Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited
Company typesubsidiary of Maharashtra State Electricity Board
IndustryElectricity Generation
Founded6 June 2005 (As MSEB was trifurcated)
Headquarters Bandra, Mumbai, India
Area served
Key people
Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Minister of Energy, Chairman
Dr. P. Anbalagan , IAS Managing Director
RevenueApprox ₹7,400 crore
Number of employees
ParentMaharashtra State Electricity Board
WebsiteOfficial Website

The Mahanirmiti or Mahagenco (Maharashtra State Power Generation plants Limited - MSPGCL) formerly known as MSEB (Maharashtra State Electricity Board) is a major power generating plants in the state of Maharashtra, India and a wholly owned subsidiary of Maharashtra State Electricity Board .[1] With a total generation of 14,400 MW, it is the largest power producing plants in India controlled by state government.[2] The power generated by Mahagenco is supplied to Maharashtra. It was a part of Maharashtra State Electricity Board until 6 June 2005.[3]

It has been incorporated under Indian Companies Act 1956 pursuant to decision of government of Maharashtra to reorganise erstwhile history of Maharashtra State Electricity Board. Mahagenco has been incorporated in June 2005.[3]

About Mahagenco

Mahagenco has the highest overall generation capacity and the highest thermal installed capacity amongst all the state power generation utilities in India. In terms of installed capacity, it is the second highest generation company after National Thermal Power Corporation Limited.[4] Mahagenco is the only state utility having a very well-balanced generation portfolio involving thermal, hydro and gas stations along with solar power plant.[according to whom?] The first 500 MW plant to be installed in any state utility belongs to Maharashtra.

Power stations operated by Mahagenco

Thermal power stations, coal-based

  1. Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station - 2920 MW.
  2. Koradi Thermal Power Station - 3660 MW
  3. Khaparkheda Thermal Power Station - 1340 MW
  4. Bhusawal Thermal Power Station - 1420 MW
  5. Nashik Thermal Power Station - 630 MW
  6. Parli Thermal Power Station - 1130 MW
  7. Paras Thermal Power Station, Akola - 500 MW
  8. RattanIndia Amravati Thermal Power Project, Amravati - 10*270MW = 2700MW
Planned / under development
  1. Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station Project U-8,9 - 2 X 500MW
  2. Koradi Thermal Power Station Project U-8,9,10 - 3 X 660MW [5]
  3. Parli Thermal Power Station Project U-8 - 1 X 250MW
  4. Bhusawal Thermal Power Station Project U-6 - 1 X 660MW

Thermal power stations, gas-based

  1. Uran Gas Turbine Power Station - 4 X 108, 2 X 120 = 672 MW

Hydro power stations

  1. Bhatghar- Dam
  2. Bhatsa
  3. Bhira - 80MW
  4. Dimbhe Dam
  5. Ghatghar Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant - 250 MW
  6. Kanher Dam
  7. Koyna Hydroelectric Project - 1,956 MW
  8. Manikdoh Dam
  9. Panshet Dam
  10. Pavana Dam
  11. Surya Dam
  12. Tillari Dam, Chandgad
  13. Ujjani Dam
  14. Vaitarna Dam
  15. Varasgaon Dam
  16. Veer Dam
  17. Warna Dam
  18. Yeldari Dam

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