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Radio broadcasting in Egypt began in the 20th century, in 1924 as privately owned and operated community stations. Later, in 1934 private ownership and operation were abolished and radio broadcasting was nationalized ever since.[1]

By the early 1990s, Egypt had only 4 FM stations in Greater Cairo (2 in Alexandria), but the number increased to 6 in Greater Cairo (4 in Alexandria) by the end of the decade. The increase in the number was merely a rebroadcast of the already AM radio stations. In 2000, AM stations (on the medium wave band) started a phase of simulcasting to FM band, as of 2013, only one or two stations broadcast on AM without FM simulcasts.

All the local radio stations have always been publicly owned, however, state-controlled which make them in practice, stated owned, with the exception of the apolitical private radio station at El Gouna resort, named El Gouna Radio ("Lagoon Radio"). All broadcast media are somehow state controlled, even if partly or fully private.

As of 2002, there were only 8 radio stations broadcast on FM to Greater Cairo (6 in Alexandria), none of them was specialized in popular songs. On March 23, 2002, Voice of America (VOA) had changed its shortwave Arabic service to an appealing station for the youth, named Radio Sawa ("Radio Together"), started broadcasting on a more easily receivable MW signal from Cyprus.[2] For the first time, the state allowed Good News to start a joint venture with the state-controlled ERTU, which started a test broadcasting for two popular song stations to Greater Cairo, as of June 2002. The two were Nogoum FM ("Stars FM"; for popular mainly Egyptian songs) and Nile FM (for popular mainly American songs).

Local stations

This list is incomplete; you can help by adding missing items. (February 2013)

All local radio stations in Egypt are also simulcast on the series of the satellites (partly private but state controlled), Nilesat at 7 degrees west, except El Gouna Radio.

Local stations are typically broadcast on FM. Very few radio stations use the Radio Data System to broadcast the station name, but receiving the RDS is very rare in FM receivers in Egypt. Very few available mobile phones in Egypt which have an FM receiver, receive the RDS information. 90.9 MHz is the only station to broadcast the current song or show title, but when the title is long, it is partly displayed. All of the radio stations are state-controlled, unless otherwise noted.

Greater Cairo

Greater Cairo region has the most number of FM stations in Egypt. Most transmissions, FM or TV, are broadcast from Mokattam hills, as they are the most elevated location within Greater Cairo, to make the transmission reach the widest area possible, however, the signals are weakly received farther than 40 kilometers, which makes transmission weak to the most eastern part of New Cairo, the eastern half of Shorouk City, two-thirds of western 6 October City, all of Madinaty, Badr and New Heliopolis.

A few of the following stations are broadcast on other frequencies in other regions in Egypt.

All stations which broadcast popular songs are mainly Egyptian songs with very few Levantine hits (mostly Lebanese) or other North African.

