Telescope located in Bolton crater on edge of Sanduleak walled plain, on rim of Schrödinger. Yuegong Base located in Hadley–Apennine region.[39][40]
Patricia Jay "Trish" Mulligan
Theresa (no last names given)

Stanley (Mission Commander) (no first name given)
Tanya Nakora
"A Walk in the Sun" (1991), short story Moonshadow
After Moonshadow crash-lands during Moon orbit mission, sole survivor Mulligan walks all the way around the Moon to remain in sunlight while awaiting rescue. Crash site near edge of Mare Smythii.[41][42]
Two unnamed astronauts Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger
Birth (1992), TV

(adapted as
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Day of the Dumpster (1993), TV)
Space Shuttle Contemporary
Astronauts accidentally release sorceress Witch Bandora (Rita Repulsa in American version) from 10,000-year imprisonment on Moon.[i]
Dmitri (no last name given) Dmitri the Astronaut (1996), picture book Unknown (United States) Contemporary/Near Future (October – Thanksgiving)
Astronaut returns to Earth after two and a half years on the Moon to find that no one remembers him.[43]
Chris Terence, Dr. (USA) (Commander)
Xiao Be (China) (Pilot)
Peter Mikhailovich Denisov (Russia) (Engineer)
Jiang Wu (China)
Encounter with Tiber (1996), novel Tiber Two
Tiber Prize
(modified Apollo IIs)
Mission to retrieve alien technology from lunar south pole ends in tragedy.[44]
Edward A. Graham, Jr., Cmdr. (Co-Pilot)
Casey Hamilton, Lt. (Flight Engineer)
Kenneth A. Moore, Lt. (Flight Mechanic)
Richard Dunning, Sgt. (Mission Specialist)
Walter Kahn, Dr. (Flight Surgeon)

Space Station One:
Chet Aldridge, Gen. (USSF) (Commander)
Tom Sidwell

Luna Two:
Eugene M. Parnell (Commander)
Joseph K. Laughlin
Eight unnamed astronauts

Sanger XS-1:
Karl Schiller, Col. (West Germany)

P. A. Kingsolver, Capt. (Pilot)
H. M. Trombly, Lt. Cmdr. (Co-Pilot)

Gene Parnell, Cmdr. (Commander)
Cristine September "Cris" Ryer, Capt. (USAF) (Pilot)
Jay Lewitt, Lt. (Flight Engineer)
Cecil Orvitz (impersonating Paul Aaron Dooley) (Computer programmer)
Berkley Rhodes (Reporter)
Alex Bromleigh (Cameraman/Producer)

Koenig Selenen GmbH:
James Patrick "Pat" Leamore (Executive Vice-President)
Uwe Aachener (Astronaut-Candidate)
Markus Talsbach (Astronaut-Candidate)

Harpers Ferry:
Curtis "Dr. Z" Zimm (Pilot)

Space Station One:
Joseph K. "Old Joe" Laughlin, Cdre. (USN) (Commander)
Frierson, Lt. j.g. (NASA)
Hollis, Lt. (NASA)
Unnamed personnel

Fido's Pride:
Edmund "Poppa Dog" McGraw (Pilot)

Unnamed astronauts
The Tranquility Alternative (1996), novel United States Air Force:
U.S.S. Constitution (space ferry)

United States Space Force (USSF):
Space Station One ("the Wheel")

Luna Two (Eagle Four lander)

Sanger XS-1 (spaceplane)

Constellation (Atlas-C space ferry)
Space Station One
U.S.S. Conestoga (Moonship)
Harpers Ferry (space taxi)
Fido's Pride (Mars Retriever 13)
Tranquillity Base/Teal Falcon bunker

Walter Dornberger (Sanger booster/Horus-class orbiter)

North Korea:
Zenith-Two (Ghost Rider)
April 10, 1956 (Alternate History)

1963–1966 (Alternate History)

September 1969 (Alternate History)

1977 (Alternate History)

