Manasa chali
Bankura Panchmura Terracotta Craft
Geographical indication
Manasa chali Panchmura মনসা চালি পাঁচমুড়া.jpg
Manasa chali
DescriptionManasa chali is a famous terracotta arts of West Bengal
TypeArts of West Bengal
AreaPanchmura, Bankura, West Bengal, India
Country India
Registered28 March 2018; 4 years ago (28 March 2018)

Manasa chali, or Manasa bari, is a type of idol of Debi Manasa made of Terracota in Panchmura, West Bengal, India. It typically features a small figure or a group of three figures in the middle with rows of snake hoods fanning out in a half moon shape.[1][2] Chali or bari is Bengali for 'the shade of something'. Chali is referred to here as 'the shade of idol' or 'the besh of idol', like Chalchitra.[3] These idols have two basic colors, reddish-yellow and black.[1]

Object of worship

Manasa chali of Panchmura
Manasa chali of Panchmura

Manasa, the snake deity, is worshiped primarily for protection from snakebites. The story of Chand Saudagar (The Devotee of Shiva) is well-known throughout the Bankura district. Manasa Chali and the Manasa Ghat are worshiped in Panchmura.[1]

Geographical Indications

Manasa chali is registered under the Geographical Indications of West Bengal, named Bankura Panchmura Terracota Craft on 28 March 2018.[4]

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