Pabonka Hermitage
Pabonka Hermitage
AffiliationTibetan Buddhism
FestivalsSix-day Avalokiteśvara fasting Losar ritals
Sixteen day fourth Tibetan month fasting rituals
“Sixth-Month Fourth-Day” pilgrimage
LeadershipPart of Sera Monastery today.
LocationMount Parasol, Lhasa Prefecture, Tibet, China
Pabonka Hermitage is located in Tibet
Pabonka Hermitage
Location within Tibet
Geographic coordinates29°43′11″N 91°7′06″E / 29.71972°N 91.11833°E / 29.71972; 91.11833
FounderSongtsen Gampo
Date established7th century

Pabonka Hermitage (Pha bong kha), also written Pawangka,[1] is a historical hermitage, today belonging to Sera Monastery, about 8 kilometres northwest of Lhasa in the Nyang bran Valley on the slopes of Mount Parasol (Dbu gdugs ri) in Tibet.

Founded by Songtsen Gampo in the 7th century, it is currently the largest and most important of the Sera hermitages and is the starting point for the “Sixth-Month Fourth-Day” (Drug pa tshe bzhi) of the Sera Mountain Circumambulation Circuit (Se ra’i ri ’khor) pilgrimage.


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