February 16–22, 1995 (Alternate History)
In alternate history, NASA launches final Moon mission in 1995 to turn over Tranquillity Base to German company. First crewed space ferry flight in 1956 commanded by Chuck Yeager. Joint US-Soviet Ares One mission lands on Mars in July 1976 with Neil Armstrong and Alexei Leonov.[j] Set in same alternate history as Steele's short stories "Goddard's People" and "John Harper Wilson" and novel V-S Day (q.v.).[45]
HayesCorp Moonship:
Ishmael Hayes
Elisabeth (no last name given)
Bennett (Security) (no first name given)

Sam Houston (Subtropolis Systems)
Stevie G. (Foreman)
Bob Hennessey
Betsy Warren
Unnamed personnel

Channel Seven:
Dave Archer (Reporter)
Annie "Sparky" Franklin (Segment producer)
Heck Allen (Cameraman)
Astronauts in Trouble: Live from the Moon (1999), Astronauts in Trouble: One Shot, One Beer (2000), graphic novels HayesCorp:
Cargo One
Cargo Two
Cargo Three
Subtropolis (moonbase)

Channel Seven:
Channel Seven reporters report on HayesCorp returning humans to the moon, only to discover that billionaire Hayes has had a secret moonbase in the Sea of Showers for five years. Hayes' moonship lands north of Cassini Crater; Newsvan lands south of Autolycus.[46]
John Lakey (Chief of Astronaut Office)
Deborah Kimbrough
Jay Guidon (CAPCOM)
Molly Peterson (CAPCOM)

Nazarbeyev (Kazakhstan) (no first name given)

Original STS-128 crew/
Endeavour crew:
Olivia "Ollie" Grant, Col. (Ph.D.) (Commander)
Tanya Brown (Pilot)
Betsy Newell (Mission Specialist 1)
Janet Barnes (Mission Specialist 2)
Penny High Eagle (born Penelope Ingle), Ph.D. (Payload Specialist) (joins hijack crew)

Hijack crew (MEC):
Jack Medaris
Craig "Hopalong" Cassidy, Capt. (Pilot)
Virgil "Virg" Judd (Shuttle Main Engine Technician)

Olivia Grant
Yuri Dubrinski, Col. (RSA) (pilot)
Back to the Moon (1999), novel NASA:
Space Shuttles
Columbia (STS-128)

Russian Space Agency:

Medaris Engineering Company (MEC):
Elsie-2 (Landing Craft)
c. 2002 (July)
On its last scheduled mission, shuttle Columbia is hijacked and flown to the Moon by former NASA engineer Medaris. Cassidy is an ex-NASA astronaut who flew on all the shuttles and Mir, helped repair the Hubble Space Telescope, and commanded Spacelab XXI. Nazarbeyev was a guest cosmonaut on Mir. Moon landing near Apollo 17 landing site in Taurus-Littrow.[47]
Collins (FS-6)
Po Tseng, Col.
Jerry Cochagne
Joe DeSosa
Dick Lebby
Arminta Horo
Paul Manch
Iona Greer

Aldrin/Farside Base (FS-5)
Mike Mobley, Col.
Louise Washington
Ann Biso
Bob Faden
Frank Dryzmkowski
Shinobu Takizawa
Blood Moon (1999), novel Lunar Landing Modules

Near Future
When contact is unexpectedly lost with the first astronauts to spend a full lunar day/cycle a rescue mission is hastily launched.[48]
Michelle "Mickey" Griffith, Col. (Ph.D.) (USAF) (Commander) Astronaut (2003), play NASA:
Lunar Colony One
Near Future
Commander of lunar colony at edge of Procellarum Ocean (near 18°N 75°W / 18°N 75°W / 18; -75) gives press conference.[49]
Rachel Fine, Maj.
Ben Halberstom, Capt.
John Redding (Mission Specialist)
Earthstorm (2006), TV movie American Space Institute (ASI):
Space Shuttle
Perseus (Lunar Mission)
Contemporary/Near Future
Demolition expert Redding joins mission to stabilize Moon after asteroid impact. Perseus has experimental nuclear pulse engines.
T.J. Bianco, Col. (Commander)
Zen, Ph.D. (New Zealand) (Lead engineer)
Penguin (Systems engineer)

