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This is a list of botanical gardens in Egypt.

Garden Location Established Notes & images
Agricultural Museum[1] Cairo 1937
Ain Shams University Faculty of Science[1] Cairo 1953
Alexandria University Faculty of Science[1] Alexandria 1942
Antoniadis Garden[1] Alexandria 1860
Aswan Botanical Garden[2] El Nabatat Island 24°05′37″N 32°54′13″E / 24.09361°N 32.90361°E / 24.09361; 32.90361 1928
Azbakeya Gardens[1][2] Cairo 1867
Cairo University Faculty of Agriculture[1] Giza 1947
El Nozha Garden[1] Alexandria 300 BC
El Saff Botanic Garden[3] Cairo
Feryal[4] Aswan 1944
Gezirah Palace Gardens[2] Gezira Island Now part of the Cairo Marriott Hotel
Giza Zoo[1] Giza 1890
Japanese Botanical Garden[5] Cairo 1917
Koubbeh Palace[1] Cairo 1960
Manial Palace and Museum[1] Rhoda Island 1899-1929
Muntazah Garden Alexandria 1900s
Orman Garden Giza 1875
Rose Garden[1] Alexandria 1928
Sabahia Horticultural Research Station[6] Alexandria 1958
Shallalat Gardens Alexandria Roman period
Shehab Mazhar Barageel Garden[7] Cairo
Shubra Palace[4] Cairo 1806
Zohria Trial Gardens[1][8] Cairo 1868


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