Initial release1999; 25 years ago (1999)
Stable release4.3.3 (May 29, 2012; 11 years ago (2012-05-29)) [±]
Preview release5.0 (May 31, 2012; 11 years ago (2012-05-31)) [±]
Written inDelphi
Operating systemWindows

PHPEdit was a commercial IDE developed by the French company WaterProof SARL. It ran on the Microsoft Windows operating system, and was designed mainly for the PHP language, but supported many other languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, INI, PHPEditScript, PlainText, SQL, XML, and XSLT.

As of August 2017, both PHPEdit and Waterproof websites are dead; product status is unknown.



PHPEdit development started as personal project of Sébastien Hordeaux in 1999. Distributed freely over the Internet, the project's community grew to more than 200,000 users. During this period of growth, Sébastien met John Knipper, Bertrand Dunogier and Daniel Lucazeau. In April 2004 they helped him create WaterProof SARL.

In July 2004, the first commercial version of the IDE was sold and since, hundreds of companies have adopted PHPEdit as their main development environment for PHP.

In November 2004, Bastien Hofmann joined the company to speed up PHPEdit development.

In April 2005, Jean Roussel joined the company to reinforce the PHP development department and develop a new solution called wIT, a PHP-based issue tracker.

Version history

Major version Minor version Release date Changes
Beta versions 0.1-0.7 1999-2001 First freeware beta versions
0.8 September 2003 Last freeware version
Version 1 1.0 June 2004 First commercial release
1.2 April 2005 Automatic syntax checking; phpDocumentor support; eZ publish support.
Version 2 2.0 January 2006 Project management.
2.2 15 April 2006 CVS and Subversion support.
2.4 7 June 2006 FTP and SFTP support.
2.6 19 August 2006 Unicode files editing.
2.8 December 2006 MySQL explorer and visual query designer.
2.10 April 2007 Xdebug support for debugging PHP.
2.12 June 2007 Unit tests using PHPUnit.
Version 3 3.0 18 September 2008 Complete rewrite. Code folding; smart indenting; improved unicode support.
3.2 20 March 2009 Symfony framework support as a plugin.
3.4 8 June 2009 Support for PHP native classes; improved project management.
3.6 26 February 2010 Automatic updates; PHP 5.3 support.
Version 4 4.0 18 February 2011 Contextual interface; extensibility by PHP scripting; breadcrumb navigator.
4.1 29 September 2011 CSS support.
4.2 23 November 2011 New code navigation tools.
4.3 19 March 2012 PHP 5.4 and HTML 5 support.
Version 5 5.0 beta 31 May 2011 Improved JavaScript and HTML support, ApiGen support.
5.0 3 July 2013 JavaScript support, HTML improvements, Code Insight improvements, Help generator and Task report


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