Cutter Industries Team:
Austen Cutter (Commander)
Steven Frazier (Second in command)
Dave Caldridge (USN) (Ph.D.) (Lead engineer)
"Openshot" (2006), short story Openshot:
Stallman (Command Module/Lunar Landing Module [LLM])

Cutter Industries Team:
Command Module/Landing Module
Near Future
Crews participating in International Lunar Peace Race, a $100 million prize competition for first non-governmental crewed Moon landing. Openshot is an opensource engineering project. Stallman command module is a surplus Russian module from canceled second phase of Space Station Freedom. Bianco is a former USAF and NASA pilot who lost her lower legs after a crash landing.[50]
Deke Gordon, Capt.

Rachel Salerno, Cmdr.
Hatcher (no first name given)
Lunar Colony (2007–2013), online game and chapter book
Poptropica Academy of Space Exploration (PASE):
Lunar colony
Flight capsule
Lunar lander
Alien artifacts are found near lunar colony. Gordon built first lunar facility decades earlier.[51]
Lloyd Nadolski, Capt. (Commander)
Caitlin Hall, Lt. (LMP)
Aldrich Coleman, Capt. (Habitat Commander)
Samuel Wilson (Space Engineer)
Peter D. Stanton (Space Engineer)
Mia Nomeland (Norway)
Midori Yoshida (Japan)
Antoine Devereux (France)
Darlah – 172 timer på månen (a.k.a. 172 Hours on the Moon) (2008), novel NASA

Ceres (Command Module), Demeter (Lunar Module)

April 2018 – July 2019
Teenagers Mia, Midori and Antoine win lottery to visit top-secret lunar base built in the 1970s in the Sea of Tranquility.[52][53][54][55][56]
André Gretzsin

Mare Serenitatis base:
André Gretzsin, Jr. (Commander)
Frank (no last name given)
Rachel (no last name given)
Unnamed personnel

Farside Station:
Matt Tanager (Captain)
Unnamed personnel
"Letting Go" (2008), short story Unnamed moonbase (Mare Serenitatis)
Farside Base
Gravity Train (Capsule A)
Future (21st century)
Gravity train is built linking Mare Serenitatis and Farside Base through lunar core. Frank previously flew on ISS. André Gretzsin, Jr.'s grandfather flew on Mir; his father was an astronaut killed in a training accident.[57][58]
Fort Discovery:
Virginia Rickles, Sgt.

Sangre de Christo:
Matteo (Mission leader)
Unnamed political officer
Unnamed communications officer
"The Economy of Vacuum" (2009), short story NASA:
Fort Discovery (moonbase)

BRSCG Sangre de Christo
Landing shuttle
Future (21st century)
Rickles is stranded on moonbase when world is devastated by nuclear war. Thirty-one years later, Sangre de Christo crew discovers her still living on Moon.[59][60]
Sam Bell Moon (2009), film Sarang mining base 2035
Astronaut tending an automated mining facility on the Moon's far side.[k][62][63]
Vision Enterprises:
Astro Spalding (Pilot)[l]

Yuri (no last name given)
Space Buddies (2009), film Vision Enterprises:
Vision One (V-1) (Single-stage-to-orbit spaceplane)

Russian Space Agency:
Russian Research Space Station (RRSS)
Cosmopod escape vessel
American company launches uncrewed test of lunar passenger spacecraft, which refuels at Russian station in Earth orbit due to emergency.[64]
China National Space Agency:
Gong Zheng

Hui Tian (Commander)
Ming Feng (Pilot)
Xu Guan, Dr. (Physician)
Zhi Feng (Engineer/Political Officer)

