The current Houston Chronicle headquarters, formerly the Houston Post headquarters
Former Houston Press headquarters in Midtown Houston

Partial list of area newspapers


African-American newspapers

Several African-American-owned newspapers are published in Houston. Allan Turner of the Houston Chronicle said that the papers "are both journalistic throwbacks — papers whose content directly reflects their owners' views — and cutting-edge, hyper-local publications targeting the concerns of the city's roughly half-million African-Americans." By 2011 many of the African-American newspapers began to establish presences on the World Wide Web.[1]

Alternative newspapers

There was an underground newspaper called Space City, cofounded by Thorne Dreyer, which operated circa 1971 for around three and a half years. It was operated by a committee of half men and half women. A Ku Klux Klan group attacked the office with a bomb around 1971.[2]

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