Drainage basins of Germany

This article lists rivers that are located in Germany, either entirely or partially, or that form the country's international borders. The rivers of Germany flow into either the Baltic Sea (Ostsee), the Black Sea or the North Sea (Nordsee).

The main rivers of Germany include:

An alphabetical list of all German rivers that have an article in Wikipedia appears at the end of the article.

Sorted by drainage basin

Rivers that flow into the sea are sorted geographically, along the coast. Rivers that flow into other rivers are sorted by the proximity of their points of confluence to the sea (the lower in the list, the more upstream).

Some rivers (the Meuse, for example) do not flow through Germany themselves, but they are mentioned for having German tributaries. They appear in italics.

For clarity, only rivers that are longer than 50 kilometres (31 mi) (or have longer tributaries) are included below (see alphabetical list for a more comprehensive list).

Draining into the Baltic Sea

The rivers in this section are sorted north-west (Danish border) to east (Polish border) and drain into the Baltic Sea:

Draining into the Black Sea

These rivers drain into the Black Sea:

Draining into the North Sea

The rivers in this section are sorted south-west (Netherlands) to east (Danish border) and drain into the North Sea:

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