Pathari State
पठारी रियासत
Princely State of British India
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Pathari State in the Imperial Gazetteer of India
• 1901
78 km2 (30 sq mi)
• 1901
• Established
Succeeded by
Today part ofMadhya Pradesh, India

Pathari State was established by the Nawabzada Hayder Mohammad Khan of Orakzai Clan Mirazikhel tribe. The State of Bhopal and Rahatgarh later Rahatgarh state become Pathari after losing rule over Rahatgarh by East India Company was founded in 1723 by Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan, from Tirah in Afghanistan, a descendant of the Mirazi Khel branch of the Warakzais (Orakzai) Pathans. He entered the service of Emperor Aurangzeb and had been appointed Governor of Bhairsa. Taking advantage of the disintegrating of the Mughal Empire, he declared his independence and found a separate state. Bhopal and Rahatgarh divided between two sons of Nawab Dost Mohammad Khan Nawab Yar Mohammad Khan got reign over Bhopal State and Nawab Sultan Mohammad Khan over Rahatgarh later became Pathari State[1]

Following Indian independence in 1947, the last ruler of Pathari Nawab Abdul Rahim Khan signed the instrument of accession to the Union of India on 15 June 1948.[2] The former state was incorporated into the new state of Madhya Bharat, which subsequently became Madhya Pradesh state on 1 November 1956.

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History Pathari was a princely state merged in india in 1948 founded by Nawab Hayder Mohammad Khan descendentof Nawab Dost Mohammad khan of Orakzai clan Mirazikhel tribe the founder of Bhopal state. The last ruler of Pathari state was Nawab Abdul Rahim Khan. Pathari was a subordinate state ruling under Bhopal Agency or Nawab of Bhopal

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