Manasa chali
Bankura Panchmura Terracotta Craft
Geographical indication
Manasa chali
DescriptionManasa chali is a famous terracotta arts of West Bengal
TypeArts of West Bengal
AreaPanchmura, Bankura, West Bengal, India
Country India
Registered28 March 2018; 5 years ago (28 March 2018)

Manasa chali, or Manasa bari, is a type of idol of Debi Manasa made of Terracota in Panchmura, West Bengal, India. It typically features a small figure or a group of three figures in the middle with rows of snake hoods fanning out in a half moon shape.[1][2] Chali or bari is Bengali for 'the shade of something'. Chali is referred to here as 'the shade of idol' or 'the besh of idol', like Chalchitra.[3] These idols have two basic colors, reddish-yellow and black.[1]

Object of worship

Manasa chali of Panchmura

Manasa, the snake deity, is worshiped primarily for protection from snakebites. The story of Chand Saudagar (The Devotee of Shiva) is well-known throughout the Bankura district. Manasa Chali and the Manasa Ghat are worshiped in Panchmura.[1]

Geographical Indications

Manasa chali is registered under the Geographical Indications of West Bengal, named Bankura Panchmura Terracota Craft on 28 March 2018.[4]

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