This is a list of newspapers in Indonesia.

National newspapers

All newspapers listed below are in Indonesian.

General newspapers

Name Format First published Owner Circulation readership Notes
Jawa Pos Broadsheet/Tabloid[n 1] 1949 Jawa Pos Group 450,000
Kompas Broadsheet 1965 Kompas Gramedia Group 880,990
Koran Jakarta Broadsheet 2008 PT Berita Nusantara
Koran Sindo Broadsheet 2005 MNC Media
Koran Tempo Tabloid 2001[n 2] Tempo Inti Media Digital-only format
Media Indonesia Broadsheet 1970 Media Group 250,000
Rakyat Merdeka Broadsheet 1997 Jawa Pos Group Political news daily

Business newspapers

Name Format First published Owner Notes
Bisnis Indonesia Broadsheet 1985 Bisnis Indonesia Group
Investor Daily Broadsheet 2001 B Universe
Kontan Broadsheet 2007 Kompas Gramedia Group Daily version of Kontan weekly newspaper

Sports newspapers

Name Format First published Owner
Super Ball Broadsheet 2017 Kompas Gramedia Group


Name First published Last published Owner Category
Nyata 1971 present Jawa Pos Group Women's
Bola 1984 2018 Kompas Gramedia Group Sports
Nova 1988 2022 Kompas Gramedia Group Women's
Soccer 2000 2014 Kompas Gramedia Group Football
Cempaka 1990 2019 Suara Merdeka Group Women's
Exotica 2003 2006 Unknown Men's Lifestyle
Buah Bibir 2002 2006 Unknown Men's Lifestyle
Motor Plus 1999 2018 Kompas Gramedia Group Automotive
Keren Beken! 2000 2012 Aneka Yess! Group Teen
Otomotif 1991 present Kompas Gramedia Group Automotive
Komputek 1990 2014 Jawa Pos Group Computer
Bintang 1991 2019 Media Bintang Indonesia Entertainment
Wanita Indonesia 1989 2019 Citra Media Persada Women's
Nakita 1999 2017 Kompas Gramedia Group Family
Oto Plus 2003 2017 Kompas Gramedia Group Automotive
Saji 2003 2021 Kompas Gramedia Group Cooking
Genie 2005 2017 MNC Media Women's
Realita 2006 2017 MNC Media Reality
Sinyal 2005 2016 Kompas Gramedia Group Mobile phone
Rumah 2003 2017 Kompas Gramedia Group Housing
Kontan 1996 present Kompas Gramedia Group Business
PcPlus 2000 2013 Kompas Gramedia Group Computer
Cek & Ricek 1998 2019 Cek & Ricek Entertainment
Koki 2003 2020 Jawa Pos Group Cooking
Femme 2009 2016 Jawa Pos Group Women's
Nurani 2000 2017 Jawa Pos Group Women's
Modis 2008 2017 Jawa Pos Group Women's
Ototrend 2001 2018 Jawa Pos Group Automotive
Posmo 1999 2019 Jawa Pos Group History
Info Kecantikan 2006 2013 Jawa Pos Group Women's
Gaul 2002 2014 Emtek Teen
Pulsa 2003 2021 Pulsa Indomedia Pratama Mobile phone
Mama Mia! 2007 2008 Emtek Women's
Cantiq 2006 2012 Jawa Pos Group Women's

Local newspapers

All newspapers listed below are in Indonesian.

Newspaper chain

Note: Some members of these chain are shown below this sub-section.

List of newspapers

(*) indicates a local insertion of Jawa Pos


North Sumatra

West Sumatra


Riau Island


South Sumatra

Bangka Belitung




Special Capital Region of Jakarta

West Java

Central Java

Special Region of Yogyakarta

East Java


West Nusa Tenggara

East Nusa Tenggara

West Kalimantan

Central Kalimantan

East Kalimantan

South Kalimantan

North Kalimantan

North Sulawesi

South Sulawesi

Southeast Sulawesi

Central Sulawesi


West Sulawesi


North Maluku

West Papua


Foreign-language newspapers




Defunct and historical newspapers


Contemporary (1945–present)

Historical (defunct before 1945)





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  1. ^ Monday-Saturday edition in broadsheet, Sunday edition in tabloid.
  2. ^ First published as a physical newspaper. Its print edition was closed in 2020, retaining its digital edition.

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