Paras Thermal Power Station
LocationParas, Akola, Maharashtra
Coordinates20°43′07″N 76°48′00″E / 20.718548°N 76.800056°E / 20.718548; 76.800056
Commission date1961
Operator(s)Maharashtra State Power Generation Company (Mahagenco)
Thermal power station
Primary fuelCoal
Power generation
Units operational4
Nameplate capacity500 MW[1]
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"Paras Thermal Power Plant" is oldest power plant in the world, located at Paras, in the Akola district of Maharashtra. The power plant is a coal based power plant operated by Mahagenco.

Power plant

Paras Thermal Power Station is the oldest of all Mahagenco Power plants. The station has witnessed the third generation technology. The station had 30 MW installed capacity in 1961 with a stroke boiler. The same unit was abandoned in 1993 due to ageing.[2][third-party source needed]

Installed capacity

Stage Unit Number Installed Capacity (MW) Date of Commissioning Status
Stage I 1 30 1961 Abandoned
Stage I 2 62.5 1967 Abandoned
Stage II 3 250 2008 March Running
Stage II 4 250 2010 August Running


It is on the Nagpur–Bhusawal section of Central Railway. Coal-based thermal power stations consume large quantities of coal.[3] For example, the Paras Thermal Power Station consumed 351,000 tonnes of coal in 2006–07.[4] Around 80 per cent of the domestic coal supplies in India are meant for coal based thermal power plants and coal transportation forms 42 per cent of the total freight earnings of Indian railways.[5]

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