Charles Leonard (Pilot)
Helen Menendez (Mission Specialist)
Jim England

Mercy I:
Bill Stetson (Commander/Pilot)
Anthony Chow, M.D., Ph.D. (Mission Specialist)

Paul Gesling, Capt. (Commander/Pilot)
Matt Thibodeau
Maquita Singer
Sharik Mbanta
Bridget Wells
John Graves, Dr.
Back to the Moon (2010), novel China National Space Agency:

Space Excursions:
Dreamscape (spaceplane)

NASA (Constellation Program):
Mercy I (Orion/Altair)
2020s (August)
On commercial circumlunar flight, Dreamscape picks up distress call from crashed Chinese lander Harmony on lunar service. NASA reconfigures planned Moon landing as rescue mission. Leonard and Menendez are assigned to Moon landing before crew is cut back to allow taikonauts to be rescued.[65]
Marcia Beckett (US) (Commander)
Yuri Petrov (Russia)
Three unnamed NASA astronauts
One unnamed Russian cosmonaut
"The Cassandra Project" (2010), short story Minerva 2026
Joint US-Russian mission, first crewed Moon landing since Apollo 17. Landing in Mare Maskelyne. Mission omitted in 2012 novel adaptation. Sid Myshko named as commander of earlier orbital mission.[66]
Base Diana:
Cliff Devenish, Col. (Commander)
Andrea "Andi" Carlisle, Maj.
Jim Reeve, Capt.
Marty Garrett, Capt. (Technical Officer)
Dyson, Pvt.
Downham (Soldier)
Unnamed soldiers
Charles Jackson, Prof. (Head scientist)
Liz Didbrook (Assistant scientist)
Lars Gregman (Scientist)
Phillips (Nurse)
Unnamed scientists

Apollo 23:
Pat Ashton, Lt. (CMP)
Marty Garrett, Capt.
Doctor Who
Apollo 23 (2010), novel
United States:
Base Diana

Apollo 23
Unnamed CSM/LM
Secret moonbase is infiltrated by alien force and cut off from Earth by sabotage of "quantum displacement" equipment. Ashton and Garrett are space shuttle veterans.[67]
Joe Santalupo (Chief Astronaut)

Artemis 3:
Gary Hobbs
Scott Stevenson
James "Jim" Truax, Cmdr. (Ph.D.) (USN)
"Drag Queen Astronaut" (2010), short story Artemis 3 Near Future
During mission to Fra Mauro to investigate buried alien spacecraft, Truax is caught on camera wearing female undergarments in lunar orbit.[68]
Glorious March:
Ten unnamed astronauts

Magnificent Dragon:
Kwan Xiang, Maj. Gen. (Commander)
Chao, Sgt.
Ten unnamed soldiers (Chinese Air Force / Chinese Special Forces)

Ariane 1 (ESA Moon Mission 01):
Jean Marceau, Maj. (Commander)
Unnamed pilot
Unnamed copilot
Three unnamed mission specialists
Philippe Jarneux, Capt. (Commandos Marine)
Unnamed sergeant (Commandos Marine)
Two unnamed commandos (Commandos Marine)

Ariane 2:
Ten unnamed astronauts

Harwell, Capt.

Dark Star 1:
Unnamed shuttle commander and pilot
Ten unnamed astronauts

Dark Star 2:
Unnamed shuttle commander and pilot
Ten unnamed astronauts

Dark Star 3:
Johnson (shuttle commander)
Walker (shuttle pilot)
Arthur Kendal, Col. (USAF) (Mission commander)
Maggio (Command module pilot)
Dugan, Lt. (USN) (Lunar lander pilot)
Jason Ryan, Lt. (USN/Event Group) (Lunar lander copilot/mission specialist)
Sarah McIntire, Lt. (US Army/Event Group) (Mission specialist)
Will Mendenhall, 2nd Lt. (Event Group) (Mission specialist)
Andrews, Sgt. (5th Special Forces Group)
Demarest, Sgt. (5th Special Forces Group)
Elliott (5th Special Forces Group)
Johnson (5th Special Forces Group)
Martinez, Sgt. (5th Special Forces Group)
Stanley Sampson, Sgt. (5th Special Forces Group)
Tewlewiski, Sgt. (5th Special Forces Group)

