This list of flags of regions of Egypt shows the flags of the 27 governorates of Egypt.

Flag Administrative division Adopted Description
Flag of Alexandria.svg
Alexandria in Egypt.svg
Alexandria 2014–present
Governadorat dAswan.svg
Aswan in Egypt.svg
Aswan 2016–present
Flag of Assiut Governorate.png
Asyut in Egypt.svg
Asyut 2016–present
Flag of Behira Govenorate.svg
Beheira in Egypt.svg
Beheira 2010–present
Beni Suef Governorate New Flag.svg
Beni Suef in Egypt.svg
Beni Suef 2016–present
Governadorat de El Caire.png
Cairo in Egypt.svg
Cairo 2007–present
Dakahlia in Egypt.svg
Dakahlia 2006–present
Flag of Damietta Governorate.svg
Damietta in Egypt.svg
Governadorat de Faium.png
Faiyum in Egypt.svg
Faiyum 2011–present
Governadorat de Gharbiya.png
Gharbia in Egypt.svg
Gharbia 2010–present
Flag of Giza Governorate.png
Giza in Egypt.svg
Giza 2016–present
Governadorat d
Ismailia in Egypt.svg
Ismailia ?–present
Flag of Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.svg
Kafr el-Sheikh in Egypt.svg
Kafr el-Sheikh 2010–present
Eg luxor1.png
Luxor in Egypt (special marker).svg
Luxor 2003–present (officially in 2007)
Matrouh Governorate-logo.PNG
Matruh in Egypt.svg
Matrouh 2016–present
Governadorat de Al-Minya.png
Minya in Egypt.svg
Governadorat de Minufiyah.png
Monufia in Egypt.svg
Flag of New Valley Governorate.png
New Valley in Egypt.svg
New Valley 2016–present
North Sinai (New Flag).svg
North Sinai in Egypt.svg
North Sinai 2016–present
Port Said Flag Version 2.svg
Port Said in Egypt.svg
Port Said 2011–present
Governadorat de Qalyubiya.png
Qalyubia in Egypt.svg
Flag of Qena Governorate.png
Qena in Egypt.svg
Qena 2016–present
Governadorat de la mar Roja.png
Red Sea in Egypt (de-facto only hatched).svg
Red Sea 2006–present
Flag of Ash Sharqiyah.svg
Sharqia in Egypt.svg
Sharqia 2010–present
Governadorat de Suhaj.png
Sohag in Egypt.svg
South Sinai Governorate Flag.svg
South Sinai in Egypt.svg
South Sinai
Flag of Suez Governorate.svg
Suez in Egypt.svg
Suez 2006–present


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