Nagasaki Broadcasting
Nagasaki Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Native name
Nagasakihōsō kabushikigaisha
Company typeBusiness corporation
IndustryTelevision network
FoundedSeptember 12, 1952; 71 years ago (1952-09-12)
Headquarters5-6 Onoe-cho, ,
Footnotes / references
Data from its Corporate Profile
Broadcast areaNagasaki Prefecture
Frequency1233 kHz
BrandingNBC Radio
FormatTalk, Sports
AffiliationsJRN, NRN
First air date
March 1, 1953
Technical information
Power5 kW
  • Nagasaki
AffiliationsJapan News Network
OwnerNagasaki Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
FoundedSeptember 12, 1952; 71 years ago (1952-09-12)
First air date
January 1, 1959; 65 years ago (1959-01-01)
Former call signs
JOUR-TV (1959–2011)
Former channel number(s)
5 (analog VHF, 1959–2011)
Technical information
Licensing authority

Nagasaki Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (長崎放送株式会社, Nagasaki Hōsō kabushiki gaisha), also known as NBC, is a broadcasting station in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.[1][2] It founded in 1952, and it is the only commercial broadcasting that provides both TV and radio services in Nagasaki prefecture.[3] Nagasaki Broadcasting is affiliated with the JNN (TV),[4] JRN, NRN (RADIO).

Nagasaki Broadcasting started radio broadcasting in 1953.[5] Its radio station also covers Saga Prefecture by means of a separate radio station (NBC Radio Saga).[6] NBC started television broadcasting in 1959,[7] and started digital terrestrial television broadcasting in 2006.[8] In 2021, NBC moved into its new headquarter,[9][10] and started to use new logo.[11]

Sasebo and Saga

When the plan to open Radio Sasebo was announced in Nagasaki Prefecture, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (at that time) instructed the government to issue just "one station per prefecture", as in other prefectures. Though the call sign (JOMF) was issued, it was decided to merge after the station opened. With the opening of Radio Sasebo on April 1, 1954, there were temporarily two radio stations in the same prefecture. Six months later, in October 1954, Radio Nagasaki and Radio Sasebo merged. Radio Sasebo became Nagasaki Broadcasting Sasebo Broadcasting Station, but Radio Sasebo's call sign (JOMF) is still used in radio broadcasting (the Sasebo TV relay station gave up using the calls in the 1990s).

In Hamada-cho, Sasebo City, there used to be a three-story station building equipped with TV and radio studios, and even in terms of news coverage, there was a corner where the Sasebo station's own news was broadcast in the news program. In addition, as a parent station of NBC, it did not take the trouble of setting up a relay station, which had a positive effect on costs. There was a good balance of companies in the Nagasaki and Sasebo areas in the commercials as well. However, in the latter half of the 2000s, the Sasebo Broadcasting Station was reorganized into the Sasebo branch office due to a company-wide management review and deterioration of broadcasting equipment. The station building in Hamada-cho was closed and moved to an office building in Matsuura-cho. It seems that the site of the station building was sold to another company.

On the other hand, the reason why there is a broadcasting station in Saga is because there was no commercial radio station with a concert hall in Saga Prefecture. It was thought that there was no need to set up a commercial broadcasting station in Saga Prefecture because radio waves from private broadcasting stations in Fukuoka and Kumamoto could be reached (Saga TV, the first private broadcasting station in the prefecture, opened in 1969, and FM Saga opened in 1992 as a purely Saga prefectural station in terms of radio). NBC applied for the establishment of a relay station, noting that Nagasaki Prefecture and Saga Prefecture were in the same Hizen Province, and in 1958, NBC Radio Saga was established. News coverage in Saga Prefecture and the division of the Private Broadcasting Education Association are handled by Nagasaki Broadcasting (NBC Radio Saga) for radio and RKB Mainichi Broadcasting for television.


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