This is a list of newspapers in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is home to many of Asia's biggest English and Chinese language newspapers. The territory has one of the world's largest press industries and is a major centre for print journalism.



The Chinese language newspapers Headline Daily and Oriental Daily News have the highest shares in the Hong Kong newspaper market, while the Hong Kong Economic Times is the best-selling financial newspaper. The Standard, a free tabloid with a mass market strategy, is the most widely circulated English newspaper by a significant margin. Its rival, South China Morning Post, has the most paid subscribers among English-language papers in Hong Kong.


Apple Daily had one of the highest circulations before its closing, due to their approach. They used an informal style, concentrating on celebrity gossip and paparazzi photography. Apple Daily had brash news style, sensationalist news reportage and was known for its anti-government political positions. The Chinese language publications were written to some degree with colloquial Cantonese phrases.[citation needed]

Number and price

The number of newspapers in the market has been stable for a long time. There are occasional attempts at establishing new types of newspaper and theme-oriented papers, but most of these new papers cannot compete with the more mainstream papers. However, the entry into the market of free newspapers Metropolis Daily, Headline Daily, am730, and The Epoch Times has spurred competition. In September 2007, The Standard changed its business model from a traditional daily into a free-sheet, distributed in commercial districts like Central and Admiralty.[1]

Most papers sell at the cover price of HK$9-10, except South China Morning Post (HK$9, while the Sunday edition, Sunday Morning Post, costs HK$10). The economic recession brought about by SARS in 2003 led to some resellers pricing at $1 below the recommended price. According to the HK Newspaper Hawkers Association, the situation has lasted through to 2008, and some 10% of sellers maintain the cut price despite the change in the prevailing economic climate. The Association urges a return to resale price maintenance.[2]

Chinese-language newspapers

Newspapers in Hong Kong are known to follow a particular political stance, with most being either pro-Beijing or pro-democracy. Some newspapers are completely neutral, or are oriented towards finance or religion. A few papers, such as Oriental Daily, Apple Daily, and The Sun are known for their sensational style, such as publishing gory pictures (e.g., of road accidents or murder scenes),[3] and engaging in borderline obscene coverage (including "prostitution guides") on a regular basis.[4]

Daily newspaper

Newspaper Chinese name Established Type Issued Position
Ta Kung Pao 大公報 1902 in Tientsin

1938 in Hong Kong

Paid Daily State-controlled[† 1]
Sing Tao Daily 星島日報 1938 Paid Daily Pro-government
Wen Wei Po 文匯報 1938 in Shanghai

1948 in Hong Kong

Paid Daily State-controlled[† 1]
Sing Pao Daily News 成報 1939 Paid Daily Pro-government
Hong Kong Commercial Daily 香港商報 1952 Paid Daily State-controlled[† 1]
Ming Pao 明報 1959 Paid Daily Moderate
Oriental Daily News 東方日報 1969 Paid Daily Pro-government
Hong Kong Economic Journal 信報財經新聞 1973 Paid Monday–Saturday Moderate
Hong Kong Economic Times 香港經濟日報 1988 Paid Monday–Saturday Pro-government
The Epoch Times 大紀元時報 2001 Paid Monday–Friday Falun Gong, pro-democracy
Headline Daily 頭條日報 2005 Free Monday–Saturday Pro-government
am730 am730 2005 Free Monday–Friday Moderate
Lion Rock Daily 香港仔 2018 Free Monday–Friday State-controlled

Weekly or quarterly newspapers

Newspaper Chinese name Established Type Issued Position
Kung Kao Po 公教報 1928 Paid Every Sunday Catholic, moderate
Christian Times 時代論壇 1987 Paid Every Sunday Christian, pro-democracy
Vision Times 看中國 2005 Free/paid Every Monday Pro-democracy
Passion Times 熱血時報 2012 Free Quarterly Pro-city-state

Newspaper-turned-online media

Media Chinese name Established Printing ended Type Issued Position
HK01 香港01 2016 2022 Paid Weekly
Sky Post 晴報 2011 2023 Free Daily

Defunct newspaper

Newspaper Chinese name Established Closed Operated Position Notes
Chinese Serial 遐爾貫珍 1853 1856 2 yrs
Chinese Mail 華字日報 1872 1946 74 yrs
Universal Circulating Herald 循環日報 1874




72 yrs

4 yrs

China 中國日報 1900 1913 13 yrs Pro-reform
The World News 世界公益報 1903 1917 14 yrs Pro-revolutionary
有所謂報 1905 1907 2 yrs
大光報 1912 1932 20 yrs
香江晚報 1921 1929 8 yrs
Kung Sheung Daily News 工商日報 1925 1984 59 yrs Pro-Kuomintang
Wah Kiu Yat Po 華僑日報 1925 1995 70 yrs Pro-Kuomintang
香港小日報 1929 1930 1 yr
南華日報 1930 1944 14 yrs Pro-Japan
Hong Kong Times 香港時報 1939 1993 54 yrs Pro-Kuomintang
華商報 1941




1 yr

3 yrs

新生晚報 1945 1976 31 yrs
New Evening Post 新晚報 1950




47 yrs

2 yrs

Ching Po Daily 晶報 1956 1991 35 yrs Pro-communist
Hong Kong Daily News 新報 1959 2015 56 yrs
Tin Tin Daily News 天天日報 1960 2000 40 yrs
Express News 快報 1963 1998 35 yrs
星報 1965 1984 19 yrs
Popular Daily 萬人日報 1975 ? ? Anti-communist
兒童日報 1989 1990 1 yr
香港聯合報 1992 1995 3 yrs
現代日報 1993 1994 1 yr
Apple Daily 蘋果日報 1995 2021 26 yrs Pro-democrat [8]
The Sun 太陽報 1999 2016 7 yrs Pro-communist [9]
Metro Daily 都市日報 2002 2019 17 yrs
Sharp Daily 爽報 2011 2013 2 yrs Pro-democrat [10]
快馬 2012 2013 1 yr

Defunct online media

See also: List of defunct media due to Hong Kong national security law

Media Chinese name Established Closed
House News 主場新聞 2012 2014
Inkstone News[clarification needed] 2018 2021
Stand News 立場新聞 2014 2021
Citizen News 眾新聞 2017 2022
FactWire 傳真社 2015 2022

English-language newspapers

Hong Kong is also the base of regional editions of foreign English-language newspapers. The International New York Times and Financial Times are published in Hong Kong.

From 10 September 2007, The Standard switched to free, advertising-supported distribution. The South China Morning Post[11] announced on 11 December 2015 that the Alibaba Group would acquire the South China Morning Post from Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok, who had owned it since 1993. As of 5 April 2016, the South China Morning Post's online content became free to read.[12]

Newspapers Chinese name Established Issued Position Position
South China Morning Post 南華早報 1903 Paid Daily Moderate
Sunday Examiner 1946 Paid Every Sunday Catholic, moderate
China Daily Hong Kong Edition 中國日報香港版 1997 Paid Monday–Friday State-owned
The Standard 英文虎報 1949 Free Monday–Friday Pro-government
Career Times 1997 Every Friday

Online only

Defunct newspaper

Media Chinese name Established Closed Notes
The Friend of China 中國之友 1842 1859
The China Mail 中國郵報, later 德臣西報 1845 1974
Daily Press 每日雜報 1864 1941
Hongkong Telegraph 士蔑報 1881 1951
The Wall Street Journal Asia 亞洲華爾街日報 1976 2017
The Star 英文星報 1965 1984
Eastern Express 東快訊 1994 1996

Other language newspapers

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