FM stations[3]
Count Frequency in MHz Name Format Stereo? Notes
1 87.8 Mix FM Popular Egyptian, regional songs, and news yes Since 2019
2 88.2 Radio Hits Popular songs with occasional foreign songs, mostly American popular hits yes since mid-2010; similar to Radio Masr but with more songs
88.4 Koran Radio Quran recitation and Islamic shows no A rebroadcast for the station on 98.2 MHz to central Giza
3 88.7 Radio Masr Popular songs and news briefs yes Since mid-2010, as a test since 2009; RDS; Arabic: راديو مصر
4 89.5 Middle East Radio Spoken content and songs yes Simulcast on the MW band; Arabic: إذاعة الشرق الأوسط
5 90.9 El Radio FM 90 9 Popular songs yes since April 2012; RDS; Arabic: الراديو 90 9
6 91.5 Cultural Program Talk radio, rarely classical music, some affiliate foreign stations programs no Arabic: البرنامج الثقافى
7 92.1 NRJ[4] Popular Egyptian songs mainly yes Since 2017; RDS; private
8 92.7 Mega FM Popular songs and foreign songs, mostly American popular hits yes Since mid-2010; RDS
9 93.7 On Sport Sport-related shows no Since early 2020s?; initially a rebroadcast for Youth and Sport on 108 MHz from 2009 to 2013
94.1 Radio Masr Popular songs and news briefs yes A rebroadcast for western Greater Cairo; Arabic: راديو مصر
10 95 Shaabi FM[5] Working class popular Egyptian songs yes Initially a rebroadcast for Specialty Song on 105.8 MHz from 2009 to 2013; Arabic: شعبى إف إم
11 95.4 European Program English, French, Greek, Italian, German – spoken content with western hits Mono and stereo interchangeably Arabic: البرنامج الأوروپى
12 98.2 Koran Radio Quran recitation and Islamic shows no Simulcast on the MW band; All Arab League members have a Quran station
13 98.8 Musical Program Classical international music, folk and old Egyptian songs, soft music and foreign songs (mostly American popular hits) yes Arabic: البرنامج الموسيقى
14 99 99 FM ? ?
100.2 ? Patriotic songs yes Currently off the air; Mid-August 2013 till September 2013
15 100.6 Nogoum FM Popular Egyptian and regional songs with entertainment shows yes Since 2002; RDS; joint venture with ERTU; Arabic: نجوم إف إم
16 102.2 Greater Cairo Radio Talk radio yes Arabic: إذاعة القاهرة الكبرى
102.7 European Program English, French, Greek, Italian, German – spoken content with western hits yes Formerly broadcast European Program on 95.4 MHz and Greater Cairo Radio on 102.2 from February 2012 till mid-March 2013, off the air in May and June 2013, and off again since mid-August till the early 2020s?; Arabic: البرنامج الأوروپى
17 104.2 Nile FM Full time English-speaking, occasionally syndicated American and British shows yes Since 2002; RDS; joint venture with ERTU
18 105.3 Nagham FM Popular Egyptian songs yes Since 2012; Arabic: نغم إف إم "Tunes FM"
19 105.8 Specialty Songs Mainly old Egyptian songs yes Partly simulcast on the MW band; Arabic: إذاعة الأغانى
20 106.3 Voice of the Arabs Talk radio no A legacy propaganda station of high historical significance in the 1960s on the shortwave and mediumwave; Arabic: صوت العرب
21 107.4 General Program Talk radio no Simulcast on the MW band; Arabic: البرنامج العام
22 108 Youth and Sport Sport-related shows no Simulcast on the MW band; Arabic: إذاعة الشباب و الرياضة

In the following table, far stations receivable at night that are broadcast on a nearby frequency to a local strong station, are omitted since it is normally impossible to receive on ordinary receivers. Likewise, very weak far stations are omitted. When daylight saving time is applicable to the local time in Egypt, an additional hour is added to the time in UTC.

MW stations[3]
Count Frequency in kHz Name Time in UTC Notes
1 540 Kuwait Main Arabic program 24h Only receivable at nighttime when the nearby 558 kHz goes off at 22:00 UTC
2 558 Educational program 4:00-22:00 Arabic: الإذاعة التعليمية
3 567 Syrian Radio 1 24h Only receivable at nighttime when the nearby 558 kHz goes off at 22:00 UTC
4 594[6] Riyadh Radio 2:30-15:00 Saudi Arabian station; an extension to the broadcast time for the station on 1521 kHz
5 630 TRT Radyo 1; TRT Çukurova 13:30-21:02, 2:00-6:05; 6:05-9:15 Only receivable at nighttime; 2 Turkish stations sharing the same frequency
6 639 BBC Arabic radio;[7][8] Al Arabiya FM[9] 5:00–5:30, 15:00–15:30; 19:00–21:00 2 stations sharing the same frequency; a temporary renewed use of the pre-2019 BBC AM frequency due to the 2023 Israel–Hamas war; Arabic: بى بى سى نيوز عربى; العربية إف إم
7 711 Youth and Sport 24h Simulcast on the FM band; Arabic: إذاعة الشباب و الرياضة
8 774 Middle East Radio 24h Simulcast on the FM band; Arabic: إذاعة الشرق الأوسط
9 819 General Program 24h Simulcast on the FM band; Arabic: البرنامج العام
10 864 Koran Radio 24h Simulcast on the FM band
11 936 Om Kalthoum Station 15:00-20:00 Named after the singer Om Kalthoum
12 999 Koran Radio 24h Only receivable at nighttime; a Saudi Arabian station
13 1071 Nile River; Elderly Station 17:00-23:00; 3:00-15:00 2 Stations sharing the same frequency; Arabic: إذاعة نهر النيل; إذاعة الكبار
14 1161 Middle Delta 4:00-22:00 Only receivable at nighttime; Arabic: إذاعة وسط الدلتا
15 1341 Specialty Songs; Koran Radio 5:00-17:00; 17:00-5:00 Specialty Songs is simulcast in part on the FM band while Koran Radio is simulcast on both the MW and the FM bands
16 1521[6] Riyadh Radio 15:00-22:30 Saudi Arabian station; an extension to the broadcast time for the station on 594 kHz

