Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Native name
Ryukyu Asahi Hōsō Kabushiki-Gaisha
Company typekabushiki gaisha
IndustryTelevision broadcasting
FoundedJune 10, 1994; 30 years ago (1994-06-10)
Headquarters2-3-1 Kumoji, ,
Key people
Naoki Uehara
(President & CEO)
Number of employees
Footnotes / references
Data from its Corporate Profile
BrandingQAB (RyuQ(kyu) Asahi Broadcasting)
AffiliationsAll-Nippon News Network
FoundedJune 10, 1994
First air date
October 1, 1995
Former call signs
JORY-TV (1995–2011)
Former channel number(s)
28 (UHF) (1995–2011)
Call sign meaning
Technical information
Licensing authority
RBC-QAB media center building

Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (琉球朝日放送株式会社, Ryukyu Asahi Hōsō Kabushiki-Gaisha), also known as QAB, is a Japanese broadcast network affiliated with the ANN. Their headquarters are located in Okinawa Prefecture.

QAB has a relationship with Ryukyu Broadcasting, a Japan News Network affiliate, as the headquarters of RBC and QAB are both located in the same building in Naha City.


QAB was the first commercial TV station to open in Okinawa Prefecture after its reversion to Japan in 1972, and is also one of the new Heisei stations. Since the main station was the first UHF TV station in the prefecture (UHF channel 28 in Naha), a new UHF antenna was required in some areas to watch the station. For this reason, for several years after the start of test broadcasts, a 5-minute program "アンテナ情報" (literally "Antenna Information") was broadcast to explain how to install the antenna (In areas that receive relay stations other than the Naha main station, there are already UHF relay stations at other locations, and most households have UHF antennas, so it was possible to watch by setting the channel on the TV itself).

RBC has invested in the company and shares the RBC building (floors 2 and 6 of the RBC Hall), so many employees and staff are seconded from RBC. This is based on the business alliance between RBC and TV Asahi, which was concluded on the premise of the friendship between the Okinawa Times and the Asahi Shimbun, which have a close relationship with RBC, and the opening of the station. QAB conducts part of the broadcasting operations related to announcements, reporting, and sales in-house, and outsources most of the broadcasting operations to RBC, including facility management of company buildings and transmission stations, and transmission masters. In effect, RBC has one station and two waves, and it is positioned as the second channel of RBC TV. Initially, QAB sought to integrate RBC and the news department, but it was postponed due to the possibility of conflict with the JNN exclusive agreement of "not allowing participation of broadcasting stations belonging to other networks". Initially, TV Asahi was planning to open the station alone, but RBC, who was afraid of collapsing together, negotiated with TV Asahi and tenaciously negotiated with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (at that time) to build the current system.

There was a possibility of simultaneous opening with fourth Okinawan station (UHF channel 30, Nansei Broadcasting, a station that was planned to be affiliated with Nippon TV in Okinawa Prefecture), which was planned in the 1990s.

Only TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting, affiliated with TV Tokyo in Fukuoka Prefecture, uses the abbreviation "Q". The logo has a Latin letter 'A' inside the '\' part of a 'Q' shaped like a satellite dish.

There are no Nippon Television affiliated stations and TV Tokyo affiliated stations in Okinawa Prefecture, but the main station does not broadcast Nippon Television affiliated programs. On the other hand, TV Tokyo affiliated programs, programs of the affiliated stations of JAITS, and programs of the production committee method are partly broadcast in the form of program sales.


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Until July 24, 2011, when the signal ended


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