Peter the Great:
Unnamed cosmonauts
Legacy (2011), novel China National Space Administration
Chinese Lunar Exploration Program:
Glorious March (Long March 8 / Zihuang lunar lander)
Magnificent Dragon (Long March 8 / Zihuang lunar lander)

European Space Agency:

ESA Moon Mission 01 (launched by Ariane 5 1):
Bonaparte 1 (command module)
Astral (lunar lander)

Ariane 5 2

International Space Station

Operation Dark Star:

Dark Star 1:
Space Shuttle
Modified Orion (unnamed) / Modified Altair (Achilles 1)

Dark Star 2:
Space Shuttle
Modified Orion (unnamed) / Modified Altair (Thor 1)

Dark Star 3:
Space Shuttle
Modified Orion (Falcon 1) / Modified Altair (Yorktown)

Russian Federal Space Agency:
Peter the Great (lunar lander)
Nations race to recover alien weaponry and energy-producing mineral discovered in Shackleton Crater by robotic NASA rovers. Dark Star 1 command module and lander are launched by Ares I, Dark Star 2 command module and lander by Ares V, Dark Star 3 command module and lander by Atlas V[m] left over from Apollo program. Glorious March, Ariane 2, Discovery and Endeavour are destroyed after launch by ASM-135 ASATs and SA-2 Guidelines.[69]
Henry Watkins, Jr. American Dad!
National Treasure 4: Baby Franny: She's Doing Well: The Hole Story (2012), TV
Unknown Contemporary
Astronaut building space station on Moon.
Morgan "Bucky" Blackstone
Ben Gaines (Pilot)
Marcia Neimark
Phil Bassinger
The Cassandra Project (2012), novel Blackstone Enterprises
Sidney Myshko
First private crewed mission to Moon. Neimark and Bassinger make landing in Cassegrain Crater.[70]
Jack (Unit 4) (no last name given)
Unnamed personnel
Cycle (2012), film Moonbase Future
Surreal story of astronaut menaced by mysterious black fog.
"Sand" Sanders
James Washington (Model)

George W. Bush:
Vivian Wagner (Commander)
McLennan (Officer)
Unnamed personnel

Nazi moonbase:
Wolfgang Kortzfleisch (Mondführer)
Klaus Adler (Oberführer, later Führer)
Richter, Dr. (Scientist)
Renate Richter (Earthologist)
Weapons NCO (unnamed)
Unnamed personnel
Iron Sky (2012), film United States:
"Liberty" (Moon Mission)
U.S.S. George W. Bush (Mars exploration ship)

Nazi Germany:
First Fleet:
Götterdämmerung (battleship)
Siegfried (battleship)
Tannhäuser (battleship)
Heinrich (battleship)
Biterolf (battleship)
Wolfram (battleship)
Valkyries (spacecraft)

International Space Station (European Union)

Australian Ship Dundee 01



South Korea
American astronauts discover Nazi moonbase.[71]
George Gompers (Commander)
Tom Conrad, Lt. Cmdr. (USAF) (Pilot)
Fred Phillips, Lt. (Engineer)
Maxon Mann, Dr. (Roboticist)
Shine Shine Shine (2012), novel NASA:
Aeneid rocket
Contemporary/Near Future
NASA astronauts on mission to colonize the Moon with robots.[72]
Freddie Saturn (NASA)
Buddy Waters (NASA)
Damien Kweller (NASA)
Karen Jones (NASA)
Linda Cliff (NASA)
Hibito Nanba (JAXA)
Space Brothers (2012), anime (based on the 2007 manga of the same name) NASA:
Lunar base
A crew of astronauts, including the first Japanese astronaut to walk on the Moon (Hibito), launch on an expedition to a lunar base.[73]
Sztab, Capt. (no first name given)