North coast

Foreign radio stations can be received in summer, mainly: Cypriot, Greek, Italian and Israeli radio stations, but reception is unreliable and fades quickly.


As of 2007, there were 6 radio stations.

  1. 88 MHz Musical Program (stereo)
  2. 88.2 MHz Radio Hits (stereo) (since 2010)
  3. 88.7 FM Radio Orient (إذاعة الشرق) (A very conservative radio station and the only fully foreign broadcast on the local FM)
  4. 90.1 MHz Koran Station (mono)
  5. 92.7 MHz Mega FM (stereo; RDS) (since 2010)
  6. 94.3 MHz European Program (stereo)
  7. 95.5 MHz Shaabi FM (stereo)
  8. 97.6 MHz Specialty Songs (stereo)
  9. 101.1 MHz Radio Alexandria (mono)
  10. 104.7 MHz General Program (mono)

There used to be local radio stations which were aired in the languages, Armenian, Italian, French, Greek and English in the 1940s.

Marina area

Since 2009, the government sometimes occasionally broadcasts some radio stations which are only broadcast to Greater Cairo, on the same frequencies used in Greater Cairo. On occasions such as the official vacations in Egypt. The broadcasts can be received by nearby local touristic villages to Marina and very weakly in Alexandria, likewise the radio stations broadcast to Alexandria are received very weakly in and around Marina.

Red Sea

El Gouna

Soma Bay

Sharm El Sheikh

Most if not all of them are already broadcast in Greater Cairo, except South Sinai.

  1. 88 MHz ? (mono) – spoken content.
  2. 89.4 MHz General (mono)
  3. 91.1 MHz Musical (stereo)
  4. 92.5 MHz ? (mono) – spoken content.
  5. 94.3 MHz ?
  6. 95.7 MHz ? (mono) – spoken content.
  7. 97.6 MHz ?
  8. 99 MHz South Sinai (mono) – spoken content.


  1. 92 MHz Koran (mono)
  2. 98.5 MHz ? (mono) – spoken content.
  3. 103.7 MHz ? (mono) – spoken content.
  4. 107.3 MHz European Program (stereo)

Central Egypt

  1. 89.8 MHz koran station covered Fayoum and Bani Sweif
  2. 101.4 MHz northern upper station covered Bani Sweif and Fayoum
  3. 94.2 MHz northern upper station covered Minya

Internet stations

After the slow adoption of broadband internet, in the mid-2000s, a number of internet stations streamed on the internet, and a few of them stream on a regular basis.


International stations

As of the 1952 coup d'état, no foreign station is allowed to broadcast on Egyptian-controlled land with a 2018 exception in Alexandria (Radio Orient), therefore international broadcasters broadcast from lands close to Egypt, mostly close to the north of Egypt, from Cyprus. Many state controlled radio stations used to broadcast primarily on the medium wave using amplitude modulation broadcasting, but after the adoption of FM broadcasting in Egypt, most of them now are simulcasted on the medium wave and the FM band since the early 2000s. The state controlled radios aren't listed below.

AM radio broadcasting in Egypt had always been mono and other developments were never introduced. Likewise, the long wave band had never been used.

Temporary broadcast


International medium wave broadcasting was gradually replaced from 2019 by internet services, e.g online streaming or podcasts, or ceased entirely.

Medium wave

Short wave

In the 1960s, at time of Nasser rule, short wave broadcasting was important for the state. It used to broadcast stations to the Middle East which were of propagandist importance to the Egyptian regime and for propagating for Arab nationalism.

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