A newspaper reader in Nepal, 2007

There is no recorded history of printed newspaper prior to Rana rule in Nepal. The first-hand press was imported by Jung Bahadur Rana after his visit to Europe; however, it was used only after 58 years for printing. It was used to print religious books and government notices.[1]

The first Nepali language newspaper named Gorkha Bharat Jeewan was published in 1886 BS from Banaras. It was a monthly paper edited by Ram Krishna Barma. However, the printed copies of this magazine has not been found yet.[2] Sudha Sagar was the first media printed in Nepal. It was published monthly from Thahiti Kathmandu.[1] It started in Shrawan, 1955 BS (1898-1899).[3] It was edited by Pandit Naradev Pandey, Moti Krishna Sharma, and Kapil Dev.[2] Sudha Sagar was discontinued shortly afterwards. In 1901, the same editor, Nardev and Moti, started Gorkhapatra though Pashupat press from Thahiti, Kathmandu.[1]

Before Rana period

There is no recorded history of newspapers prior to the Rana rule.

During Rana rule

The list of newspaper published during the Rana rule are listed below:[3]

After abolishment of Rana rule

There were about 170 newspapers prior to the Panchyat era and after the abolishment of Rana rule. Some of them are:

During Panchayat period

In the Panchayat era, newspaper were divided into either pro-Panchayat or anti Panchayat.[3]

Note: Popular newspapers such as Samaj daily, Chetana weekly, Motherland, Halkhabar, and Diyala were shut down in this period.[2]

Democratic era

The constitution of Nepal 2047 BS, guaranteed press freedom and the right to information to people. Two major newspapers Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post were published by the private sector were published in 2049 BS (1992-1993).[3] The list of notable current newspaper is below.

Newspaper Language Frequency Launch Owner/Affiliation References
Gorkhapatra (गोरखापत्र) Nepali Daily 1901 (weekly)/1961 (daily) Gorkhapatra Sansthan [5]
The Himalayan Times English Daily 2001 International Media Network Nepal
Janakpur Today Nepali Daily 1991 Janakpur Today Media Group [6]
The Kathmandu Post English Daily 1993 Kantipur Publications
Himalaya Times Nepali Daily 1993 Impression Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd.
Annapurna Post Nepali Daily 2002 Annapurna Media Network
Majdoor Nepali Daily Nepal Workers Peasants Party
Naya Patrika Nepali Daily Naya Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.
Nepal Bhasa Patrika Newari Daily 1955
República English Daily 2009 Nepal Republic Media
The Rising Nepal English Daily 1965 Gorkhapatra Sansthan
Jana Aastha National Weekly Nepali Weekly Aastha Prakashan Pvt Ltd.
Nepal Magazine Nepali Weekly 2000 Kantipur Publications
People's Review weekly English Weekly 1991 Periwinkle Prakashan Pvt Ltd
Himal Khabarpatrika Nepali Weekly 1998 Himalmedia
Nepali Times English Weekly 2000 Himalmedia
Saptahik Nepali Weekly 2000 Kantipur Publications
Nari Nepali Monthly Kantipur Publications
Rajdhani Nepali Daily Rajdhani News Publication Pvt. Ltd
Mithila jagaran Nepali Weekly Mithila jagaran
Duniyakokhabar Saptahik English Weekly Duniyakokhabar Saptahik


Newspaper Company Online since Language
eKantipur KANTIPUR PUBLICATIONS (P) LTD. 2005-04-01 Nepali
Annapurna Post Annapurna Media Network 2002-01-01 Nepali
Image Khabar Image Channel Pvt. Ltd. 2013-05-05 Nepali
The Himalayan Times International Media Network Nepal (Pvt) Ltd. 2001-10-08 English
Online Khabar Nepali
Nepal Rastriya dainik Editorial Nepal Pvt Ltd Nepali
Nepal National Daily Editorial Nepal Pvt Ltd English
Nepalkhabar.com नेपाल खबर प्रा.लि 2014-07-07 Nepali
Ratopati Discovery News Network 2015 Nepali and English

|eNtertainmentkhabar |sahitya sarobar Media (P) LTD. |2075-10-05

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