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AffiliationsJapan News Network
OwnerBroadcasting System of San-in, Inc.
FoundedDecember 14, 1953
First air date
December 15, 1959
Former call signs
JOHF-TV (1959–2011)
Former channel number(s)
10 (VHF analog, 1959–2011)
Call sign meaning
High Frequency (alludes to VHF/UHF)
Technical information
Licensing authority

Broadcasting System of San-in, Inc. (BSS, 株式会社山陰放送) is a Japanese radio station and TV station broadcast in Tottori Prefecture and Shimane Prefecture.

It is affiliated with Japan Radio Network (JRN), National Radio Network (NRN) and Japan News Network (JNN).

Head office



BSS Radio


BSS Television


Although this broadcasting station belongs to JNN/JRN/NRN, it was also once associated with Asahi Shimbun. Therefore, on BSS radio, the Asahi Shimbun news of independence work are broadcast during the morning. That key stations differ on radio and television Since the system of the area of the television station opened from the second half of the 1950s to the second half of the 1960s was 1 prefecture 1 wave in principle when beginning television broadcasting of this broadcasting station, In Tottori Prefecture in which Nihonkai TV (日本海テレビ) which had already begun broadcast at this time exists, it is because its service cannot be started, but it is Shimane Prefecture which had not prepared the television station yet then and its service was to be started first. And already, the request of a start of television broadcasting was replied to Tottori Prefecture, and Tottori Prefecture has also started television broadcasting at last in September, 1972. Simultaneous broadcast of the program besides the series which Nihonkai TV, such as a "morning news show" and Doraemon, and San-in Chuo TV (山陰中央テレビ) are treating to one time in television broadcasting till September, 1989 might be carried out also by BSS.