Ken Arluk
Richter "Rich" Front

Drake Matter (Pilot)
Wendy Byrd (Co-pilot)
Crater XV (2013), graphic novel Siberian Rocket Program (SRP)

Canadian Arctic Space Agency (CASA):
Maurice (railgun)
c. 1987
CASA was established in the 1960s but dissolved after a year. Twenty years later, reunited CASA engineers launch Maurice on one-way flight to the Moon, with 15-year-old Byrd as co-pilot. Sztab's SRP mission was canceled.[74]
Mike Rodriguez, Cmdr. (USN) (Pilot)
O'Neil (no first names given)

Dale (Backup/CAPCOM) (no last name given)
"The Irish Astronaut" (2013), short story NASA:
Near Future
After Aquarius disintegrates on return to Earth from the Moon, Dale brings Rodriguez' remains to County Clare in Ireland. Rodriguez was a member of NASA Astronaut Group 19.[75][76]
Janet Greenway (Commander)
Gary Schroder
Ashley Sutton
The Resurrection of Ritara (2013), novel NASA:
Diana 4
c. 2008[o]
Crew of the fourth mission in a series of eight planned to renew humanity's exploration of the Moon who disappear along with their spacecraft as it passes behind the Moon.[77]
Moonbase ARK:
Gerard Brauchman, Col. (Commander)
Ava Cameron, Lt.
Bruce Johns (Senior Engineer)
Lance "Doc" Krauss, Dr. (Physician)
Stranded (2013), film United States:
Moonbase ARK (Mineral Exploration Camp)
USS Magellan (rescue shuttle)
April 8–9, 2027
Astronauts on mining moonbase infested by alien spores after meteor shower.[78]
Unnamed (Narrator)
Anna (no last name given)
Steve Wong
"Alan Bean Plus Four" (2014), short story Alan Bean (Command Module) July–September 2014
Four friends fly around Moon in privately built spacecraft purchased from widow of pool-supply businessman.[79]
Lundvik (Captain)
Doctor Who
Kill the Moon (2014), TV
Space Shuttle 2049
Space Shuttle crew travels to Moon, which is mysteriously gaining mass, endangering life on Earth. Landing near Mare Fecunditatis.[80]
Cooper P mine:
Brian Thorpe
Unnamed personnel

Randy Johnston (lander pilot)
Colin Bertelli
Suze Baldwin (Orion pilot)
"Low Arc" (2014), short story Cooper P mine (Australia)

Surety (lunar lander)
Future (21st century)
Former lunar ice miner Bertelli confronts emergency on NASA science mission to Schrödinger Basin.[81][82]
Harley Mathews, Maj. (USAF) (Pilot)
Herman Hawthorne
"The Man On The Moon" (2014), short story Unknown Contemporary
Former NASA astronaut Mathews flies billionaire Hawthorne to the Moon in space capsule resembling log cabin.[83]
Paul W.R Le dernier voyage de l'énigmatique Paul W.R (aka The Last Journey of the Enigmatic Paul W.R) (2015), short film Last Hope Future
Telepathic astronaut disappears prior to one-way mission to counter threat of "red moon".
Mémère (nickname; no real name given) (Canada) Grand-père et la Lune (a.k.a. Grandfather and the Moon) (2015), graphic novel Unknown Contemporary/Near Future
Young girl wins international Who Will Go to the Moon Contest; ejects from spacecraft after launch.[84]
Sergei Petrova (sic) Harbinger Down (aka Inanimate) (2015), film Soviet Union:
LK (lunar lander)
June 25, 1982 / Contemporary
Radiation-resistant cosmonaut on secret test of lunar lander who crashed in Bering Sea.[85]
Mark Phelps, Gen. (commanding officer)
Simon Falk, Lt. (co-commander/pilot)
Ben Atwood (Science Officer)
Amanda Rivers, PhD (Science Officer)
Erik "Van" Van Gotye, Prof. (engineer)
John Michaels, TSgt (US Naval Air Force)
Vanessa "Nessa" Porto (medical officer)
Assam, Capt. (Chief Astronaut) (no first name given)
Two unnamed Astronauts
"My father worked at NASA, I found this letter in his house" (2015), creepypasta

