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The number of Arabic newspapers in Egypt was about 200 in 1938.[1] There were also 65 newspapers published in languages other than Arabic,[1] such as Turkish, French and English.[2] By 1951 Arabic language newspapers numbered to about 400, while 150 were published in other languages.[1] By 2011, daily newspaper circulation in Egypt increased to more than 4.3 million copies.[3]

The following is a list of newspapers in Egypt:

Newspapers in Arabic

Newspapers in Armenian

Newspapers in English

Newspapers in French

Newspapers in Ottoman Turkish

Newspapers in Persian

Status of Egyptian media

Egyptian radio and TV channels are controlled by the government. However, in the past few years, several private satellite stations have been established in the country.

Egyptian print media can be divided into the following categories:

Table of publications

Egyptian government or ruling National Democratic Party Semi-governmental Publications belonging to the opposition Independent
Egyptian dailies
  • Al-Ahrām
  • Al-Akhbār
  • Al-Ahrār (Ahrār Party)
  • Al-Wafd (Wafd Party)
Egyptian weeklies
  • Al-Liwā’ al-Islāmī (National Democratic Party - Islamic)
  • Al-Qāhirah (Ministry of Culture)
  • Al-Ahālī (Tajammu' Party)
  • Al-cArabī (Nasserist Party)
  • Al-Maydān
  • Al-Usbūc
  • Sawt al-Azhar (Al-Azhar – Islamic)
  • Sawt al-Ummah
  • Watanī (Christian)

(Notes between parentheses indicate political, religious or institutional affiliations.) [8]

The independent electronic magazine Arab West Report provides weekly summary translations and reviews of these media in English in order for a Western public to better understand the wide variety of opinions one finds in Egyptian print media.

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