"My father worked at NASA, he is now in a mental hospital" (2015), creepypasta
Space Shuttle
Landing module
Luna One (L1) (moonbase)
2003 – 2015
Secret 2003 mission to moonbase in Aristarchus plateau apparently built by extraterrestrials.[86][87][88][89][90][91]
Tom Desmond, Maj. Luxna (2016), short film NASA:
Space station
Single-occupant lunar spacecraft
Astronaut travels to Moon after being separated from childhood friend.[92]
Hunter Donovan (USN) (Geologist)

Phoenix 2:
Franklin "Frank" Wilson, Lt. Col. (USMC) (Commander)
Two unnamed astronauts

Phoenix 5:
Mongillo (no first names given)
Sydney "Syd" Weaver, Lt. (USN) (call sign Blackfox) (Command Module Pilot)

Phoenix 6:
Yuen Bai, Cmdr. (PLA Air Force) (Co-Commander)
Franklin Wilson, Lt. Col. (Co-Commander)
Anthony "Benny" Benevisto, Lt. Cmdr. (USN) (Command Module Pilot/Tech Support)
Thomas "Moose" Mosensen, Lt. Cmdr. (USN) (Co-CM Pilot)
Yeoh "Bruce" Kong-sang, Dr. (Prof.) (China) (Tech Support)
Alan H. Donovan, Dr. (US) (Archeologist)
Elias Zell, Dr. (UK) (Archeologist)
Soong Yang Zi, Dr. (China) (Forensic Anthropologist)
Ocean of Storms (2016), novel China:

Phoenix program (Constellation-like):
Phoenix 1
Phoenix 2
Phoenix 3 (command modules only)
Phoenix 4
Phoenix 5

Phoenix 6:
Tai-Ping ("Great Peace") (Shenzhou) (CM)/Copernicus (LM)
Near Future (December 22 – October 7)
Electromagnetic pulse emanates from artifact buried under Ocean of Storms; NASA undertakes joint Phoenix 6 mission with China after Phoenix 5 launch failure. Wilson and Mosensen are ISS veterans. Hunter Donovan, Alan Donovan's father, was a geologist selected for the Apollo program who never flew due to heart fibrillation.[93]
Tom (no last name given) Tom (2016), short film "N":
Near Future (September 25)
Astronaut returning from Moon.[94]
Glenn Cooper[p] The Stanley Dynamic
The Stanley Astronaut (2017), TV
Unknown Contemporary
Veteran of four Moon missions with Chris Hadfield-like moustache judges high school Aerospace Competition.[95]
Aditya "Aadhi"/"Adhi"

Jataya 1:
Karan (Flight Controller)
Sanjay (Flight Controller)
Antariksham 9000 KMPH (2018), film Indian Space Centre (ISC):
Jataya 1 (command module/service module)

International Space Station
Near Future
Mihira satellite malfunctions 12 years after launch, causing the planned launch of India's first crewed spacecraft to be pulled forward. Dev, a late replacement for Aditya on the crew, insists on redirecting Jataya to Moon on "Mission Kinnera" to retrieve data from lost Vipraayan probe. Karan and Aditya are identical twin brothers.[96][97]
Unnamed astronaut Astroknot (2018), short film Unknown Future
Astronaut mates with alien creature on Moon.[98]
Jonathan (Yonatan) "Jon" Stein (Commander)
Unnamed copilot
Unnamed mission specialists
The Astronaut's Son (2018), novel Apollo Aeronautics:
Noah's Ark
November 19, 2004 – November 3, 2005
Son of Apollo astronaut Avraham Stein commands first crewed Moon mission since 1974.[99]
Luna Chu One Small Step (2018), short film Unknown November 17, 1995 – Near Future
San Francisco girl grows up to land on Moon.[100]

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